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"Clearly you are an only child. Otherwise, you would know that our dear siblings are the ones most predisposed to betray us."
Alice to Tommy Elliot after Johnny Sabatino double crossed him.

"If You Believe In Me, I'll Believe In You" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Batwoman, and the eighteenth episode overall. It aired on May 3, 2020.



Late at night, Batwoman manages to stop a human organ trafficking operation, but almost gets her cowl taken off by one of the criminals. As she’s walking back into Wayne Tower, Luke suggests to maybe she can wear a braid, but Kate quickly shoots down that idea. Inside Kate’s office, Mary is already there with a bottle of champagne and ready to celebrate Kate’s win. Kate mentions that the trafficker got away and that some asshat yanked her wig and almost pulled off her cowl. Mary suggests running an electrical charge through the cowl so that the next person who tries to get all grabby would have 10,000 volts worth of an electrical shock. Kate doesn’t feel comfortable having electricity so close to her head, and Mary, as a result, feels like it was a dumb idea she suggested. However, once she leaves, Luke tells Kate that Mary’s idea is actually kind of genius. Kate knows that Mary wants to be part of her this vigilante team, but the answer continues to be a resounding no. Luke counters it by saying it’s not so much about being part of her vigilante escapades, but rather about Mary wanting to be part of Kate’s life more. Kate refuses to budge and says that if that’s the case, that she will take Mary out to dinner more. Instead, she tells Luke that they need to focus on finding where Tommy Elliot hid Lucius Fox's journal, which has the best-kept secrets of Wayne Enterprises.

At some warehouse full of things belonging to Tommy Elliot that were seized after he was arrested, Julia and Sophie are doing some investigating.[1] Sophie immediately finds every Kitty Delgado comic. After having a good laugh, the two women continue their search for Lucius Fox’s journal. Julia hopes the Crows pay overtime for their investigation, but Sophie says she’ll settle for hazard pay after coming face to face with a painting of Tommy naked. Later, Julia gives Kate a call and tells her ex that they basically went through everything in the warehouse, but found nothing of value. Luke mentions that Tommy owned 40 buildings in Gotham alone, so who knows where he could have ultimately stashed his father’s journal. Knowing that there’s only one person who knows, goes to Arkham Asylum to pay Tommy a visit.

Tommy asks Kate about Bruce’s whereabouts because he has continued to be a no-show during visiting hours. When Tommy says that this is no way of treating one’s best friend, Kate taunts him by saying that it is if the supposed best friend killed Bruce’s actual best friend. She presses Tommy on the journal’s whereabouts, but he doesn’t give her a straight answer. Instead, he cries and calls for his mother, and as she is putting the phone down, Tommy tells her to tell Bruce that the bells are on. Tommy gets taken to his cell after his talk with Kate but finds Alice inside. He tells her to get out of his cell. Alice says that Tommy’s cell is so much roomier than hers. She taunts him by saying that there’s going to be a vacancy when they strap Tommy to the electric chair for murdering Lucius Fox. Tommy counters her statement by telling how he’s crazy now and 100% unfit to stand trial. Mouse, disguised as the deceased Dr. M. Butler reveals to Tommy that he told the Crows how he was now fit for trial. Alice tries to convince Tommy to work with her and Mouse. Eventually, Tommy gives in and tells them how inside the journal is a failsafe on how to kill The Bat if the suit ever got into the wrong hands. Alice wonders why Lucius Fox would need to know that kind of information, and Tommy drops the bombshell that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

This newfound revelation makes Alice want the journal that much more, but Tommy wants something in return. Mouse as Dr. M. Butler says that they can break him out of Arkham, but Tommy isn’t quite sold on it. He talks about how it wouldn’t be much of a prize since there’d be a wanted poster with his face on it across all Gotham. Alice suggests that they can always get Tommy a new face. Mouse checks that it’s just the three of them, and with Alice’s permission, takes off the Dr. M. Butler face mask to reveal his true self behind it.

At the Batcave, Luke tells Kate that twenty-two minutes after she visited Tommy in Arkham, he made an outgoing call to The Lookout, which is technically Johnny Sabatino’s club. But Tommy owns the building. Kate mentions how rumor has it that Sabatino has been laundering Tommy’s money through the club for years. Luke calls it one posh-looking laundromat after hearing about this bit of information. Through the traced call, Luke and Kate find out that Sabatino will be in touch with Tommy to give him back the journal. Luke asks Kate how she will infiltrate the club which is on a very high floor and infested with mob goons. Kate tells him that she will do so by walking through the front door.

Mary eventually shows up again trying to help Kate by getting her some clothes where she can conceal her Batwoman weapons, but still, blend in at the club. Kate repeats to her step-sister that it’s too dangerous to bring her into the team, and she’s not going to take her to The Lookout. Mary gets angry and brings up how she’s been stabbed, poisoned and almost insinuated. So she says that all it proves is that she can look out for herself. Mary suggests Kate needs back up, but a few seconds later Julia comes in. Mary is dejected and tells Kate that she thought there were no more spots available on the Bat team. Julia hears this part of the conversation and tells Mary that she’s really only an honorary member. Kate tells her that it’s nothing personal and that Julia is literally trained for this kind of life she is part of.

