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"When I learned about your life and work, your compassionate fight for justice and your devotion to protecting others, everything just crystallized. Your example gave my life purpose. I can't express how much it means for me to meet you in person."
—Imra Ardeen to Supergirl[src]

Imra Ardeen is a powerful Titanian with psychic abilities from the 31st century. Her home "planet" is Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. She is a member of the Legion known as Saturn Girl, the ex-wife of Mon-El and an ally of Kara Danvers/Supergirl.


Original multiverse

Early life

Imra was born in the late 30th or early 31st Century on Saturn's moon Titan. At some point in her life, she joined the Legion after being inspired by the story and legend of Supergirl. She would later marry Mon-El.[1] In time, Imra, along with another member of the Legion called Brainiac 5, devised a plan to travel back in time to the 21st century and stop Pestilence before she could evolve into "Blight".

A thousand years from the present time (2017) a farming planet called Winath goes dark. Their friend Ayla is native to the planet and goes to investigate. When Ayla made planetfall she found a once paradise decimated, completely dried out. The Legion calls the creatures that destroyed the planet The Blight; they consume everything in their path. Brainy had found a way to stop the creatures but before the Legion could use it The Blight was already onto them. So the Legion hid the information in their DNA, the safest place they could think of where it couldn't be lost or stolen. If any of the Legionnaires were to die then their DNA wouldn't make it to the future and everything would be lost.[2]

They kept this plan from Mon-El as they assumed he would not want to return to that time period. In order to implement their mission, Imra, Mon-El, Brainiac 5, and three other members of the Legion, traveled through a wormhole that took them 12,000 years into the past. They then placed themselves into a cryo-sleep to survive through the millennia, but were awoken in 2017 when a torpedo hit the Legion's ship.[3]

Awakening in the 21st century

Mon-El checks Imra's breathing.

Due to the torpedo damaging their ship, Imra's chamber lost power. Mon-El, who had already been awoken, quickly realizes that she had begun to drown and began punching at the chamber to free her but was unable to break the dwarf glass. Fortunately, Supergirl successfully broke through the glass barrier to prevent Imra from drowning, allowing Mon-El to save her before she tumbled out of the chamber. After confirming that Imra was still breathing, Mon-El, along with Supergirl and Winn, took her to the D.E.O. to run further tests. Once there, Mon-El revealed Imra's identity to the D.E.O.[1]

Later that night, Imra woke up and found Mon-El talking to Kara and called his name. Both Kara and Mon-El turn at this, and Mon-El ran over to Imra gave her a heartfelt kiss. Mon-El then told her that he was afraid her life support had failed but she quickly reassured him of her being "fine, tired but fine". Remembering Kara's presence, Mon-El introduced Imra and Kara to each other, stating that Imra is his wife and that Kara is Supergirl. Imra being amazed to be meeting Supergirl.

At the D.E.O., Imra and Mon-El went on to explain life in the 31st century and the Legion. Mon-El claimed that life isn't much different in the future, with Winn then asking if their phones are better to which Imra replied "What's a phone?". Mon-El then explained how advanced technology is in the future, as well as stating that there is constant conflict. Imra explained that the governments were overwhelmed by violence and chaos and that Mon-El organised them to work together to help Earth's leaders keep the peace both at home and in the stars. Imra noted that they call themselves the Legion and that they exist because of Supergirl, telling Kara that her "example gave my life purpose".[3]

Imra and Mon-El speak to the D.E.O.

Imra and Mon-El then begin to speak of how the Legion is dealing with some problems in the future. The Legion was on a mission until their ship was knocked into a disruption (aka a wormhole) and they crashed landed back on Earth 12,000 years ago. They decided to set their ship into cryo-sleep and have it wake them back up when they eventually returned to the 31st century. Unfortunately, their plan was disrupted when a torpedo hit and damaged their ship waking Mon-El and eventually Imra. Mon-El asks the D.E.O. if they can help them fix the ship and get back home. J'onn offers to help but doesn't give any guarantees. Imra turns to tell Kara that if anyone can help them it would be her. Kara, feeling some sort of friendly obligation, invites Imra and Mon-El to her holiday party. Although Imra seems visibly interested Mon-El quickly declines on their behalf stating they have lots of repairs to get to.

Imra and Mon-El out on a rib date at the alien bar.

