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"Co-captains for life!"
Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance

"I Am Legends" is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eightieth episode overall. It aired on May 19, 2020.



Legends waiting for a bus

Legends waiting for bus

Having drunk from the Chalice of Dionysus, the Legends, except Zari, are now immortal for 24 hours, with Zari having set up a timer so they can keep track of when it runs out. As they prepare to leave, they find the portal to Hudson University is missing. Sara realizes that Astra is missing, and it is revealed that she has brought Lachesis and Atropos onto the Waverider. Gary is still onboard the Waverider tending to his rabbit, Gary Jr. II, when Gideon warns Gary that the ship is compromised before being shutdown. As the Waverider takes off, Gary wonders who is piloting the ship. In Constantine's house, Constantine asks why Astra would betray them and Charlie deduces that her sisters have gotten to her. Sara attempts to contact Gideon but to no avail. Ava holds Sara's hand and she appears to have a vision, but she claims to have seen nothing but a flash of light, suggesting that immortality is causing her powers not to work. Ava remembers that Rip set up Time Bureau safehouses all over the world and suggest they head to the London safehouse to obtain a Time Courier. Sara gives them a speech about how they, except Zari, are immortal superheroes who cannot be stopped. They end up having to wait for a bus as Constantine doesn't have a car but they are unable to pay the bus fare. Impatient, Mick throws the bus driver out of the bus and proceeds to drive the Legends to London himself.

Legends see a group of zombies

Legends see a swarm of zombies arrive

On the Waverider, Lachesis thanks Astra for her help, with the latter pointing out that she didn't have a choice since Lachesis called in her favor. Atropos tells Astra that she can now weave the Loom of Fate with them since she is immortal. Astra tells them she has demands, with the most important being her mother's resurrection and an impatient Atropos tells Lachesis they should kill her. Lachesis instead orders Atropos to deal with the Legends while she discusses with Astra her demands. Sara tells Ava that since she no longer has her foresight and is blind, Ava should lead the team instead. Ava tells Sara that this arrangement will only be temporary and they will return to being Co-captains and Sara agrees. Meanwhile, Gary watches as Atropos uses a piece of the Loom of Fate to cast a spell over the United Kingdom. On the bus, Nate assures Zari that they will eventually resurrect Behrad when Zari sees Constantine about to light a cigarette. Zari confronts Constantine as he was supposed to give up smoking, and he reveals he is despondent that Astra has betrayed them for Charlie's sisters. Zari points out that the Fates appear to have not yet used the Loom of Fate, meaning they have a chance to stop them and asks Constantine not to give up hope. Mick runs into a woman who staggers onto the road and seemingly kills her, with her blood smeared over the windshield. As the Legends exit the bus to check on her, Mick points out that the woman appears to still be alive. The woman is revealed to be a zombie, with Constantine noting that there were similar zombies guarding the second piece of the Loom of Fate as well. Sara suggests that Atropos will send more zombies and is proven right as Nate points out a swarm of zombies has arrived.

Gideon (human form)

Gary sees a human Gideon

The Legends defend themselves against the zombies as Constantine is surprised that the zombies just walk past him. He decides to stand nonchalantly by the bus and tells Zari that it appears that as his soul is damned, the zombies are ignoring him. With the swarm of zombies defeated, Ava tells the Legends they need to keep moving. On the Waverider, Gary attempts to get Gideon back online, but is instead electrocuted unconscious. To his surprise, Gideon appears before him in human form and tells him that he must keep the Loom of Fate away from Lachesis and Atropos. In the U.K., Mick reveals that their fight with the zombies has caused the engine on the bus to be damaged, with Nate pointing out that the fuel leakage would mean the bus may not even have fuel left even if Mick manages to fix it, which could take an hour. Zari suggests that Constantine look for an alternate means of transportation and goes with him to look for a friend who might be able to help. On the Waverider, Lachesis tells Astra that they have been very patient with her, considering Astra had betrayed them. Astra says all she wants is to bring her mother back to life but Lachesis tells her she does not fully understand what that would mean. She shows Astra a possible future where Astra sobs despondently at her mother's deathbed. Astra asks why she would show her that, and Lachesis tells her that life as a human means pain and suffering. She tells her that bringing her mother back would just postpone the inevitable, and Astra would just lose her again. In the United Kingdom, Zari remains steadfast that she will bring Behrad back to life, but Constantine tells her there is a possibility that Behrad may be doomed in every timeline, mentioning that Rip Hunter used to say some things were inevitable. Zari pays no heed to him and they carry on their journey. On the Waverider, Gary wonders how to retrieve the rings and Gideon has an idea, before hopping strangely away and attracting Atropos away from the parlor, allowing Gary to retrieve the rings. On the bus, Ava tells Sara how she doesn't think Zari and Constantine should have left, as they might get the bus running again or face more zombies. Just then, trucks of soldiers arrive but they think the Legends may be infected due to the blood on their clothes. When Ava tries to talk to them, they shoot her in the head. Fortunately, she is still immortal and manages to regenerate, but this only convinces the soldiers that they are zombies. Mick asks them what kind of zombies can talk, and the platoon leader claims they must be "super zombies who have become sentient", ordering for the Legends to be rounded up and brought back to their base.

