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"I know who you are."
"It's about time.
"Yes, it is. Everything with you is about time, isn't it? The past, the present, the future. You know all of it, right? And you know everything about me! About Joe! About Wally! And Iris! You know our strengths. You know our fears. You know how much we love each other, and you know how to use that love against us. All this time, we thought that we couldn't stop you because you were one step ahead, but that's not it! You don't just know what's gonna happen to us. You were there, you lived it, you remember... when you were me."
"Like I told you from the beginning... I am the Future Flash.
Barry Allen and Savitar

"I Know Who You Are" is the twentieth episode of the third season of The Flash, and the sixty-sixth episode overall. It aired on May 2, 2017.



An eager Brand pressures Barry and Joe to leave the police division and the two figure out how to convince her to remain.

Killer Frost and Savitar are seen getting together and Savitar gives the previous Caitlin Snow only one request: Kill Tracy Brand.

This evening's scene with Joe West and Cecile Horton wrapping up a run and resting up at Joe's place. Joe's telephone starts humming and he's coordinated to go to STAR Labs.

At the lab, Barry informs the remainder of Team Flash concerning the researcher — Tracy Brand — the future Barry cautioned him about in a week ago's scene. Julian methodologies Barry inquiring as to why they aren't chipping away at discovering Killer Frost and Cisco and Julian have a strained trade.

Barry, Cisco, and HR leave go to search for Brand and they discover her in a lab setback. She uncovers that she bombed her exposition and isn't a specialist — yet.

Barry inadvertently uncovers that he knows data about Brand's paper she hasn't freely discharged at this point and before Barry can clarify further, Killer Frost breaks into the lab and flames an ice pick towards Brand. Barry can push Brand off the beaten path and after a concise battle, Killer Frost leaves the scene.

Barry and Joe are talking about the circumstance when Cecile catches and requests to talk with Joe secretly — she's concerned she stressed Joe by already admitting her adoration for him.

A restless Brand pressures Barry and Joe to leave the police division and the two figure out how to convince her to remain.

Killer Frost and Savitar are seen getting together and Savitar gives the previous Caitlin Snow only one request: Kill Tracy Brand.

HR and Tracy are seen at Jitters where the previous purchases the last an espresso. HR begins running through each bit of Tracy's hypothesis on quantum mechanics that he prefers, when its demonstrated that Cisco and Julian are sitting in a stake-out vehicle giving him the entirety of the scene through a headset.

Cisco radios to Barry and it's indicated that he and Joe are in a different stakeout vehicle, the two gatherings watching out for the pair inside Jitters.

Back inside Jitters, Tracy reveals to HR that she's been examining speedsters. She begins saying how she believes that all speedsters draw their vitality from a source, and HR completes her sentence by saying Speed Force. The two hit it off when HR gazes down into his espresso mug to realize that it has frozen.

The two run outside of Jitters and another ice pick can be seen flying straight towards the head of Tracy Brand. Barry spares Brand and Killer Frost starts to escape on an ice connect she's framing. Barry starts to follow her and teaches Cisco to take her out Cisco has a dream back to Caitlin's days pre-Killer Frost and is immediately occupied as Killer Frost fires an impact of ice his direction.

Barry runs into Killer Frost's ice attack before it hits Cisco and is weakened. Killer Frost at that point wounds him in the leg with another ice pick.

Back at STAR Labs, Team Flash enlightens Brand regarding her future in having the option to stop Savitar and she makes the acknowledgment that she's right about her work on the Speedforce. They request that she speed up her work and assemble the speed trap and she's reluctant. Luckily enough, HR can persuade her to do as such.

In a side room, Julian asks Cisco why he didn't stop Caitlin outside of Jitters. Julian keeps on pressuring him and an unmistakably baffled Cisco clarifies that he's scared of coincidentally murdering her.

Joe and Barry are in a sincere about Joe's better half Cecile when HR busts in and tellsthem that Tracy has left the lab.

The gathering has a speculates where Tracy could be and HR makes the association that she'd be at a neighborhood sculpture of Galileo. He runs there and she is sorry for running off, conceding that when they showed the future to her, she was more threatened than any time in recent memory, saying she didn't have the foggiest idea how she turned into the "splendid lady in the 3D image."

