"I Surrender" is a song sung by Zari Tarazi, Sunjay, Ray Palmer, Nora Darhk, Sara Lance, Charlie, and Mona Wu.


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Everyday, I find a way
To shove my past and anger down.

[SUNJAY (spoken)]
Go on, my love. That was beautiful.

My humor's dry, I never cry.
If I start I'd surely drown.
When I'm on my own I can't help wanting something more.
Today instead of closing off,
I'm opening a door!

Now I'm tossing sense aside and I surrender.
To the fantasy and pleasure I surrender.
To my happy ever after.

I won't fight it.

Won't deny it.

Do you have a ring? I'll try it!

I surrender!

[ZARI (spoken)]
In the morning we should go ask the parson to marry us.

[SUNJAY (spoken)]
A Christian wedding? For a Muslim woman and a Hindu man?

[ZARI (spoken)]
Let's not think with our heads, but feel with our hearts.

[RAY PALMER (spoken)]
Gideon, where's that music coming from?

[GIDEON (spoken)]
I took the liberty of broadcasting Miss Tomaz's comms.

[RAY (spoken)]
Huh. It's rather infectious.

[NORA DARHK (spoken)]
Ray, this music, I think it’s magical.

[RAY (spoken)]
You're right, I want to express my feelings to you in verse.

[NORA (spoken)]
Is that really necessary?

I had a dirty dream of you.

I bet mine was dirtier. Why didn't you go and make a move?

I would've, if you’d been flirtier. Okay, it's just complicated, if Nate knew he'd be enraged.

I know, and I'm sorry, but my desire's been uncaged. Don't let this moment pass us by, it could be our only chance.

You're right, I need you now. Sorry, Nate and Captain Lance.

Fixed the timeline as a cat.
Saved a cowboy, kept his hat.
Took Salem's breath away,
Got stuck reliving the same day.
Through it all I kept my cool.
Never thought I'd play the fool.
Now I've surrendered to you.
It's time for me to say I do!

[SARA LANCE (spoken)]
I do? What are you talking about? We need to find Mona!

[CHARLIE (spoken)]
Wait a sec. Is this a Bollywood musical number?

[ZARI (spoken)]
You bet your ass it is.

Now we're tossing sense aside, and we surrender.

To the fantasy and pleasure, we surrender.

To our happy ever afters.
We won't fight it,
Won't deny it,
Losing all control, we'll try it.
We surrender.

I want you badly as my bride, please make my wish come true.

These feelings can't be denied, so yes, I say I-

[MONA WU (spoken)]
STOP! You're making a mistake!


[MONA (spoken)]
Woah, why did I just sing that? Okay, I guess I'm just gonna roll with the whole singing thing...

Everyday we find a way to hold grief and not let them see.
We feel so wrong, we often long, get swept away in fantasy.
You've been so brave, wise, and strong
By opening your door.
Please, Zari, have courage now
To wait for something more.

[SANJAY (spoken)]
Don't listen to them, my love.

[SARA (spoken)]
No, Mona's right, Z. You don't even know this guy.

[CHARLIE (spoken)]
He has been using the powers of a love god for years; guarantee he's got a wife.

[ZARI (spoken)]
Is that true?

[SUNJAY (spoken)]
Not exactly. I have a thousand wives. But lucky number one thousand and one is most important.

[ZARI (spoken)]

[SUNJAY (spoken)]
So, you still want to marry me?

[ZARI (spoken)]
No. I definitely do NOT.

Now I've got my senses back, but I'll surrender.

Life's not done, I'll love again, I'll surrender.

With my friends now by my side.
I won't hide it,
Won't deny it,
Real love comes my way, I'll try it.
I'll surrender.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4



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