Humans are the race of living beings that live on Earth.


Normally, humans don't have superhuman powers. However, they can get powers if they do any of the below:


Humans that acquired powers and abilities after experiencing mutation of their bodies through dark matter or other forms, are named meta-humans.

Magic-based powers

Some human beings can learn how to harness supernatural power to perform feats of magic and mysticism, such as John Constantine, Esrin Fortuna, Oliver Queen, Damien Darhk, Anne Marie Flynn etc. Some human beings, such as Zed Martin, even possess naturally gifted psychic abilities.

Technology-based powers

Some human beings can use devices and other technologies in the place of magic or meta-human powers. Examples of this include Ray Palmer, Oliver Queen, James Olsen etc.


Humans are a bipedal humanoid life form. A human's skin hues can range from dark brown to pale pink. Human hair can be blond, red, orange, black, brown, white or gray (the latter two are usually at old age).

Human culture and development

Humanity is vastly diverse and contains millions of different cultures, beliefs and history.

Beliefs and religions

Humans also have many religions, such as all Abrahamic faiths, other monotheistic faiths and even the deistic belief system. These religions center around the worship of a monotheistic God (a primordial and truly omnipotent divine being), following a religious creed and culture (although some of them do not have a specific creed aside from believing in God), as well as going to the afterlife after death, to live a bliss for an eternity.

Other minor religions included the mystical gods of Ancient Egypt, on whom Egyptian dream temple technique is based, or the demonic deities of Assyria, such as Pazuzu, Nergal and Lamashtu. Lesser known sects include Vandal Savage's order as well as the Order of the Shrouded Compass, which centers round the worship of an eldritch being Mallus and the concept of immortality.

Humans of Earth-38 also follow monotheistic and deistic religions as well as the religions that came from alien worlds, such as the Cult of Rao, which centers around the worship of Rao, a Kryptonian Sun God, and Supergirl.

Cultures and societies

Each geographic region of Earth has its own unique culture, often influenced from the beliefs of previous empires. For example, the nations of the Balkans, Turkey, Armenia as well as norther regions of the Middle East have so many cultural similarities due to them being greatly influenced by the former Ottoman Empire. South and Latin America have great deal of influences from Spain and Roman Catholicism. Many nations within Central Asia and Eurasia have cultures and beliefs which have been greatly influenced by the irreligious beliefs of the Soviet Union. There are also many secret fraternities that exist within humanity, such as Skulls and Bones society or the Freemasons, with each of them being a subject of unproved and speculated conspiracy theories.

Recent move towards modernization has forced many nations and cultures of the world to adopt a more secular and modernized methodology of running a nation and living their lives. Humans have a great devotion to their respective countries and express their unquestionable patriotism and nationalism whenever they can. Examples of these would be, Americans, Turks, Russians, Albanians, Israelis etc. Religions tend to play a great role in influencing cultures. Most of European Cultures, Eurasian Cultures, North American and Southern American Cultures have been greatly influenced by Christianity and its theological teachings. Humanity also have a variety of languages and most dead languages are still spoken by closely knitted small societies today. Example would be how Aramaic is still spoken by the Christian Societies of the Middle East and how Latin is still spoken by Catholic Monks and Nuns.

Technological developments

Humanity has played a great role in developing advanced and exotic technology with are ahead of its time, thanks to either mystical, meta-human or extraterrestrial influences. Examples of this would be


In recent times, it was discovered that not only can exposure to dark matter grant human beings superhuman abilities, but even humanity's tools can gain super-technological functions, which humanity can use for their own purposes. Examples would be how:

  • Spencer Young's phone had the function to hypnotize people into performing actions, which she used on people, so she could have material to write about for her journalistic career, such as getting people to commit acts of terrorism at a baseball game.
  • Cicada's lightning dagger possessed the power to disable all the superhuman abilities of meta-humans or extraterrestrials within his vicinity, giving him a vast edge over his targets and other opponents. It can also produce red-colored electrical energy.


While humans have existed on Earth for since the dawn of humanity, it is widely believed that humans were either created by a creator or just evolved on the planet. However, neither side has any conclusive evidence to suggest either side is wring or right. Humanity has a very rich history full of passion, politics, philosophers, mathematicians, logicians, mystics, seers, prophets, oracles, wars and violence. Humanity's evolution on Earth also gave birth to various creeds and faiths, most likely due to witnessing supernatural events. Examples of this would be

  • The birth of Christianity due to the actions, altruism and beliefs of Jesus Christ.
  • Pythagoras and his contributions of the world of mathematics as well as western philosophy.
  • Nostradamus and his extremely accurate prophecies about future events.

Humanity has also had many emperors, generals and politicians who have founded great nations as well as led many conquest missions for their respective empires. Examples of this would be

  • King Xerxes II and his Persian expansion throughout Asia Minor and Anatolia.
  • Alexander the Great and his expansion of the Macedonian Empire across Asia and Africa.
  • Julius Caesar and the expansion of the Roman Republic across North Africa.
  • Sultan Mehmet and the expansion of the Ottoman Empire to Constantinople.
  • The Founding Fathers and the establishment of the United States of America.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte and his brief expansion of the French Republic.
  • Mustafa Kemel Ataturk and the establishment of the republic of Turkey.
  • Adolf Hitler and the establishment of Nazi Germany and his brief conquest across Europe.
  • Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union's expansion across Eurasia and Central Asia.

In modern times

By modern times, although generally considered a backward and unintelligent species, certain humans on Earth-38 began to play a prominent role in galactic affairs, whereas other humans became to play a more strong role in management of the time stream. Many have gained superpowers; these include, but are not limited to, through magic, having their DNA genetically enhanced by the Mirakuru serum, or by being exposed the dark matter caused by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion; becoming known as meta-humans.

Humanity has even become more intellectual and advanced in recent years as well as possess a greater level of cosmic understanding that they did so compared to several years ago. This was most likely due to recent mystical, meta-human or extraterrestrial influences.

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