"Image inducers. I have to say, I was skeptical, but they really do come in handy."
Lex Luthor on the image inducers[src]

Image inducers are technological devices created by L-Corp to help aliens that cannot shapeshift to hide their actual appearances.


Querl Dox began using an image inducer during his time in the 21st century after realising that the public weren't used to his alien appearance. Erroneously forgetting to turn it off after entering the D.E.O., Alex Danvers and the others drew their weapons on him before Querl unmasked himself.[1] He later began regularly using an inducer both inside the D.E.O. headquarters and when operating alongside Supergirl in public.[2]

Some time before 2018, when L-Corp began mass creating and releasing image inducers, Kesse Kay was shown using one in one of Fiona Byrne's group sessions, revealing how the inducer had helped him find a job due to continuously being turned away by his true appearance. Dr. Rohan Vose then protested the need for it, stating that aliens shouldn't have to hide who they are from the public.[3]

Some time later, the system of the inducers went offline and the users' actual appearances were revealed.

In 2019, Eve Teschmacher used an image inducer to disguise herself as a White House staff member.[4] Brainy briefly used his image inducer to change his face into Ben Lockwood.[5]



  • Image induction: The image inducers are capable of changing its users' appearances into a human appearance. It can also change a person's face into another one as seen with Querl Dox changing his face into Ben Lockwood. [5]


  • Image inducer scanners: Image inducers will automatically shut down when an image inducer scanner is activated. [5]
  • Computer viruses: As image inducers are technological appliances programmed from L-Corp servers, it can be remotely shut down by computer viruses.

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