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Not to be confused with the first season episode "Honor Thy Father".
"Thank you for being here. I'd like to talk with everyone about my father. Our father. Based on further investigation, I can now state definitively that the allegations made against Robert Queen are... true. My father is not here to defend himself, and I cannot find the words to defend his actions. What I can tell you is that nearly ten years ago, in a moment of... of immense courage, Robert Queen chose to sacrifice himself so that I might live. So that I had the opportunity to leave behind a better legacy than he did. So that I might return and one day serve this city. Today, we took a step forward. With help from the Green Arrow and his team, the Throwing Star Killer is now behind bars, and our streets are a little safer. Tomorrow, we'll take another step forward. The day after, we will take another one. Because it is time, it is truly time for us to leave the past in the past, so that our children might inherit the Star City we always dreamed of. The way my father dreamt of a better life for me and my sister."
Oliver speaking about his father, Robert Queen, at a press conference

"Honor Thy Fathers" is the twenty-first episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirteenth episode overall. It aired on May 10, 2017.



The scene opens with Oliver strolling into City Hall to discover that a greater amount of Chase's feelings are being upset. A SWAT official approaches Oliver and illuminates him that Oliver's office has a dubious bundle and that he needs to clear, however Oliver makes sense of it's from Chase and goes to examine. Oliver opens up the box and finds a skeleton covered in concrete inside.

Soon thereafter, Dinah reveals to Oliver that the body has a place with a neighborhood legislator who vanished 15 years prior. While Dinah attempts to make sense of the politican's association with Chase/Oliver, Oliver reveals to Team Arrow to watch out for the different crooks getting discharged from jail since they were arraigned by Chase. Felicity additionally says that she's having an issue discovering Oliver's child, as his mom did an excellent activity covering up.

In a flashback, Anatoly and Oliver return a little plane to Lian Yu.

Dinah reveals to Quentin that she had the option to make sense of who the legislator's executioner was, yet Quentin doesn't appear to be excited by her discoveries.

Thea returns town (at Oliver's solicitation) similarly as Quentin shows up to disclose to Oliver the awful news: Oliver's dad executed the lawmaker 15 years prior. Oliver believes that Chase surrounded his dad and advises Quentin and Dinah to discover some proof to excuse him.

In a flashback, Oliver discloses to Anatoly that he made a beeline for Lian Yu to give him a spread throughout the previous five years. He discovers Deathstroke's cover on the bach and gets a bolt through its eyes.

Rene discloses to Quentin that he has a preliminary date for care of his little girl. He approaches Quentin to be there for him.

Felicity breaks down the solid and makes sense of where he was slaughtered, so Diggle and Oliver go to examine. In the mean time, Dinah and Curtis stake out Derek Sampson, the "can't feel torment" mobster from prior this season who as of late got let out of jail.

Diggle and Oliver walk directly into a snare - Chase smothers the floor from under them, locks them inside and afterward begins pouring cement in the opening they're caught in. Fortunately, Felicity diverts Curtis and Dinah to their area and they get out in time.

Oliver discovers that Sampson is working with Chase, and that Sampson utilized the interruption of Oliver about getting covered in cement to take substance supplies utilized by Chase's dad to weaponize tuberculosis. Simply at that point, Quentin makes sense of the connection among Chase and the dead councilman - they were both spoken to by a similar lawyer.

Oliver takes the lawyer in to be interrogated, however Chase got to the lawyer first. The lawyer gives Oliver a USB drive (politeness of Chase) and says that he can't utter a word since Chase is an insane person. Obviously, Thea can likewise get somewhat serious on occasion and compromises him.

In a flashback, Oliver shows Anatoly Lian Yu's little burial ground and clarifies this is the reason he needs to wear the Hood. Anatoly cautions Oliver that a bit of material won't spare his loved ones from getting injured and approaches who will pay for his wrongdoings.

Oliver needs to demolish the USB drive, however Felicity calls him with Sampson's area. After Oliver leaves, Thea takes a gander at the USB drives since she realizes that she's going to watch it.

Sampson and his men are stacking up the remainder of the synthetic compounds expected to do Chase's arrangement, when Team Arrow show up to stop him. In spite of the fact that Team Arrow brings down a few of Sampson's men, Sampson himself escapes.

Subsequently, Oliver finds that Thea watched the tape, which is security film indicating Robert and the councilman contending and afterward the councilman falling into a tank of cement. Both Oliver and Thea are entirely disturbed about the disclosure, yet Oliver attempts to excuse it as a mishap. Thea calls attention to that Robert despite everything attempted to cover it up and arrives at the resolution that their folks were bad individuals.

