"An armor is nothing but iron, leather, and silk. It can be replaced, but the man who wears the armor is..."
—Ichiro Yamashiro to Ray Palmer[src]

Ichiro Yamashiro is the father of Masako Yamashiro and the late Oda Yamashiro. He assisted the time travelers known as the Legends, healing Nate Heywood and outfitting Ray Palmer in a suit of Samurai armor that once belonged to his son, Oda. Imparting words of wisdom on Ray, he later revealed that he, along with his daughter, they are a part of the Yamashiro family to the Legends.[1]


Ichiro's son Oda was a popular samurai. His son was killed by Tokugawa Iemitsu; because of jealousy. Ichiro lived out the rest of his live as a doctor living together with his daughter.[1]

Ichiro healed Nate Heywood when he traveled back in time and also inspired Ray Palmer to continue on his quest, despite losing the A.T.O.M. Exosuit. Although he inspired Ray to think more of a man who wears, then the armor itself, he also said that nobody should be ridiculous in thinking that they can stand against the Shogun without any armor. Ichiro gave his son's armor to Ray, hoping that it would serve him in battle. When Ray returned the armor, as it served its purpose, he asked Ichiro what his family's surname was, it was revealed that they are the ancestors of Maseo Yamashiro.[1]


Ichiro was a wise, knowledgeable village doctor, who was, despite fearing for his family, ready to help a gaijin such as Nate Heywood heal his wounds. When faced with a possible destruction of his hometown by Tokugawa Iemitsu, Ichiro appeared accepting of either development of his fate, whether the Legends manage to save the hometown and avenge his son, or die trying. Seeing that Ray Palmer was distraught after losing his armor and being forced to destroy it, Ichiro imparted him with words of wisdom regarding armor being less important than the men that wear it. Despite that, he was pragmatic enough to know that nobody would be able to fight against Iemitsu without any armor.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Expert herbalist: Ichiro has displayed a masterful level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to using traditional medicine, so much so that he was able to bring Nate Heywood back to good health, despite him getting heavily wounded by the Shogun's loyal samurai.[1]
  • Master Metalsmith: Ichiro was a masterful crafter, able to construct armor and weapons of grand quality and performance.


Yamashiro family katana

The katana sword crafted by Ichiro.

  • Yamashiro family katana: This katana sword, described as "fit for an emperor", was created by Ichiro for his son, Oda Yamashiro. It has been passed throughout generations of Yamashiro family, including Masako Yamashiro.[1]
  • Oda Yamashiro's armor: This armor was crafted by Ichiro for his son, Oda Yamashiro, but ended up of no use when the jealous Iemitsu ordered Oda to commit seppuku. Ichiro lent the armor to Ray Palmer for his duel against the Shogun, who then returned it back to its owner.[1]


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