As they are now stuck in the 21st century, Imra and Mon-El hang out in National City. They go out on a date to the local alien club where, as they are sharing some ribs, Winn and Kara show up. Imra tells them how fun it is to be experiencing these older times like eating food with your hands. She and Mon-El are visibly happy and enjoying their date as both Kara and Winn appear uncomfortable. Winn then asks Imra if she's tried beer yet to which she replies "Does it go with ribs?", and Winn takes her over to the bar.

Back at the D.E.O. Imra offers to help with the search for the mysterious Kryptonian stating she's the future version of a cop.

Imra offers her help to the DEO.

Imra proceeds to ask to speak to Kara in private. Imra tells Kara that she knows of Kara's past with her husband. Imra tries to reassure Kara that Mon-El loved her and did want to return but when he realized he couldn't is when he moved on. Kara thanks Imra for telling her and walks away leaving Imra looking back after her. While the D.E.O. is working on tracking down the mysterious Kryptonian, Imra and Mon-El are training together to pass the time. Their training goes from serious to playful when Imra starts play fighting against Mon-El. She gets in a hit to his side before he blocks her second one and twists her around into a hug from behind.

Imra and Mon-El being playful in the training room.

After Supergirl's fight with Reign, Imra is seen checking on her and assures Mon-El that she'll be fine.

Battle against the Worldkillers

Imra is seen overlooking as Brainy works on helping Kara overcome her comatose state. Imra explains to J'onn and the D.E.O. that the tank Kara is in has incredible healing powers and that Kara just needs to rest and let it do its work. With Supergirl out of commission, the D.E.O. is at a loss of how to take on Reign. Winn suggests they use the Legion to help fight. Mon-El is against getting involved in that fight but Imra quickly intervenes saying that they surely can help them somehow. Mon-El refuses to help for fear of any of the Legionnaire's deaths affecting the future. He goes on to explain that the Legion is on a mission and that their involvement in battling Reign could jeopardize it. Mon-el divulges that Supergirl will live and that eventually, Reign will leave.[4]

Imra, Brainy, and Mon-El in talk to the DEO.

The D.E.O. is not satisfied with this information but Imra tells them that they don't really know much. Brainy shares that in the year 2455 Earth experienced a third-degree extinction phenomenon. Imra explains that Earth loss more than life, it lost its history, culture, art, music and so on. Imra says that all the pop culture information they have, like Bon Jovi (at which point husband and wife share a loving look), is all thanks to Mon-El. After Kara finally emerges from the healing tank we see Imra and the rest of the Legion standing by her bedside waiting for her to wake. As they're there a red warning light and siren goes off signaling to the Legion that Reign is attacking again, the Legion run out to see what's going on.

It's shown that Reign attacked a meth lab as well as the cops that arrived on scene. Visibly shaken by what she sees Imra non-verbally pleads to Mon-El that they help. Mon-El still refuses and instead he and Imra share their Legion mission with Alex. Reign makes another attack and the D.E.O. goes after her. Alex is injured and we see Imra running into the Legion's medbay, asking if she's okay. We then see Imra and Mon-El watching over Kara as she's still in her comatose state. Imra is again trying to convince Mon-El to help in the fight against Reign. Mon-El claims that they have people counting on them in the future and that they can't get involved.

Imra persuades Mon-El to help.

Semi-distraught over her husband's persistent reluctance, Imra tries to persuade him by bringing up Tommy and Gina (characters from a Bon Jovi song) as a way to get through to him. Mon-El chuckles at her use of Bon Jovi and when Imra asks if it was all a lie he replies that "no, he [Bon Jovi] speaks the truth". Imra says that she knows they had a plan but they made an oath and swore to protect people and that these people need their help right now, "it's who we are". Mon-El finally gives in.

With Reign on the rampage again the D.E.O. scrambles to figure out how to take her down. Finally, the Legion step in and offer to help. They show up at the prison where Reign is wreaking havoc. The Legion attack Reign, Imra and Mon-El on foot and Brainy manning the Legion cruiser. When the cruiser is damaged Imra takes a turn at attacking Reign by telekinetically lifting nearby weights and throwing them at her. Reign destroys the weights before they reach her but as she's doing this Mon-El slowly runs at her in hopes of injecting her with a kryptonite syringe. Reign stops him by blowing her freeze breath at him; Imra is quick to save him by mentally creating a protective bubble around him which freezes over into an ice bubble. Martian Manhunter shows up to distract Reign

The Legion.

as Imra runs over to help free Mon-El from his ice bubble, but before she can get to him Reign lands a blow to Imra sending her flying across the pavement. As Imra is down Reign stalks over to her threatening to kill her as she is a sinner; meanwhile, Mon-El is still trying fruitlessly to free himself from the ice bubble. Brainy shows up in the Legion cruiser with Supergirl by his side in the nick of time. The cruiser blasts Mon-El's ice bubble and Supergirl attacks Reign severely injuring her.