At the club, Julia tells Kate that Sophie is on her way to arrest Tommy Elliot. Kate realizes how close her two exes have gotten as of late. Inside the elevator, Julia eventually tells Kate that Sophie recently came out to her mom and that eating greasy food has helped the two of them bond. At the bar, Kate sees Reagan as the bartender, who tells her ex that she has actually stopped at The Hold Up a couple of times. She mentions that she hoped to run into Kate but never did. She brings up how she’s kept an eye on her real estate endeavors and suggests that Gotham could use more people like Kate Kane. After handing her a drink, Reagan confesses that she regrets walking away from Kate, but that she thought Kate would try harder to win her back. Meanwhile, Julia manages to hack into the cameras at the club so that Luke has access. The lights get turned off shortly after but on her way to Johnny’s office, Julia gets ambushed by some of his goons. Luke realizes it's a trap and Kate sees the journal just sitting on a table. When she goes to grab it, a trap activates that knocks Kate out after she hits the wall.

At Arkham, Sophie and Jacob show up to take Tommy to a prison but find that he has apparently hung himself. In reality, Alice has cut off Tommy’s face to put on as a mask on someone else, and is bandaging up Tommy’s bloodied face somewhere else in the mental facility. Tommy, while visibly in pain, asks Alice when he gets his new face. She tells him that it won’t just be a new face, but it will be a whole new him. But first, she’ll need that much-coveted journal from him.

At The Lookout, Johnny talks to his goons and tells them to put out the word that the highest bidder can rid Gotham of their bat problem.

Later, Luke calls Mary in to be on the comms while he goes in to try and save Julia and Kate. Mary refuses and tells him that she is perfect for this mission. She goes onto say that while she sees how no one expects her to pull it off, she trusts Luke to keep her safe. Luke gives in, and gives Mary some batccessories for the mission.

Eventually, Tommy calls Johnny Sabatino to get the book, but the other man instead tells Tommy he will be hanging onto the book instead. Tommy gets mad and throws the stuff on the desk in anger. He asks Alice why she’s not madder since she won’t be getting her book back. But Alice reveals that she had a contingency plan named Magpie. She released her in order to get the book back.

At Johnny’s club, Mary manages to get inside and sees Reagan. Mary locates Aria, Johnny’s cousin, who tells her that said cousin is in a super intense meeting. In reality, Johnny is running a auction on Batwoman’s gadgets . After a while, he has one of his goon roll in Batwoman, who is tied up and allows the bids to commence for the scarlett knight. The bidding starts at two million dollars and it gets raised to four million dollars till Mary arrives with ten million dollars and bids on her step sister. Meanwhile, somewhere else in the club, Julia is strapped to a chair and getting beat up by one of Johnny’s goons. Julia spits on the guy after he taunts her by asking if she is only supposed to be the bat’s sidekick. She explains that she works for the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, but a lady walks in saying the contrary. She mentions how she just got off the phone with her contact at the SRR, and found out that Julia hasn’t worked for them for the past six months. The contact told this mysterious lady that Julia went rogue and betrayed the organization’s trust. She asks Julia if they can start fresh and admit who she’s really working for.

Back in Arkham Asylum, Jacob pays Alice a visit and asks if she knows anything about Tommy looking like he hanged himself. Alice doesn’t answer, and instead tells her father she has no motivation to help him. Jacob throws back at her all those times, Alice told her that Beth was never coming back. He tells his daughter that her being locked up is Jacob admitting she was right all along. Alice begs Jacob to get her out of Arkham and tells him about the way they are treated inside. But he admits that he can’t because in the end, he has to protect the daughters he still has left. After hearing that, she vows revenge on her dad and hangs up the phone.

At The Lookout, Mary tries to save Kate, but Johnny tells her that it’s an all-cash transaction. He realizes that what she has in the suitcase is only 2.5 million. So he tells Mary that if she and Hamilton Dynamic want the Batwoman suit, they can have it once it’s peeled from Batwoman’s corpse. On the security cameras, Luke detects Magpie breaking into the club too and trying to steal the journal. In the blink of an eye, Mary manages to untie Kate and save her. Meanwhile, Julia uses that distraction to get out as well. But not until after she killed the woman who knew the truth about her current relationship with the SRR. Once three women are in the same room, Mary tells Julia and Kate that Magpie is also in the building. Kate says she will go and retrieve the journal, but Julia needs to get Mary out of the club.

