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"Vector, variance, hypotenuse, proton, neutron, Go HU!"
—Hudson University's slogan stated by Martin Stein and Henry Hewitt[src]

Hudson University is an institution of higher learning located in Central City.


The F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project, led by Martin Stein, took place at Hudson University. Jason Rusch, a graduate student, was amongst its members. Due to Martin skipping ahead with the transmutation steps of the project, the university threatened to shut it down. After Martin's disappearance, the United States Army terminated the project and confiscated all of its data from university.[1]

In April 2015 after walking to her car after work, engineering professor Lindsay Kang was killed by robotic bees in her car.[2]

Patty Spivot triple-majored in biology, chemistry, and physics at Hudson University.[3]

Henry Hewitt graduated summa cum laude from the university with a double major in Applied Physics and Biomedical Engineering.[4]

Alan Chang gained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the university.[5]

Jenny Johnson graduated from Hudson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science.[6]

In November 2016, after Caitlin Snow uncovered a possible connection between Martin and her father, Thomas Snow, she searched Martin's old lab at Hudson University with Cisco Ramon, Ralph Dibny, and Sherloque Wells. The four discovered Thomas had been conducting research related to Killer Frost prior to his disappearance.[7]

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