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"Does it look like we're doing okay? We're two inches tall, Caitlin!"
Cisco Ramon

"Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-first episode overall. It aired on January 30, 2018.



Joe calls Cisco to the scene, and he shows up with Cecile. Cecile examines the crowd and reveals to Joe what everybody is thinking, to which he gets irritated and requests that her leave so he can work.

Cisco begins filtering the region and notification that dull issue is all over the place. He sees video from surveillance cameras and notification an uncovered man getting the contracted structure and heading out in a Chevelle.

Barry calls Joe and instructs him to begin taking a shot at Big Sir's case. Since Team Flash has their plate full, it takes some persuading from Harry for them to consent to take working on this issue. They at last consent to do as such.

Joe gets a caution on his telephone saying they have a plate match to the Chevelle the structure hoodlum drove away in. It's enrolled to a man by the name Sylbert Rundine. Joe, Ralph, and Cisco go to address Rundine, and Cisco begins geeking out once again the entirety of the collectibles that he has in his loft.

Joe sees an image of Rundine on the divider, demonstrating that he used to be about a similar size as Big Sir. At the point when examined concerning that, Rundine escapes out of the loft and winds up contracting Ralph and Cisco down so they can't seek after him.

Joe returns the two to STAR Labs, where Caitlin begins analyzing them, understanding they're just two inches tall. Iris runs in to tell the gathering that she was capable in contacting Felicity, who thus revealed to her that Palmer Tech's residual flexibly of small star compound was recently taken, and it's what Rundine is utilizing to recoil everything.

Iris begins to quickly walk towards a shrunken Cisco to take a closer look at him, but accidentally stepped on and trampled Ralph on the way which caused a loud squishy sound. At first, Iris assumed that it was a gum then lifted her foot to see a flattened tiny Ralph under stuck to the sole of her dirty boot and under her whole weight. Iris' heaviness wasn't able to crush, mutilate Ralph to pieces as he luckily had elogation powers. Caitlin pulls him out and plans to lock Ralph and Cisco in a hamster cage.

Cecile guesses what Harry might be thinking and he feels that it's all his flaw, however she persuades him in any case.

Iris sees some rising strain among Joe and Cecile and suggests they go see the marriage mentor that she and Barry visited before.

Barry gets word that Team Flash discovered Rundine, and he discloses to Big Sir that he'll escape jail in a matter of seconds if all goes to design.

Iris takes Cisco and Ralph so they can mess about on a LEGO set. Harry wheels in new innovation he's dealt with in plans to augment them to typical size once more. The innovation doesn't work and makes them two beginning staging. Caitlin draws blood from the them two and understands that their cells are detonating, giving the pair ten hours until complete cell degeneration.

Barry and Big Sir are talking when the superintendent strolls in and pulls Barry aside, cautioning him to quit dealing with Big Sir's case.

Iris and Cecile are talking at the West living arrangement. Cecile clarifies that she thought her psyche perusing forces would make her closer with Joe, yet Iris reveals to her she needs to comprehend what her dad feels and not thinks.

Cisco gets some information about the gun he was fired with, and Harry neglects it that it made the contracted individuals from Team Flash unsteady.

We see Rundine taking a visit at the Central City climate society, apparently investigating more things to psychologist and take.

The group tracks Rundine to the landing strip, thoroughly considering he's going to fly of town. Iris and Joe speed to the shelter to stop him, while Cisco and Ralph take a stab at stepping before his psychologist beam again in light of the fact that it would switch the impacts.

Rundine acknowledges what they're doing and won't take shots at them once more. Rather, Harry places the two in his pocket unbeknown to Rundine. When Rundine shoots Harry, Cisco and Ralph are amplified, and Iris can fire Rundine with an immobilizer, permitting Joe to join on the area and capture Rundine.

The gathering can't get an admission from Rundine for the homicide Big Sir is confined for.

Joe calls Barry with the news, who at that point instantly apologizes to Big Sir. Big Sir reminds the speedster that he didn't allow him to down, rather he gave him the recognition of what expectation feels like.

Soon thereafter, Barry utilizes his powers to speed Big Sir out of jail and drops him off at the little Chinese town he discussed before in the day.

Before Joe leaves for work the following day, Cecile stops him and discloses to him they need to discuss the powers she as of late got. Joe concedes he's anxious about her having the ability to know what he might be thinking, and she rapidly drills down her very own few shaky contemplations to make him progressively agreeable.

She vows to not change her opinion of him regardless of what Joe thinks.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin affirms that Cisco and Dibny's cells have balanced out.

Barry's sitting in his prison cell, and the superintendent draws near, uncovering that he knows Barry is The Flash gratitude to new cameras introduced close to Barry's phone. Barry breakdown in view of a medication mixed drink the superintendent stowed away in Barry's shake. The superintendent takes Barry to an undisclosed area and calls Amunet, revealing to her he has another metahuman for her.



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  • The title is a reference to the 1989 film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and its succeeding franchise.
  • While in prison, Big Sir tells Barry, "hope is a deadly thing" and Barry asks if he quoted it from the 1994 crime drama The Shawshank Redemption. However, the original line was "Hope is a good thing."
  • The security measures that Mayor Van Buren mentions (super-speed motion detectors, sonic vibration defenses, and laser beams that don't freeze) for the new Kord Industries R&D building are a reference to the Reverse Flash who has several times broken into specifically tech companies, Pied Piper, who attacked Rathaway Industries, Black Siren who brought down several buildings in Season 2 with her sonic scream, and Captain Cold who in the second season episode "Family of Rogues", freezes several laser beams using the Cold gun.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Cisco wears a T-shirt based on a total Lunar eclipse, which happened the day after its airdate.
  • The LEGO display from "Dead or Alive" makes its reappearance.
  • When Harry says that he needs to "enbiggen" Cisco and Ralph, it's a reference to Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), a superheroine from Marvel Comics; Kamala often says, "Enbiggen!" when using her shapeshifting powers.
  • When Cecile was wondering how she acquired telepathic powers, she told Iris that she "didn't inherit a mystical totem from [her] grandmother", referencing superhero Mari McCabe, who acquired the Anansi Totem from her grandmother, Amaya Jiwe.
  • The theory that those shrunk will explode after a certain time may be a reference to Ray Palmer's abilities in the comics; during a JLA storyline, Ray stated that he is the only person who can safely shrink with his abilities, as anyone else who shrinks with him will explode after a certain amount of time (initially two minutes, but later extended to an hour).
  • Barry is playing cards with Big Sir, former mayor Anthony Bellows, and the mugger who tried to rob him in "Power Outage" and him and Ralph in "Elongated Journey Into Night".
  • After learning the name of the meta-human they are chasing, Sylbert Rundine, Iris mentions how every villain's name sounds like it comes straight from a comic book. This is a fun nod to the show using the same villains found in various DC comics.


  • In a continuity error, Barry noted his dad was falsely imprisoned for 17 years. Henry was wrongfully arrested for the murder of his wife on March 18, 2000 and exonerated sometime in late November 2015,[1] meaning he spent 15 years and 8 months in Iron Heights.
  • In a synopsis error, it is mentioned that Barry was supposed to meet Big Sir in this episode. However, he met him in the previous episode, "The Elongated Knight Rises".
  • Warden Wolfe drugs Barry to make him pass out. However, it was previously established that because of Barry's accelerated metabolism, any drug, including anesthetics, have very little effect on him and do not last long. It's unlikely that Wolfe would have accounted for Barry's metabolism when he drugged him so if the sedative had any effect at all, it most likely would have only lasted for a few seconds.