Image inducers are technological devices capable of masking and manipulating the appearance of the user.


In 2020, a few days after the War for Freeland, Black Lightning's team was brought to Gotham City for a trial. Eventually, the A.S.A. was disbanded and Odell was incarcerated. However, Grace was unconscious after suffering from a hit of Thunder and Tyson Sykes escaped with an image inducer. [1]

Brainy briefly stopped using the image inducers and assumed his true form.[2]

Eve Teschmacher used an image inducer to impersonate Margot Morrison, framing her for working with Amy Sapphire; this caused Margot to be a scapegoat when the people Leviathan had kidnapped were discovered.[3]



  • Image induction: The image inducers are capable of changing its users' appearances into a human appearance. It can also be used to impersonate others, such as when Eve Teschmacher used one to pose as Margot Morrison.[3]

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