Back at the D.E.O. Imra is in the med bay with Mon-El by her side getting her head wound treated. Supergirl steps in to offer her thanks for their help and Imra replies that it was an honor.

The D.E.O. gets a hold of some new information and a new lead that leads them to Fort Rozz which is traveling near a blue star. Blue stars are poisonous to anyone with a y-chromosome so Kara declares that she will be heading there alone, powerless. J'onn vehemently objects to this and so does Imra who states that she will accompany Kara on this mission. Kara declines, saying she wouldn't ask Imra to do that, to which Imra replies "You're not asking, I'm offering". J'onn suggests that Kara and Imra cannot handle this mission on their own so Kara goes out to get help from Livewire and Psi. With all the ladies joined together Imra walks in stating that the Legion ship is ready. Mon-El walks up to her to mansplain how to drive the ship to which Imra tells him she's captained the ship more times than he has.[5]

Supergirl and Imra aboard the Legion ship.

On the ship, Imra questions Kara about Fort Rozz asking if that's the place her mother sent all the criminals. Kara confirms this and goes on to say that no one there will be welcoming her; Imra replies in jest that good thing they got the Dream Team which makes Kara laugh. Soon enough the ladies find themselves approaching Fort Rozz to which Imra confirms with Brainy. Due to Kara's lack of powers with the blue star nearby, Imra is the one to telekinetically open the door leading into Fort Rozz. While walking through the corridors they are attacked by prisoners. Imra, Livewire, and Psi protect Supergirl from an angry prisoner. Psi is hit over the head and when Imra goes to help her up Psi uses her powers on her. Supergirl sees this and yells out to her. Supergirl runs over to help Imra who has been temporarily incapacitated by Psi's powers. When they return to the Legion ship Imra appears fine, saying as much to Supergirl. When Fort Rozz is hit by a solar flare it's pushed out of orbit taking the Legion ship with it; they begin falling into the blue star. Supergirl decides to split up the team and takes Livewire with her to find Jindah Kol Rozz and tells Imra to stay on the ship with Psi and reestablish a connection with the D.E.O. Imra agrees. As Imra is trying to fix the ship Psi notices that Reign has arrived. Back at the D.E.O. Winn and Brainy manage to reestablish their connection with the Legion ship. Imra informs them that Reign is there and although Winn tells her she needs to go protect Supergirl, Brainy tells her that she needs to steady the ships and get Fort Rozz back into its original orbit. With Supergirl in imminent danger, Imra decides to go ahead and release Psi from her restraints so that she can go help.

Imra fixing the cruiser.

With the mission a success Imra is next seen running down the steps in the D.E.O. into the arms of Mon-El. He congratulates her on a job well done. She asks if he was worried to which he acts coy and says no that he knew she'd be fine the whole time until Winn walks by and implies that he indeed worried. Supergirl chimes in stating that Imra really helped.

The Legion's mission

There was an argument between Mon-Elem and Imra, which prevented them from getting along. While the man was repairing the Legion ship with J'onn and Winn, Ardeen wanted to help, but was asked to leave. Ultimately, however, the repairs did not go as planned for Daxamian, and he also decided to help Supergirl fight Purity. Meanwhile, Imra and Schott began repairs, restoring the ship to order, to Mon-El's surprise. As soon as the man returned and the opportunity arose, the couple decided to talk frankly with each other. Mon-El admitted that he is not entirely sure if he still feels anything for Kara and therefore feels uncomfortable in the 21st century. Imra understood the man and admitted that they did not come here by accident, revealing the true purpose of the mission, which Brainiac 5 also knew about.[6]

Imra as Saturn Girl.

