Ibadan is the former leader of The Hidden.


Attempts to find the hidden Ashkiri temple

Ibadan sent Lourdes to London in order to steal a map from a wealthy collector to a hidden Ashkiri temple.[1]

In 1985, while in the Hindu Kush mountains, near the Ashkiri temple, Ibadan surveyed the map with Darius. He asked the latter to take Arthur King with him on mission to find a stone marker to the temple, thinking him to be getting too close to Lourdes. While they were gone, he trained with Lourdes, acknowledging her fast learning. He asked her what she thought of Arthur, only for her to reply that she only had trust in Ibadan. She attempted to contact the two men but could not, causing Ibadan to reassure her to have faith in them.[2] She further went to look for them using binoculars. Ibadan was more confident, believing Darius to be strong-willed.[1] They soon returned, with Lourdes who had gone to find them. They told Ibadan of their discovery that the temple's marker was in fact the entire mountain, reassuring them that sealing the temple was the best course of action overall. Everyone but Arthur left, allowing Ibadan to explain their intentions for doing what they were doing, elaborating on the Ashkiri's beliefs. When asked who was funding their mission, Ibadan refused to reveal their identity.[3]



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