In a flashback, Anatoly and Oliver goes over Oliver's "get away from plan": Anatoly will pay off some anglers to go to Lian Yu and afterward Oliver will stand out for them with a campfire. Anatoly additionally gives Oliver a phony whiskers and hairpiece, since nobody would accept he had the option to trim his hair/facial hair on the off chance that he was genuinely caught on the island.

Felicity and Curtis investigate the synthetic compounds and verify that Chase could make an amazing substance operator 1000x more regrettable than what his dad made. Oliver needs all hands at hand, yet Rene and Quentin are away in light of the fact that Rene is going nuts about affirming in court to get his little girl back. Rene figures it will damage his little girl, yet Quentin discloses to him that he gets an opportunity to improve his girl's life by being there for him.

Oliver watches Robert's last account in the ArrowCave and discloses to Felicity that he could hardly imagine how he never understood that his father was a terrible individual. Felicity calls attention to that Robert enlivened Oliver to spare the city, yet that possibly it's the ideal opportunity for Oliver to quit satisfying his dad's desires and begin satisfying his own heritage. Simply at that point, Felicity discovers that Sampson is holding Chase's synthetic concoctions in an applied sciences building named after Oliver's dad.

Group Arrow meet at the structure, with Oliver at last putting on the Green Arrow outfit on indeed. Sampson is at the housetop with the synthetic substances, however Prometheus goes up against Oliver in a flight of stairs. While Team Arrow stops Sampson's men, Oliver and Prometheus get into a tremendous battle. Chase calls attention to how comparative they are, yet Oliver gets into Chase's head when Chase raises his dad's inheritance. Oliver says that he discovered that Chase's dad needed to abandon Chase since he's crazy. Chase needed to maintain the heritage of a man who abandoned him. Prometheus puts down his blade and requests that Oliver slaughter him, yet Oliver takes him out.

Group Arrow accumulates at the Arrowcave to celebrate at last catching Chase, and Oliver gives Thea a video Robert made her years prior.

In a flashback, Oliver constructs his blaze when he gets shot by a dart. Turns out that Kovar followed Oliver to Lian Yu.

Rene doesn't appear at his authority hearing and along these lines loses his shot at rejoining with his little girl.

Thea watches the video made by her dad. Robert says that Thea is more grounded than Oliver and that she'll have to watch out for Oliver to assist him with traversing life. Oliver says that they have to carry on with their own lives as opposed to battling with their folks' inheritance.

The following day at a question and answer session, Oliver says that Robert Queen did in truth kill the councilman. Oliver likewise says that Robert spared Oliver's life almost 10 years back, with the goal that he could serve Star City. Chase watches the public interview from his cell in ARGUS, yet he begins to grin as though there's a whole other world


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Preparation ran from March 7 until March 15, 2017. Shooting began on March 16 and ran until March 27, 2017.[1]


  • Felicity jokes about how Oliver and John reenacted "the paleo version of [her] favorite scene from Witness", before Curtis describes it with the star, Harrison Ford, getting stuck under corn in a barn silo.
  • This is Thea's first appearance since "Fighting Fire With Fire".
  • The title of this episode is similar to the title of the Season 1 episode "Honor Thy Father".
  • When talking with Thea about the revelation of Chase's true identity, Oliver notes that it makes Isabel Rochev's seem like a bad joke.
  • This episode revealed that Oliver's rescue in "Pilot" was planned with Anatoly, along with providing a "castaway" look for him so that no one will question if Oliver ever left the island.
  • Thea watches the video Robert Queen made for her, which was briefly seen in a flashback from "The Return".
  • Robert accidentally killing the councilman was first mentioned back in "The Undertaking" when he told Moira about it in a flashback sequence as his primary motivation for working on The List.
  • When Anatoly and Oliver say goodbye to each other in the flashback on Lian Yu, Anatoly says goodbye with what sounds like "Ne doo-my ploho obo mnya" and Oliver responds, "How about 'Prochnost'?" Anatoly says in Russian, "Don't think badly of me" and Oliver says, "How about 'Strength'?" (as a parting word).


  • To be considered concrete, a mixture should include coarse aggregate, which increases the density. Thus, it should not flow as it did when trapping Oliver and John.
  • At 13:56 when Oliver and John are rescued from the concrete trap, the circular section that fell out of the metal ceiling floats.