At the roof, Magpie and Batwoman fight over the book, and Magpie throws it off the room. Batwoman manages to retrieve, but by the time she gets back on the roof, Magpie is gone. Sometime later, Kate apologizes to Mary for shutting her out, and also thanks her stepsister for coming to her rescue. Kate apologizes once more, this time for keeping Mary at arm’s length. She admits that it’s not because she doesn't trust her, or thinks she can't handle herself. It’s actually because she already has lost one sister, and doesn’t want to lose her too. She once again thanks Mary for not listening to her, and for risking her life to save hers. Kate ends her confession by telling Mary how she will just have to get used to the fact that her sister is a total badass. Mary asks if that all means she can be part the Bat Team, to which Kate now happily agrees.

Once Mary leaves, Reagan shows up and tells Kate how crazy of a night it was. She mentions how apparently Batwoman was on the case and mentions how it’s super weird because the last time she saw Batwoman was when she was with Kate. She mentions how it’s all kind of a crazy coincidence. Kate lies and says it’s not a coincidence and that she wasn’t actually taking a look at the competition. She mentions to Reagan how Johnny Sabatino stole something from Wayne Enterprises and she needed it back. So she lies and says that Batwoman helped her. Reagan buys that excuse and asks Kate if she might be able to get Batwoman’s autograph for her. She says probably not, but she can give Reagan a ride home. Reagan mentions how she was actually on her way to get a drink after what happened tonight. She casually asks if Kate’s bar is still open. Kate says it isn’t and the two go back to Kate’s place where they hook up.

Meanwhile, Luke takes Mary down to the Batcave for the first time. Mary takes everything in and is about to take a selfie, when Luke stops her. He reminds her that Kate’s life depends on the two of them keeping Kate’s secret. But accidentally lets it slip that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

The next morning, Kate wakes up alone in her bed, and Reagan is long gone, along with the book. She eventually makes her way to Wayne Tower, where she explains as much to Luke and Julia. Kate admits that she never thought Reagan of all people would betray her. An angry Luke reiterates that it ultimately doesn’t matter because Kate’s life is still very much in danger. Julia breaks up the argument and asks them that they really should be focusing on why a bartender of all people wanted the journal in the first place.

At some town square in Gotham, Reagan meets up with Magpie and chastises her for costing her a really hot girlfriend. She hands over the journal, and Magpie tells Reagan it’s her own fault for falling for a mark again. Reagan tells Magpie that she can take the book and use it to get her freedom, but that she is out. She no longer wants to be an advance scout for Magpie. Margot mentions how she thought Reagan would do anything for her sister. Regan walks off in one direction and Margot in the other direction.

At Crows Security, Julia tries to get Sophie to go out for their usual food. But Sophie says she doesn’t think there’s much to celebrate given that Tommy isn’t going to face any justice for the murder of Lucius Fox. Julia gets a call and tells Sophie she has to take the call. Once she is alone, Julia answers her phone and tells the person on the other side of the phone that she was going to call them. She explains that there’s been an unforeseen setback and that she doesn’t have her hands on the journal yet, but assures the mystery person she will.

At Arkham, Alice takes out Magpie’s tracker and tells her she is now free to fly the coop. Magpie stretches and tells Alice that she was never meant to be a homing pigeon before she leaves. Once it’s just her and Mouse, Alice asks if he has gotten to the part in her new favorite book that tells them how to kill the Bat. Mouse reveals that the entire journal is in code.



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  • The goon pulling Batwoman's wig in the prologue is similar to something Alice herself did in Batwoman: Elegy, though there the wig cleanly detached.
  • Mary suggests electrifying Kate's cowl to deal with the problem of people trying to yank it off; Batman has used the same tactic in various mediums, most memorably in The Dark Knight.
  • Sophie and Julia search a warehouse full of seized property belonging to accused murderer Tommy Elliot, searching for the stolen journal of Lucius Fox. As they are going through the inventory, Sophie is amused to find a number of comic book storage boxes and some loose comics, noting that Tommy apparently collected "every Kitty Delgado comic" referencing Marvel comics Black Cat.
    • It's possible that Kitty Delgado might be the end result of some enterprising comic creator's effort to fashion a character based on the Arrowverse's Selina Kyle, probably figuring a famous thief wouldn't be likely to sue over likeness rights or defamation of character. However, given that Kitty Delgado has platinum white hair and wears a black bodysuit with a plunging neckline that leaves little to the imagination, it seems more likely that this a joke at the expense of Black Cat and DC Comics' marvelous competitor.
  • The code to the safe holding Lucius Fox's journal is 8510; 8/5/10 is the release date for the Batwoman: Elegy comic.
  • The dress Mary wears to the nightclub is the same dress Ryan Wilder wears in the later episode Gore on Canvas.
  • Batwoman fighting Magpie on a rooftop for possession of a journal is reminiscent of Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood #3, where Batwoman and The Question battled for the titular Crime Bible.
  • Royal Teeth's "Show You What I Can Do" plays as Kate and Reagan have sex.


  • The experiments Alice describes being conducted on the inmates at Arkham would be very illegal in reality in this century.
    • Also, it's illegal to commit someone to a mental institution against their will without a court order, which Jacob and Kate couldn't have gotten because they're keeping the fact that Alice is related to them a secret and she had no trial.