"Thanks. We forgot to register for a microchip."
"Actually, it’s neither micro nor a chip. It’s an implantable bio-stimulant."
"And why would I need an implantable bio-stimulant?"
"For walking."
Felicity Smoak and Curtis Holt[src]

The implantable bio-stimulant is a piece of technology created by Curtis Holt that can repair degenerative nerve damage and cure paralysis.


Over the holidays in December 2015, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak were attacked and shot at by members of H.I.V.E. This resulted in Felicity becoming paralyzed from the waist down.[1] Shortly after, Curtis began working on the chip and gifted it to Felicity as a wedding present at her and Oliver's engagement party.[2] After the chip was implanted in the base of her spine, Felicity began physical therapy and within weeks she had fully regained the ability to walk.[3][4]

A few weeks later, Brie Larvan attacked Palmer Technologies and held the board members hostage until Felicity agreed to give her the chip. It turned out that Larvan had a cancerous tumor wrapped around her L4 vertebra, which will render her paralyzed once removed. Felicity was prepared to allow her to have it in order to save the board members (along with her mother and Thea) but Oliver showed up in time and they were able to take Larvan down.[5]

About a year later, Prometheus trapped Oliver and Felicity in the Bunker by setting off an EMP, the EMP also caused Felicity's chip to stop working. However, after she and Oliver were rescued by the rest of Team Arrow, A.R.G.U.S. was able to get the chip working agaIn until Curtis could run more comprehensive diagnostics.[6]

A few weeks later, Team Arrow (including Felicity and John Diggle) were caught up in an explosion on Lian Yu.[7] While trying to get to safety, Felicity tripped causing John to run back and help her up.[8] This caused John to get caught up in the blast which caused degenerative nerve damage to his right arm. John kept the damage a secret for several months, but when he finally decided to tell everyone, Curtis offered to make him a chip, similar to Felicity's, that would repair the nerve damage.[9] The chip was implanted shortly after and John made a full recovery[10] (much to Elisa Schwartz's amazement).[11]

When Felicity and Curtis decided to go into business together, they struggled to figure out what kinds of products they wanted their company to design and sell. While helping Felicity find a way to stop Cayden James, Alena Whitlock suggested they make the bio-stimulant their company's first product.[12]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the New 52 DC comics, after Barbara Gordon was shot by the Joker and subsequently left paralyzed, she used a neural implant to walk again, similar to Felicity Smoak.


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