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"I Believe in a thing Called Love" is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-twenty-third episode overall. It aired on October 26, 2021.



Nyxly is unimpressed by Lex but he points out that the gauntlet he's given her contains an AI based on her future consciousness and it was that which used the Dream Totem to bring him there. He says he's been to the future where he and Nyxly were partners: She gained the Allstone but she died. Lex was there and saved her essence in the AI. He has come back to change things so she survives. Mitch enters and identifies Lex. Having heard about him from Supergirl, Nyxly declares she hates men who send women to the Phantom Zone and sends Lex packing.

At the Tower, Supergirl fills Lena, J'onn, Brainiac, Kelly and Nia in on her departure from CatCo. She intends to take the fight to Nyxly. Brainiac takes Nia, Kelly and Lena into the back room to discuss a plan. Alex arrives and shows Supergirl and J'onn the engagement ring she's bought for Kelly: She intends to propose that night, on the anniversary of the day she first realised she loved Kelly, when they agreed on the greatest movie villain.

At Luthor Mansion, Lex is reunited with a delighted Otis, who now has a seat on Luthor Corp courtesy of Lillian. Lex is dispirited by his meeting with Nyxly, revealing he loves her, to both his and Otis' surprise. He says the plan was to save her and go back to the future where she'd still be alive, but she doesn't even like him. Otis suggests he just does whatever made her like him before.

Alex and Esme go to Al's bar, where Alex tells Al that she wants to set things up for tonight. Al explains that the bar has been booked for tonight, something Alex didn't even know was possible, and despite Esme's pleading, he's unable to accommodate them.

Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Sentinel, Brainiac, Dreamer, Guardian and Lena explain their plan to William: Lena has created a fake Love Totem to lure in Nyxly to where they'll be lying in wait. The site chosen is Lover's Lane, where Alex and Kelly share a brief chat before Nyxly arrives and takes the fake totem. The Superfriends emerge and Lena uses a magic circle to stop Nyxly using totem power against them. Nyxly opens up with the gauntlet but a rapid exchange of fire sees Supergirl and Martian Manhunter team up to take her down. Just as Brainiac is about to put her in containment, Lex arrives, hitting the heroes with a blast of kryptonite. The fake totem bursts into flames and Lex and Nyxly teleport out.

Lena heals Supergirl of the wounds from the kryptonite and admits her rage at Lex caused her to make the totem burst into flames. She feels it's better off not to use magic while Lex is around. The Superfriends consult over how to handle both Lex and Nyxly. Brainy recognises that Lex is using 31st century technology and suggests using the totems against them but the others are reluctant. J'onn suggests using them to form a shield, as Nyxly once did. Brainy, Lena and Nia look into it. Brainy admits he is reluctant to contact the Legion, since last time he took advice from the future he teamed up with Lex and nearly destroyed the world. Nia decides to try and dream where the Hope Totem is.

At CatCo, William fills Andrea in on Lex's return. Andrea wants to immediately expose Lex and Nyxly's alliance but William reminds her they jumped the gun on Lex's trial and wants to make sure they have evidence before proceeding. Andrea says she'll publish at the end of the day with or without evidence. Meanwhile, J'onn takes the test of the Courage Totem, seeing the day his daughters were dragged off by White Martians. This time he puts up a fight, trying to reach them until he is restrained, and passes the test.

Nyxly is unimpressed by Lex's rescue of her and also by the fact that he had a surveillance drone follow her. She teleports away from the mansion. Lex complains to Otis, who suggests he just tell Nyxly how he feels. Lex feels that will scare her off. He decides to instead feed her information on the Love Totem via a captive Mitch, telling him not to tell Nyxly where the information comes from. Mitch tells Nyxly he has tracked the Love Totem to a church in Lisbon. Nia dreams the same thing.

Supergirl, Martian Manhunter and Sentinel head to the church just before Nyxly arrives. The shield fails to slow her down and she blasts them all with the Dream Totem. This causes Supergirl to experience nightmares of Phantoms. Nyxly goes to grab the Love Totem but it disappears, so she leaves. Brainiac checks out the scene and notes there are stories that the totem appears and disappears depending on whether those nearby are feeling love or hate.

Nyxly goes to see Lex and asks for his help. He shows that he has repaired her crystal ball using technology and help from her future self. Nyxly asks what she will be like and Lex tells she achieves her revenge, which may be why she was more receptive to him. Meanwhile, Supergirl and J'onn discuss their experiences with the totems and decide they need to use them as weapons after all. Supergirl asks Lena to use magic to protect her from the Humanity Totem, saying she's scared of ending up with Nyxly, just as Lena is scared of ending up like Lex, but they have to remember who their real family is.

William asks Alex about her proposal. Alex notes both she and Kelly have been engaged before: Her last proposal was spontaneous but the relationship didn't last. William convinces her that her and Kelly's love is strong. Alex goes to the bar and finds Kelly and Esme there already: Kelly made the booking, with William's help, since she saw the same significance in the date. She takes out a ring to propose and Alex goes to do the same, only to find the Love Totem there. Lex and Nyxly arrive, closely followed by Supergirl and Martian Manhunter, who battle the pair while Alex and Kelly take Esme to safety. Lex has a chance to grab the Love Totem, but with Nyxly facing an attack from Supergirl, Martian Manhunter and a newly-arrived Brainiac, Lex instead grabs her and teleports away.

J'onn examines the Love Totem, destroyed by a blast from the Courage Totem. Kelly wonders if that means the love in the world will be diminished. Alex doesn't think so, because she still feels love for all of them, and now knows the perfect proposal doesn't matter. She produces the ring and proposes to Kelly, who accepts. Supergirl, J'onn, Brainy and Esme all congratulate them.

Lex purges Nyxly of the effects of the totem. She asks him why he saved her instead of getting the totem. Lex first tries to claim he didn't know it was there, then admits he loves her, even though he never loves anyone and thought he was destined to live his life alone. He knows she isn't there yet. Nyxly agrees but says she's willing to be friends.

At the Tower, Kara, J'onn, Esme and Nia celebrate Alex and Kelly's engagement with them. Nia notices Brainy slipping away and follows him. He is confused by Lex's change of behaviour and admits they need to know what happened in the future. Nia tells him it'll be different this time since he isn't keeping secrets and convince him to contact the Legion. Lena arrives and Kara thanks her for protecting her. Lena thanks Kara for helping her be finally free of Lex.

William ignores a call from Andrea and meets with Otis. Andrea declares she's going to get the evidence herself: She breaks into Luthor Mansion as Acrata and takes Lex's journal. Nyxly tells Lex they can't form the Allstone without the Hope Totem. Lex reveals he already has it: The shell can be destroyed but the essence remains, meaning the Love Totem will also reform. Esme is relaxing at home with Alex and Kelly: None of them notice the image of the Love Totem forming on the back of her neck.



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  • The episode is titled "Believe in a Thing Called Love" in the episode listing on Netflix.
  • The Nyxly artificial intelligence is actually a future version of Nyxly that Lex managed to save in that form.
  • Lex Luthor referring to "all the universes" may imply that at some point he became aware that a multiverse still exists, though this is unclear as Lex is known to have his memories of the original multiverse due to being a Paragon.
  • The episode's title references The Darkness song of the same name.


  • Despite being hit several times by the Superfriends, the tree originally holding the Love Totem somehow does not sustain any damage.