Dr. I. Vasak was a member of the Church of Blood. It appeared he was the one who was reproducing the Mirakuru with Slade Wilson's blood.


Vasak presented the completed Mirakuru vials to Brother Blood. Vasak observed as he injected the drug into Xavier Reed, who didn't survive the injection. It is presumed that Vasak then worked on making the Mirakuru more stable.[1]

Vasak returned to his office, hoping to destroy all evidence. He began dousing the place in petrol, but not before Roy Harper stole a file and pushed him out of the way, escaping, only to be knocked out by the Acolyte. In another location, Vasak helped to inject Harper with Mirakuru. They were interrupted by the Arrow, who shot Vasak in the leg with arrows. Before long, the Arrow destroyed the centrifuge containing the Mirakuru, burying Vasak under rubble, presumably killing him.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • High-level intellect/Scientist: Vasak was a proficient scientist, capable of reproducing the gene-altering mutagen Mirakuru:
    • Chemist: Vasak used his knowledge of chemistry to reproduce the formula.[2]
    • Bio-engineer: Vasak divided the formula from Slade Wilson's blood and was able to eventually create a stable mutagen.[1]



Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • Vasak is likely named after Ivana Vasak, an assistant art director who shortly later worked on Arrow.


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