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Imani is a resident of Gotham City and the director of Tutoring at Sheldon Park Community Center.


Community center opening

During the building of the community center, Imani and Jordan Moore discussed who would tutor what classes and programs with Jordan suggesting Ryan Wilder for a martial arts class.

Imani attended the opening of the new community center in Gotham. When Horten Spence questioned Jordan Moore about the security of the site, Imani, after listing statistics that verified how good a community center would be for the at-risk youth of Gotham, asked him if he would report what was really happening in the community in the Gotham Gazette; Horten left speechless. When Imani formally met Ryan, Imani used her conversation with Jordan as an ice-breaker, embarrassing Jordan because she had not asked Ryan about the position first. Suddenly, Kilovolt attacked and Imani ducked as an electrical discharged destroyed the wall nearby.

A few days later, Imani went to The Hold Up and flirted with Ryan.[1]

Time passed and Imani and Ryan had a "sexting" session; one of Ryan's texts to Imani was sent accidentally to Mary Hamilton who discussed it with Ryan and Sophie Moore during a ladies' night together.[2]

The fundraiser

Ryan told Imani that she had to skip a date because she needed to take Luke Fox to the hospital because his mother was not well.

The next day, The Hold Up was where Imani and Ryan chose to have a fund raiser for the community center; inside the bar, the music played and the customers enjoyed themselves as they bought drinks and donated money as Imani talked to them about the benefits the community center would have with their monies.

When Imani saw Luke talking to Ryan, Imani asked him about his mother's well-being; Ryan repeated her story and Luke said that his mother was well. Officers of the Gotham City Police Department entered the bar, saying that there was a noise compliant; Imani explained that a fund-raiser was occurring. The officers said that the volume of the music needed to be lowered. Imani watched as Ryan, then Luke, approached the officers. Ryan did not have the bar's license readily available and Luke tried to sound compliant. Imani watched as the officers illegally arrested them both. Sophie Moore was also illegally arrested soon afterwards.

Imani used her connections with a civil rights attorney to force the GCPD to led Luke, Ryan and Sophie go; as she had (likely) threatened a lawsuit against the GCPD for crimes of unlawful arrest, racist discrimination and assault. As Ryan appoached Imani romantically to thank her for her efforts and concern, Luke called for Ryan and reminded her that they needed to be elsewhere. Imani; who had cleared her night schedule for Ryan, was visibly hurt, but said that she understood.

Later, Imani and Ryan met at the Hold Up. Ryan told Imani that she is not dating anyone else, but Ryan cannot be totally committed to her at the moment. Imani tried to guess what Ryan's secret was. Ryan laughed and asked her to continue to guess, but, in the meantime, Imani must understand that Ryan will be distracted at times. Imani agreed.[3]


Imani has a sense of justice and contempt for corrupt organizations; such as the Gotham City Police Department.



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