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"Hope for Tomorrow" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-twenty-first episode overall. It aired on October 12, 2021.



Esme's new existence with Kelly and Alex is before long confounded by her Dryalian capacity to obtain superpowers from anybody close by. They let her experience their companions' forces, yet try too hard to where she says she ought to return. With the assistance of a Truth Seeker, they promise Esme that they won't ever forsake her. Nyxly distinguishes the Totem of Hope, and track down that to utilize it they should "rouse trust more splendid than the sun". Thinking this a task for Supergirl, Nyxly plans to coerce both the Hope and Humanity tokens by abducting William. Nyxly's actuation of the emblem compounds a debate among Kaznia and another country, prompting atomic conflict. Supergirl incapacitates the two countries, finishing her assessment by moving expectation, and with William's assistance salvages him and gets each of the three stones. She sends the Hope symbol into the sun, so that Nyxly can never join each of the seven emblems. Nyxly gets a gift from a "secret admirer" which contains what seems, by all accounts, to be an exceptional watch that frames a Lexosuit around her.



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  • This episode takes place three days after "Magical Thinking".
  • Nyxly makes the clever move of going after William Dey, since he keeps writing about the Superfriends in-depth. This is similar to the film Spider-Man, where Green Goblin attempts to find the photographer who takes the superhero's pictures, hoping it to be a weak link to find Spider-Man.
  • Alex and Kelly adopted Esme, who can mimic powers of aliens close to her, such as Kara and Brainy.
  • The episode's premise regarding nuclear war and Kara's neutrality when it comes to the choices of Earth is similar to the film Superman IV: The Quest For Peace in which Superman decides to no longer be a visitor on Earth and play an active role in shaping in the planet's future. This includes removing the world's stockpile of nuclear arms. Though the difference is that Kara stops them once they are fired among themselves, and Brainy and J'onn are the ones who dispose of them ultimately.
  • Lex Luthor makes his first move to Nyxly, providing her with a Lexosuit watch to aid Nyxlygsptlnz in her mission.
  • Needing to pass the Hope Totem's gauntlet in order to remove it from the stone it's stuck in is similar to Excalibur in the legend of King Arthur.
  • Kara mentions having "a soft spot for Kaznia." This is likely a reference to Red Daughter from Season 4.
  • The Hope Totem is exasperating in that it forces the challenger to become a beacon of Hope; rather than test their willpower by testing their fears and doubts.


  • In the "Previously on" segment, Kara's stitched-together audio states that the Superfriends have two totems. However, this is inaccurate, as they only had the Courage Totem by the end of the previous episode.
  • Nyxly claims that if she had her full powers, she could have easily used them to pass the Hope Totem's gauntlet. However, as the gauntlet is to inspire a powerful and lasting hope, she could not have done it, as it has previously been established that the powers of Fifth Dimensional imps cannot affect people's mentality.