Zombie snarls at Zari

A zombie attacks Zari

On the Waverider, the Fates have discovered the Loom is missing and deduces that someone must be on the ship. Astra sees a carrot left behind and tells them she knows who it is. In the library, Gary tells Gideon he was successful in retrieving the rings and she suggests that he locate a time courier to bring the rest of the Legends onboard. Constantine and Zari arrive at their destination, and he explains that he once helped the owner with an exorcism issue. Constantine sees a truck they could use but a swarm of zombies arrives, forcing them into the building. As Zari tries to find the keys, a zombie attacks her, but she manages to use the Air Totem to kill it. Zari tells Constantine that since the zombies are ignoring him, he should take the truck to the Legends but he refuses to leave her behind. He suggests that he instead casts a spell that would stop Zari's heart and make her appear to be dead and she agrees to try it, despite his warnings that it would be risky. In the back of the military truck, Ava tells them to think how they should escape and encourages them not to give up hope. Mick tells them he has been in a truck like this before, and he knows how to escape. He instructs Nate to use his super strength on a specific area, causing the doors to open. Ava then tells them they need to jump out of the moving truck, which although will hurt, should be fine since they are still immortal.

Gary Jr

Gideon is really Gary Jr II

Having jumped out of the truck, the Legends painfully heal their injuries and see they are closer to London. They attempt to wave a passing car for help, but the occupants think they are zombies as well and drive past them. Meanwhile, Constantine performs the spell on Zari and successfully carries her to the truck where he manages to revive her. The two drive away as the horde of zombies chase them. On the Waverider, Gary manages to locate a time courier but he is caught by the Fates. Gary questions why Astra would betray the Legends and he yells for Gideon to run. In reality "Gideon" is Gary Junior II, with Gary's electrocution earlier causing him to hallucinate. "Gideon" tells him that although she is a figment of his imagination, he must believe in himself and never give in. Gary performs an obfuscation spell, making the rings vanish. The Fates prepare to torture him into returning the rings. Zari and Constantine managed to find the Legends and they reach the London safehouse. The post is abandoned however due to everyone fleeing from the zombies. Ava manages to find a time courier but it is out of power as Zari comments that Behrad will never be resurrected and it will be the end of the world, just because someone forgot to charge the time courier.

Zombies surround the bar

Zombies surround the safehouse

With 4 hours of immortality left, Constantine comes to comfort Zari who is despondent that the situation is hopeless. The two of them begin to argue before kissing passionately and sleeping with each other. On the Waverider, Astra tells Gary to give her the rings or she will begin to torture him. Gary tells her that this isn't her, prompting her to violently asks what Gary knows about her. Gary replies that in hell, when asked to choose between staying in hell or trusting the Legends, Astra chose to trust Ava based on faith. Astra tells him it was a mistake she made from thinking she wanted to resurrect her mother, something she no longer wants after Lachesis showed her potential death in the future. Gary attempts to comfort Astra and asks if Lachesis showed the good moments that Astra would have if her mother was resurrected. Astra asks what would be the point, and Gary tells her there has to be fond memories she has of her mother and suggests she share one. In the safehouse, Nate tells them that in spite of the setbacks they faced, at least they are together, something he wouldn't mind spending everyday doing. Constantine asks what everyone would wish for with the Loom of Fate since any one of them may be called to use it. Sara tells them she is content with her life and Ava shares her sentimentality; Mick wishes to have a simple life as a criminal; Zari wishes Behrad would be alive and the two of them could live in a place where she could use her talents to make the world a better and inclusive place; Constantine at first claims he would throw a multi continent rager, but then admits to wishing that Astra would grow up happily in a big house where he could keep an eye on her. The Legends have a toast and Sara quietly excuses herself to drink in a corner. Ava deduces that Sara saw the future but doesn't want to tell her and Sara admits she is right. Sara tells her the time courier will not charge in time for them to escape before the zombies break into the pub, which results in Sara's death. Ava realizes that Sara has been saying goodbye since they left Constantine's house and preparing Ava to succeed her but Sara insists that this is a temporary goodbye as the Legends can fix her death with the Loom of Fate. Ava asks if Sara foresaw a vision of the Legends winning but Sara says she cannot see past her death. Nonetheless, she has faith in Ava and the Legends. Nate alerts them to a horde of zombies that have surrounded the safehouse. Charlie tells them the zombies appear to be waiting for their immortality to run out before attacking, as Zari shows them the timer is now zero and the Legends are no longer immortal.

