Hope is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) created by Lena Luthor. In October 2019, she, as referred to by Lena, inhabited and overrode Eve Teschmacher's body and neurological processes, respectively, to help with her creator's experiments.


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Hope was created by Lena Luthor sometime in October 2019 to help her achieve her new goals in removing the faults she sees in humanity. Hope was then programmed to make a series of simulations centered around killing Supergirl.

New Body

Lena is in her office trying to untangle the DNA in order to help manipulate it, still on her quest to help the human race. But unable to find the answers, Hope accesses Eve Teschmacher's memories to reveal the answers are in Lex's old journals. Knowing they are locked away and she can't get to them, she decides to incorporate Supergirl into her plan. Supergirl finds Lena at her apartment to give her Lex's journals. Down in Lena's basement after reading over them she is unable to decipher them. Though Hope is and soon has the answers ready for her.[1] Lena and Hope are still working with Q-wave frequency but are at a dead end when Kara calls her friend for assistance in helping Brainy and J'onn.[2]


Hope is kind, caring, polite, well-mannered and respectful, she generally follows the orders of Lena Luthor without hesitation, Hope believes in going to the absolute end of what she perceives of Lena's goals. As seen when she didn't understand when Lena didn't want to reveal Kara Danvers' secret identity as Supergirl to the public.



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  • Simulation creation: Hope can make a series of detailed simulations, being able to make them feel real to Lena Luthor. As seen when she created a simulation for Lena to exercise out her hate of Kara Danvers.
  • Biological body inhabiting: Hope is able to inhabit the body of Eve Teschmacher with the help of Lena.



Season 5

Behind the Scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Hope is Lex Luthor's bodyguard along with her partner, Mercy Graves. Very little is known about her past but she is of Amazon heritage. Of the two, Hope is the good cop, acting calm and benevolent to Mercy's hotheadedness.


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