Hong Kong (香港) was an autonomous region on the southern coast of mainland China and encompassed several islands. The region was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, along with the rest of Earth-1.



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After the Amazo was majorly damaged, Amanda Waller had Oliver Queen transported to Hong Kong. From there, she picked him up in a car.[1] Oliver made repeated attempts to escape, but eventually agreed to help Waller, after she had threatened Maseo's family.

In 2010, Hong Kong was subjected to a bio-terrorist attack by the United States Marines, who planned to use the Triad to cover their tracks. The official story released to the public was that a chemical spill had occurred.[2]

In 2019, Oliver, Laurel Lance and John Diggle were sent to Hong Kong to complete a mission for the Monitor.[3] Not long after this mission, the region was destoyed by antimatter during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. [4]

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