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For the Black Lightning episode, see "The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming".
"I'm not being paranoid here, I'm not. When's the last time we were this lucky? Lucky enough that Cadmus was moving their most valuable prisoner, a guy that the D.E.O. has been unable to find for 15 years, and he just lands in our lap?"
Mon-El voices his suspicions on Jeremiah Danvers's "rescue"

"Homecoming" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It aired on February 27, 2017.




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Mon-El awakes in Kara's apartment after the events of the last episode and notices she is not in bed with him; he briefly wonders if she took off because he was a bad lover, but changes his mind to wonder if he was too good. She soon arrives from the window, having dealt with little trouble and getting a morning lattes for them. Kara wants to keep their relationship between them for now, but at the D.E.O., Mon-El announces it to everyone, leaving Kara somewhat embarrassed.

D.E.O. then receives an alert about a Cadmus convoy. Kara and J'onn fly in to intercept it, and manage to stop it. From the convoy's wreckage, they find Jeremiah Danvers, beaten but alive. Kara, Alex and J'onn are happy that he's alive and back, but Mon-El is suspicious.

Jeremiah is brought to the D.E.O., where he is examined. He seems to be alright, except he has trouble using his left arm. He informs the D.E.O. that Cadmus has a fusion bomb they intend to use to wipe out aliens. Kara and Alex organize a homecoming party for him, in which all their friends are invited, along with Eliza. Things go well, until Mon-El arrives. Believing that Jeremiah's rescue was too easy (pointing out that he was lost for 15 years and even the D.E.O. couldn't find him, and then suddenly he lands on their lap), he openly starts to accuse him of fooling everyone. Kara and Alex are forced to throw Mon-El out, unwilling to even doubt their father. Jeremiah also tells Mon-El that he knows who he is, and that Kara won't like the truth.

The next day, Mon-El meets Winn at Al's Dive Bar and asks him to watch over Jeremiah, as J'onn has agreed to enlist him back to the D.E.O. Winn is first unwilling, but agrees. As soon as J'onn gives Jeremiah access rights to the DEO, Winn sees him accessing the mainframe, for which he doesn't have access rights. Alerted by this, he informs Mon-El and he asks Winn to bring Kara to the training room.

Kara arrives and as soon as she sees Mon-El, she tries to walk away, but both Mon-El and Winn manage to get her to listen. Winn tells Kara what he saw Jeremiah do, and Kara starts to realize that if Jeremiah can access the mainframe, when he doesn't have authorization, there's no telling what he might acquire from it, or do to D.E.O. Now also suspicious, Kara gets Alex and with Mon-El and Winn along, she goes to see Jeremiah. J'onn is also there, and also becomes intrigued, when Winn tells him about Jeremiah's intrusion to the mainframe. Jeremiah claims that he was interested about DEOs earlier operations, getting in the speed about what has been going on ever since Kara and Alex joined DEO. Winn says his story checks out. Alex is angry towards Kara, Mon-El and Winn for suspecting her father.

Despite what happened, Kara, Mon-El and Winn don't let go of their suspicions. Kara tries to convince Alex that he may have ulterior motives; after all, he was with Cadmus for 15 years. Alex shoots Kara down and can't believe that she of all people would suspect the man, who is her father and the one who raised Kara as well.

The following night, Jeremiah learns that Cadmus has activated the fusion bomb. Kara, Alex and Mon-El, along with a D.E.O. strike team, race to the coordinates: all they find is an empty warehouse. Everyone realize it was a setup, and Kara and Mon-El immediately realize Jeremiah has betrayed them. J'onn witnesses Jeremiah leaving. He follows Jeremiah to the mainframe and Jeremiah manages to download something from it. J'onn, angered at Jeremiah's betrayal, and also wondering why he was unable to sense anything strange from him, attacks him, but Jeremiah is able to fight him: turns out his left arm wasn't injured; rather it was replaced with a cyborg arm, which gives him extra strength. He knocks J'onn out, shoots the mainframe, and escapes.

Kara and Alex chase after Jeremiah, and find him interacting with Lillian Luthor, confirming Mon-El's suspicions: Cadmus intended to have D.E.O. "rescue" Jeremiah, so that he could access the mainframe. As the sisters prepare to take them out, Lillian has a nearby train bridge destroyed. A train approaches and Kara is forced to go help it. Alex chases after Jeremiah. Kara is able to weld the railway track back into place, using herself as support as the train passes it. Alex catches Jeremiah, and she demands to know, why he did this. Jeremiah claims he did it for her. Alex can't bring herself to shoot Jeremiah and he leaves, leaving devastated Alex behind.

Back at the D.E.O., everyone are shocked about Jeremiah's betrayal, especially Alex. J'onn tasks Winn to find out, what it was that Jeremiah stole. Back at her apartment, Kara lies on the sofa, devastated about his adoptive father's betrayal. Mon-El arrives, but he doesn't boast for being right about Jeremiah. He goes to Kara, and Kara asks him to hold her. Winn calls her and tells her that Jeremiah stole the National Alien Registry. This will allow Cadmus to find every registered alien in the country. Putting her grief aside, Kara tells Mon-El they need to go.

In a secret location, the fusion bomb turns out to be a fake. Jeremiah gives Lillian the drive he used on the D.E.O. mainframe, and it is revealed that Cadmus has a massive spacecraft.




  • When Winn is initially skeptical of Mon-El's suspicions, he suggests the latter has been watching too much 24, a television series which focuses on the main characters racing to thwart various terrorist plots and conspiracies.
  • "Homecoming" was also the title of an episode of Smallville.
  • This is the second time Dean Cain has played a villain on a Superman-related series, the first being Dr. Curtis Knox in the Smallville episode Cure".


  • J'onn tells Kara that she and Mon-El have to follow HR procedure to be allowed to date a coworker at the D.E.O.. However, Mon-El isn't employed at the D.E.O.; he works at Al's Dive Bar. Kara is also technically not an employee.
  • Jeremiah is said to have been missing for 15 years. However, since he began working for the D.E.O. shortly after Kara arrived on Earth and disappeared a year later[1] while Kara hid her powers for 12 years and has been using them for one, Jeremiah should've actually been missing for 12 years.
  • When Jeremiah is breaking into the D.E.O.'s system and transferring files, he attaches the hacking device to the computer monitor. In reality, this wouldn't do anything, considering the monitor just displays images from the computer and doesn't contain any data itself. This is a fairly common mistake made in movies and television, along with the act of shooting the monitor to "destroy the computer", which Jeremiah also does shortly after getting the data he needed.
  • When Mon-El holds Kara on the sofa, she is wrapped in a blanket but her shoulder is uncovered. In the next and subsequent shots, the blanket covers her shoulder.