Hudson University is an institution of higher learning located in the United States.


At some point in time, Mick Rory from 2020 arrived and donated money; the university named a building after him.

Henry Neuman's grandfather donated enough money for "Neuman Hall" to be named for him. Henry's father attended the university.

In 2020, the Legends visited Hudson University to track down Dionysus and his chalice, an artifact that would grant them the power to use the Loom of Fate. Dionysus was revealed to have been living at Hudson as a legendary partying frat boy to obtain worship and stay alive since ancient times. While there, the women of the Legends created the sorority Delta Chi Sigma and recruited three students.

Meanwhile, Lita, the high-school aged daughter of Mick Rory, visited the campus. Mick showed her the time altered hall so that she would know that she could attend the university if she desired; she did not.[1]

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