Joe's seen working at his supper table when there's a thump on his entryway — it's Cecile. She moves toward him about him acting abnormal since she showed affection earlier in the day. Joe clarifies how confounded his life is and proceeds to state that he figures they should quit seeing each other as they're in better places throughout their life. Cecile leaves and there's quickly another thump at the entryway.

Joe makes the way for discover Killer Frost with an ice pick to Cecile's throat. She says that Joe will get a message with a location. She tells him that the main way Cecile lives is if they turn over Tracy.

Julian and Cisco have another discussion out of the way where Julian offers his convictions on having the option to spare Caitlin from residual Killer Frost.

HR goes into the room where they're holding Tracy and the previous offers that they'll require her to accomplish something risky. Tracy goes with Barry and Joe to a relinquished distribution center where they're keeping Cecile and they're quickly drawn closer by Killer Frost.

She shares that Savitar is consistently one step ahead and flames of explosives covered up in the rafters, where Cisco is stowing away. Cisco vibes himself out of the blast and Barry steps in front of Joe to assimilate another ice impact.

Cisco and Killer Frost have a short battle, which Cisco wins by knocking out Killer Frost. He at that point takes an example of her blood. Savitar at that point speeds into the scene to safeguard Caitlin and leaves with no further episode.

Back at STAR Labs, Julian uncovers that they might have the option to utilize the blood test Cisco gathered to figure out Caitlin's Killer Frost capacities.

HR keeps on trying to charm Tracy by bringing her some espresso. Tracy uncovers that she thinks Savitar needs the silver suit since he moves so fast, the static electricity would hurt him. She figures they can utilize the suit's own forces to turn on itself and trap it inside the Speedforce.

Joe and Cecile are at the police division, where the two proceed with their discussion from prior. Joe concedes he solidified in such a case that their relationship were to knock up another level, it accompanies a great deal of things. Joe in the end expels his wedding band and says he cherishes her back.

Joe returns home, where Barry and Iris are sitting with Wally — who has come back from Earth 3 — on the lounge chair. Barry assembling the bits of the circumstance in his mind. He races out to discover Savitar and offers that he knows what its identity is.

Savitar shows up and the suit falls off: it's Barry Allen.



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  • What Savitar had said from the beginning was literal. "I am the future Flash" meant he was the Barry Allen of the future. This gives new perspective to everything he's told Team Flash.
    • "You are the past [Flash], whereas I am the Future Flash."
    • "You are only a shadow beneath my throne." - Savitar looking down on his old self as weak.
    • "From my [past] perspective, you're the big bad. [Barry is] cruel and selfish."
    • "You're all there when I become who I am."
    • "I created myself."
    • "[You/Barry] took everything from [Barry/me]!" - the time loop.
  • H.R. refers to Julian as "Romeo and Juliet" after he expresses concern over Caitlin. This is a reference to the romantic tragedy by William Shakespeare.
  • Dr. Hersch is mentioned to be a faculty member at Central City University. In the comics, David Hersch is the civilian identity of Cicada, an enemy of The Flash and a cult leader.
    • Cicada would become the main antagonist in the fifth season, though Cicada isn't David Hersch.
  • Tracy likens herself to Sarah Connor from the 1984 film The Terminator. Cisco and H.R. disagree, comparing her instead to Miles Dyson from the 1991 sequel.
  • Tracy refers to Killer Frost as "Jack Frost's sister" and "the White Witch", a reference to the villainess from the Chronicles of Narnia series.
  • Tracy's favorite drink at CC Jitters is a secret item called "Zoom."
  • Killer Frost's line, "more fun to reign in Hell" is a variation on the line "Better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven" from John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost".
  • The building used to represent the exterior of CCU is Thompson Hall at the University of New Hampshire, which mostly houses administrative offices.
  • This is the first time that Killer Frost uses her "Ice Slide", a construct that she uses all the time in the comics, to move through the city.


  • At CCU, after Cisco takes the welder from Tracy, she removes her wielding helmet. However, in the next shot, Tracy is still wearing the helmet and takes it off after a couple seconds.