Zombies swarm over Sara

Sara sacrifices herself

On the Waverider, Astra tells Gary of a fond memory with her mother. Changing her mind, she asks him to tell her how to use the time courier. Atropos interrupts them and coldly congratulates Astra on being as weak as any other human before killing her. Atropos tells Gary to hand over the rings or be killed as well. In the safehouse, Ava tells them they just need to hold the zombies off until the courier charges. Sara tells Ava that she will hold them off as long as possible once the zombies break in. The two kiss each other goodbye as the zombies begin to break in. As the Legends try to hold the zombies off, Sara attracts their attention and fights them off, before being consumed by them. Ava tells Charlie to use the time courier and defeat her sisters, confident she can outsmart them as she did once before. As Charlie opens a portal, the remaining Legends are overwhelmed by the zombies. Charlie arrives on the Waverider and unties Gary who hands her the rings. As Gary does so, Atropos kills him. Charlie's sisters welcome her back and Charlie tells them she is done running. Holding the pieces in her hand, Charlie tells them they should get to work.



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  • The episode's title is a reference to the 2007 film I Am Legend.
    • It may also be a further reference to the fact that Charlie is the only Legend to verifiably survive the zombies, as protagonist Robert Neville does in the film's source material.
    • The fact that the gang takes refuge in a pub, during a zombie outbreak, might be a reference to the movie Shaun of the Dead, which also takes place in London. In the film, one of the main goals of the protagonist is to reach their usual pub while escaping zombies.
  • The episode's story was written by Ray Utarnachitt, and the teleplay was written by Leah Poulliot and Emily Cheever[1], but all are simply credited as writers.
  • Constantine tells Zari that Rip Hunter used to say some things were inevitable. Rip often told the Legends in season 1 that some events are immutable, "Time wants to happen".
  • This is the third episode to deal with zombies after the episodes "Abominations" and "Zari, Not Zari".
  • Mick mentions about being in an prison transport which most likely references the events of the end of The Flash episode "Revenge of the Rogues" in which he and Leonard Snart were being transported to Iron Heights, before being rescued by Snart's sister Golden Glider.
  • One of the zombies in the crowd Constantine walks through with Zari looks like George Romero, who is famous for being the director of zombie movies.
  • When Constantine and Zari arrive with the van, Zari says, "Get in losers, we're going Looming!", a reference to a quote from the 2004 film Mean Girls, "Get in loser, we're going shopping!"
  • There are two moments that foreshadow that the Gideon Gary interacts with is not actually Gideon, but in fact Gary Jr. II. The first is when Gideon inexplicably starts hopping like a rabbit to distract Atropos. The second is Gideon acting affectionate to Gary when it's been shown that Gideon, like the Legends, doesn't respect Gary.
  • The gang's quest to track down the Loom of Fate leads to a thought-provoking conversation in which they have to decide how to use the Loom without falling victim to its temptations. This whole plot point is rather derivative of season 2's storyline in which the Legends had to resist the urge to change destiny with the Spear of Destiny.
  • The England Zombie Apocalypse is similar to the DC Comics miniseries DCeased, where a zombie apocalypse spreads from Metropolis and many heroes are killed during the infection.
  • Zari tells the team that they are "275.8..." but is cut off by Nate asking "Miles or Kilometers?". 275.8 miles puts the team in the North of England, and in line with Northumberland, which is where John's house is stated to be, and also where Newcastle is, the city to which John has strong connections.


  • Even before Mick takes over, the bus is driving on the wrong side of the road for the UK; it should be on the left unless they are on a one-way road. The steering wheel is similarly also on the incorrect side of the vehicle.
  • The bus that the team commandeers is not used anywhere in the UK, due to traffic driving on the left hand side of the road, unlike the US and most of the rest of Europe. However, single decker buses like this are commonplace, just and double deckers.
    • Ava tells Sara that Mick is driving the bus on the wrong side of the road, but the bus stop and the drivers seat on the bus are also on the wrong side.
  • The bus would have driven off the road within seconds if not stopping after hitting the initial zombie, the road ends immediately with no turn offs seen when the road behind it is shown.