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For the eponymous character, see Christopher Chance.
"John referred to you as the Human Target."
"Well, that works better as a job description than it does as a nickname."
Oliver Queen and Christopher Chance

"Human Target" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the ninety-seventh episode overall. It aired on November 2, 2016.



The scene opens with a montage of Church tormenting Wild Dog. Wild Dog guarantees that he won't split, yet Church says that it's not the torment that will break Wild Dog, it's the dread of what comes straightaway.

In the interim, Oliver and his group are scanning the lanes for an approach to discover Church. Subsequent to getting an ambiguous lead, they come back to the Arrow Cave, and Oliver acquaints the group with Diggle.

Back at City Hall, Lance gives Oliver a report on the now exhausted Anti-Crime Unit, while Thea reminds Oliver that he needs to chip away at getting a four-fifths greater part for a zoning proposition they have to get past.

In a flashback, Anatoly and different pioneers of the Bratva enlist Oliver into the Russian Mob.

Artemis and Ragman find where Church was holding Wild Dog, yet they've just moved him to another area. In any case, Felicity utilizes her PC enchantment to locate Church's next likely location....but she guaranteed she would just tell Oliver.

Sufficiently sure, Oliver discovers Church driving Wild Dog to cause his own downfall. Oliver saves Wild Dog, yet Church escapes. Thereafter, Church concedes that he broke and disclosed to Church that Green Arrow was truly Oliver Queen. We likewise discover that Church is arranging a significant medication solidification, however is attempting to move Green Arrow before he orders his arrangement.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver sends his group to ensure different individuals from his loved ones. A short time later, Oliver asks Diggle to question Wild Dog and get more subtleties on Church's arrangements. Diggle likewise recommends a partner to assist with switching things around on Church and says he'll be there in 24 hours.

The following day, Oliver meets with a councilman and a journalist about his new zoning plans. Nonetheless, the councilman says he's not moving in light of the fact that the Queen Family recently utilized free zoning to manufacture their high rise.

Felicity's new beau advises her (after an evening hookup) that she got an advancement to the Anti-Crime Unit. Felicity lies and says that Oliver knows what his identity is.

Diggle attempts to talk Wild Dog through recalling something that could enable the group to battle Church. In any case, Wild Dog's despite everything upset that he's been sidelined and says he can't recollect that anything.

Church meets with Prometheus, who berates him to back Green Arrow. Yet, Church came arranged and brought his own "crack" to the gathering, who takes a bolt implied for Church without a shrug. After Prometheus gives him another admonition, Church advises the professional killer that they're going to execute the civic chairman.

Thea inquires as to why Oliver has a gathering planned with Susan Williams (the correspondent from prior), yet Oliver believes that it's the most ideal approach to prevail upon her. He asks Susan to allow him one month to prevail upon her before distributing any longer assault articles about his organization. Susan concurs and gives him her own cell number.

Back in Russia, one of the Bratva pioneers cautions Oliver that he'll never be a genuine individual from the Bratva and that Oliver recognizes what the Bratva does to pariahs.

Diggle reveals to Wild Dog about his torment from last season, when his sibling Andy tormented him for the benefit of Damien Darhk. Wild Dog concedes that he keeps spoiling his life and reveals to Diggle that he wouldn't like to return to his "best in class" botch, yet Diggle persuades him that he needs to make sure to help Team Arrow.

Oliver and Thea gets out the councilman from prior for attempting to conceal his actual plan (he has property in the territory that Queen needs to redevelop) and coerces him. As they leave city corridor, Church's professional killer takes out Oliver's protector and afterward shoots him on different occasions in the chest before escaping.

Arrow declares that Oliver has died in a question and answer session, as Oliver and Team Arrow look on. The "dead" Oliver strolls into the Arrow Cave, removes an elastic cover, and presents himself as Christopher Chance, the Human Target. Turns out, the "death" was organized to give Oliver more opportunity to bring down Church.

Back in Russia, Oliver discloses to Anatoly that he's sulking over a lady (apparently Laurel), so Anatoly advises Oliver to call her. A short time later, Oliver sees a lady getting annoyed by some other Bratva individuals and leaves after them to get some "air".

Oliver expresses gratitude toward Chance for acting like him for the afternoon. Chance reveals to Oliver that Oliver has an extraordinary life (and that Oliver should call Susan) and calmly specifies that Felicity has proceeded onward with her life, so he ought to as well.

Diggle gets Wild Dog to recollect his time at Church's central command, which makes Wild Dog acknowledge he realizes what Church's arrangement is.

Oliver "faces" Felicity about her new sweetheart and concedes that he was harmed she didn't let him know. Felicity says that she doesn't know whether things with her new sweetheart is not kidding, yet their discussion gets cut off from a book from Diggle.

Wild Dog's intel gives them a period and a spot for Church's enormous play to merge Star City's medication exchange. Wild Dog at first needs to pass on the battle, however Diggle persuades him to get ready.

Church meets with the other medication rulers, before Team Arrow appears. While Mr Terrific and Artemis battle the professional killer, Wild Dog follows Church for a subsequent time. Church escapes from Wild Dog, yet Green Arrow gets up to speed to the medication ruler in a holder and cuts him down. Church cautions Oliver about Prometheus before Green Arrow takes him out. Likewise, the Human Target gets the advantage on the professional killer by acting like one of Church's goons and afterward shooting him.

The following morning, Oliver uncovers that he was as yet alive and says that faking his demise prompted the police bringing down significant medication tasks in a few urban communities. A short time later, Oliver thanks the Human Target for his assistance and afterward discloses to Felicity that the two of them have to proceed onward. It's so cracking clear that there's still starts between the two, and they go through a strong 30 seconds making lovey eyes at one another.

Back in Russia, Oliver goes up against the two other Bratva individuals, however it turns out it was a death endeavor. Fortunately, the Bratva pioneer (the person who needed Oliver dead before) appears, executes his two hooligans, and afterward strolls away....before pulling off his face and uncovering himself to be the Human Target. Anatoly comes out and says that he realized the other mobster needed him dead, and that was his method of dealing with it.

Susan gets together with a government specialist, who gives her a photograph of Oliver in Russia when he should be on an island.

The scene closes with the police transport Church to jail, Prometheus shows up and brings down the whole emissary. Church reveals to Prometheus that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, however Prometheus murders him in any case.


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Preparation ran from August 10 until August 18, 2016. Shooting ran from August 19 until August 30, 2016.




  • In the Inside Arrow featurette for this episode, Wendy Mericle named the figure credited as Scimitar "a big DC universe character Scimitar". No such major character is known in DC Comics, and the character was left unnamed.


  • When Oliver and Felicity are talking on the balcony, Felicity is wearing a light-colored dress under her sweater. Later in the next scene at the bunker, Felicity is wearing a black dress.