"This is the second worst attack of the clones I've seen."
Ray Palmer

"I, Ava" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on March 26, 2018.


When Ava disappears, Sara and Ray set out to find her after some prodding from Time Bureau agent Gary and learn a disturbing truth about Ava. Amaya tasks Zari with helping train Rory in controlling his own Totem power. Meanwhile, Nate and Wally set out on a mission that goes awry when they pair with an unlikely person to try and get a Totem.[src]



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"I, Ava" begins with Sara telling the group that she's leaving the gathering for an individual day, and she makes Amaya the between time chief of the boat.

Zari's playing computer games while Mick's preparing distinctive food with his recently discovered Fire Totem.

Amaya strolls in and inquires as to whether he's prepared to begin preparing, however she's abruptly gotten back to the scaffold by Nate and Wally. They're taking a gander at another abnormality where Amaya's granddaughter Mari was truly harmed, in light of the fact that she never got the Spirit Totem from Amaya.

Beam's pursuing Sara around the boat attempting to persuade her to remain on the boat when Gary sheets and tells the pair that Ava is missing.

Sara, Ray, and Gary return to Ava's office and discover her work force records have been totally deleted from the Time Bureau's framework.

At the emergency clinic where Mari is being held, Nate and Wally run into Kuasa, who uncovers she's at the medical clinic to secure Mari, not hurt her.

Ava, Gary, and Ray go to Ava's parent's home to talk about their missing little girl. The Sharpe's uncover they haven't conversed with Ava in months. Subsequent to addressing, Sara understands that Ava's folks aren't genuine. They concede they were recruited by someone years back to act like Ava's folks.

The trio leaves and comes back to the Time Bureau, where they in a flash run into Ava. Ava claims she was seeing her folks in Fresno, which the gathering knows is an untruth. Sara's ready to grab Ava's watch in order to find out more data about Ava's whereabouts.

Kuasa takes Nate and Wally to Mari's exercise center, and keeping in mind that there, Kuasa consents to enable the Legends to find the last emblem and get it before the Darhks.

Back at the Time Bureau, they're accomplishing more exploration and discover documents that pronounce the year 2213 a "No-Fly Zone," turning out to be dubious that Ava is really an erroneous date herself. Gary, Sara, and Ray commandeer the Time Bureau's Mothership and take it to 2213.

At the point when they arrive, they understand the greater part of the inhabitants there look precisely like Ava. They discover that the Ava they know is a clone made by the Ava Corporation.

Nate and Wally are talking about their choices with Kuasa. Kuasa attempts to persuade the pair of Legends to draw the Darhks to them, yet Wally figures he should make a trip to any place they are and swipe the emblem.

The trio in 2213 goes to the clone creation office, where they incidentally wake one. The clone acknowledges they've broken one of the guidelines and starts assaulting them before she's thumped oblivious by Sara.

Claiming to exchange Nate as a negotiating advantage for the Darhks, they travel to 2018 and give Kuasa their symbol in return for Nate. Thinking the arrangement was to get the symbol at that point escape, Nate is astonished to discover Kuasa betrayed him and leaves without anyone else, leaving Nate tied up for the Darhks.

Sara, Ray, and Gary are drawn nearer in 2213 by the Ava they know, who evidently is totally uninformed of the cloning activity going on.

In 2018, Nora compromises Nate's life on the off chance that he can't get the remainder of the symbols from the Legends. Nora disregards her father with Nate. Damien vents his disappointments to Nate about Mallus utilizing his little girl to liberate himself from his dimensional jail, and the two beginning holding.

The genuine Ava comes to and begins posing inquiries about where they're at.

Zari's endeavoring to prepare Mick on his utilization of the emblem, however the two start battling in light of a distinction of conclusion.

Amaya's conversing with Wally on the Waverider when the two are hindered by Kuasa, who presents to them the emblem. Kuasa advises the pair that she exchanged Nate for the symbol.

In 2213, Sara, Ray, Gary, and Ava are attempting to get away from when they're halted by an entire crew of heavily clad Ava's. Ava understands that she's a clone and starts addressing whether she's genuine.

In 2018, Damien's phony tormenting Nate, however Nora gets on and takes her dad out. Amaya and Wally hurry to the scene, yet Nora rapidly removes Wally's speed.

Ava acts like one of different clones and persuades the military that she'll take the gatecrashers — Sara, Nate, and Gary — outside and execute them. They've nearly made it when the Ava that Sara took out before ventures out and uncovers that Ava is a phony.

The group of four beginnings battling the military and is inevitably ready to take them full scale.

Amaya utilizes her emblem to break liberated from Nora's enchantment while Kuasa returns and liberates Nate. Nate and Wally, both with their forces back, collaborate with Amaya and Kuasa to attempt to take Nora out.

Nora utilizes her forces to tear the Water Totem from Kuasa's chest, successfully slaughtering her.

The two groups come back to the Waverider. Beam utilizes the memory-expelling gadget on Gary so he doesn't recall that anything that happened when they made a trip to 2213.

Nate approaches Amaya about her granddaughter's demise. Amaya insights that she no longer needs anything to do with Nate.

Zari's quick is currently finished, and she makes peace with Mick to make him supper, and the two bond.

Sara and Ava are sharing a beverage, and the two come to an obvious conclusion and discover that Rip is the one that cleaned Ava's records from the Time Bureau records, and they guarantee to get to its base.

Amaya bounces into a jumpship trying to return in time and spare Kuasa.





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