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Horten Spence is a journalist for the Gotham City Gazette.


After digging into at-risk youth programs being attacked, Spence was fired from the Gotham City Gazette. Six months later, he went to the opening of the Sheldon Park Community Center, claiming to still be working for the Gazette, and queried Jordan Moore about the security of the site. After the community center was promptly attacked by Kilovolt, Spence remained wary that he would inevitably be attacked himself. He was visited by Batwoman, who questioned what he knew about the attack. He explained what he'd found, but was unclear as to why the community centers were being attacked, and he was trying to bring awareness to it. They were suddenly attacked by Kilovolt, whom Batwoman took down. She then took an injured Horten to Mary Hamilton's illegal clinic, where Mary helped to stabilize him. Shortly following, after Batwoman took down Ellis O'Brien, the man behind all of the attacks, Spence helped to publicize the events.[1]


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