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"Do you know why it's called beginner's luck? I'll give you a clue. It's because it's unexpected and because it doesn't last."
"As far as I'm concerned, it'll last for 13 life sentences."
"I love puzzles, but yours, rookie Crow, is missing a few pieces. How did you solve Cluemaster's riddle?
Arthur Brown and Sophie Moore

"I'll Give You a Clue" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the thirty-third episode overall. It aired on May 9, 2021.



Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown

Five years ago, Arthur Brown, the Cluemaster, was stumped and could not deduce how rookie Crows agent Sophie Moore unraveled his clues and got him thirteen life sentences in Blackgate. Contemplating and planning for all this time, Arthur escapes to prove that he is smarter than his foe and to have his revenge.

Ryan Wilder, after escaping Russell Tavaroff by using a variant of her Grappling gun, returns to her shared apartment to see Sophie there, getting drunk with Mary Hamilton; Sophie says that she does not want to drink alone on her five-year anniversary of joining Crows Security. The disdain that Ryan has for Sophie is palatable, but the three have a ladies' night, playing "Never have I ever". At the end of the bottle of alcohol, instead of a worm, there is a poisonous caterpillar. The ladies learn that this is their first clue left by Cluemaster for Sophie.

The women follow this and the next clue to a gun range where there is a young lady in a glass cage; the puzzle they solve tells Sophie what order to shoot the targets to free the girl who had been poisoned with the caterpillar's venom. The girl is Stephanie Brown, Cluemaster's own daughter and she is covered in a code that contains the next clue.

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown

The ladies call Luke Fox for assistance in decoding Stephanie's skin, after she is given the antidote. Meanwhile, Ryan, Mary, and Sophie, who gives hints that she knows Batwoman's secret identity, go to the set of the television show "Quiz Bowl" to see if he is hiding there. Mary and Ryan step on a pressure-active land mine with a timer and cannot move without an explosion. Cluemaster appears in a video and gives the women more time by answering his quiz questions correctly. However, even with more time, the three cannot devise an escape without Batwoman's gear, so Mary convinces Ryan to confess to Sophie. Sophie then is sent to the Batcave.

At Roman Sionis' mansion, Alice is tortured for the secret identity of Batwoman, but she escapes her captivity and ambushes "Circe". Alice ultimately tells Black Mask that she can use her "face-mask technology" to give "Circe" a face, instead of a mask. He agrees.

Stephanie knocks Luke unconscious and goes to her childhood home where she meets with her father. Cluemaster is happy to see that she has retained her puzzle-solving abilities and wants her to be his sidekick. Stephanie admits that she, not Sophie, solved his puzzles five years ago, anonymously told Sophie the answers, and had her father imprisoned to save innocent people; she has no desire to help him. Cluemaster knocks her unconscious.

Sophie Moore

Bat Team's newest member

When Stephanie awakens, she and her father are in a locked car filling with gas because Arthur will not live with this betrayal, nor will he let the one who betrayed him survive. Suddenly, Luke appears with a bat and breaks into the car. Cluemaster is recaptured. Stephanie returns Luke's attraction and asks him to find her later.

Sophie returns to the "Quiz Bowl" set with the grappling gun and Ryan uses it to save herself and Mary from the bomb.

Sophie is now an official member of the Bat Team and has drinks with Ryan at The Hold Up.

Alice notices that "Circe" has eyes similar to her own and Jacob Kane's; she realizes that "Circe" is Kate.

Jacob overdoses on Snakebite and is brought to Mary's clinic.



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