When Kara and Mon-El discovered a group of birds that fell to the ground dead, they immediately examined them. It quickly turned out that the last worldkiler - Pestilence, which Ardeen wanted to get rid of with all her strength, could be behind it. Supergirl, however, wanted to reason with her opponent, trying not to make the mistakes she had made towards Julia Freeman. After the heroes went to investigate the attack in the town hall, Imra created an energy shield around the building, refusing to let Pestilence escape. This upset Supergirl, on whose orders the heroine retreated. Soon after, he and Brainiac and Mon-Elem began working on a cure to combat the effects of the Pestilence poison, during which the couple argued about the lies about the purpose of their mission. When did D.E.O. linked the worldkiller identity to Grace Parker, they immediately took care of the woman. Before that, however, Imra had gotten the location from Brianiac and also flew to the place where she saw that Kara might be right. Despite her best efforts, Pestilence started a fight which the heroes lost. Saturn Girl at the last moment trapped the enemy in a bubble and injected it with a lethal agent. Then Purity arrived, took Grace and left. However, the alien's DNA was obtained from the entire attack, which allowed for the development of a vaccine. The heroes returned to D.E.O.'s headquarters, where they dressed their wounds and regrouped. Ardeen then apologized to Supergirl for trying to change her by telling a story about her sister. The conversation was interrupted by the attack of two worldkillers on the underground under the L-Corp, where the team moved immediately. There it turned out that under the mask Reign was hidden Samantha Arias, a friend of Lena Luthor, who had been studying her for a long time. The world slayers, however, managed to escape, being even more powerful than alone.[7]

Imra's forcefield encasing an area.

The heroes took Lena to D.E.O.'s headquarters, where they interrogated her, finding out that the woman had been trying to save Sam Arias from Reign for several weeks. Soon after, it was revealed that the united worldkillers were bringing an apocalypse on Earth, starting with a solar eclipse, during which Supergirl lost consciousness for a moment. When she awoke, the girl revealed that she was in a dark valley and saw Sam. Luthor immediately confirmed that this is some kind of alternate world that Arias exists in when Reign takes control. Therefore, the heroine came up with a plan to get there and help her friend. Thanks to the Legion's ship and the help of Imra Mon-El and Querl, assumptions became possible, and the heroine's actions led to receiving a signal from Sam in the middle of the desert. Supergirl was awakened and immediately after that the protagonist found the Fortress of the Sanctuary, where a gigantic fight with worldkilers took place. As a result, Purity and Pestilence were killed, but their power was absorbed by Reign, who escaped before the heroes could do anything.[8]

Returning to the 31st century

After returning to the headquarters of D.E.O. Imra was overjoyed that they had managed to change the future by killing Pestilence and insisted they try to get back to their time.[8]

The legion began preparing to return to the future by saying goodbye to friends. Imra dared to say goodbye to Kara personally and gave Mon-El a chance to do so himself. They left shortly after, but on the ship, after covering a long distance and finding themselves in front of the time-space gap, Brainy calculated the probability that the heroes on Earth would lose to Reign by three times their strength. This made the Daxamian increasingly consider returning. It was then that Imra allowed him to leave the ship to help his friends. She believed that if he did his job and stayed there, it would also be his destiny. Despite everything, she believed internally in the man's return.[9]

Final stand against Reign

Imra and Alura Zor-El at D.E.O..

The Superfriends.

Imra and Brainy return for the climactic battle with Reign and the dark priestesses. Imra uses her powers to place a force-field around the chasm. However, the struggling Supergirl and Reign slam into their ship, causing it to spin out of control and crash, presumably killing Imra and Brainy. Supergirl then uses Mon-El's Legion ring to go back in time.[10]

Imra's time away from Mon-El made her realize that their marriage was never what it should have been and she apologized for not telling him about the mission. When she leaves, she and Mon-El part as friends.

New multiverse

On Earth-Prime, Imra's life remained fundamentally the same.[11]


Imra is a strong, independent, successful and powerful woman. She is a powerful and loyal ally to Kara Danvers whom she idolizes, even though she is Mon-El’s ex girlfriend.

On many occasions Imra has proven herself to be caring, compassionate and courageous, she was a powerful ally in the fight against Reign. She is proven to be loyal and heroic, and on several occasions prove to Kara Danvers that there was more than just one way of thinking and going about things, even convincing her that it would be safer for everyone in all the multiverse if she killed Reign. She has strong and good ethics and morals, and values her marital vows. Imra is proven to be respectful, humble, honest and will do whatever it takes to make sure that she can save as many people as she possibly can.

However, when it came to dealing with Pestilence, Imra was willing to take any measure to kill her much to the disapproval Kara who was against killing and they frequently butted heads over it. This was driven by her dead sister Preya Ardeen, who died to an evolved Pestilence in the future known as the Blight.

After being in the 31st century for some time, Imra's time away from Mon-El makes her realize that their marriage was never what it should have been and she apologized for not telling him about the mission.

Powers and abilities


"She's from Titan."
  • Titanian physiology: Like most Titanians, Imra possesses great psychic powers the same as the other people from her planet.
    • Telepathy: As mentioned by Mon-El, Imra is known for her telepathic abilities when in battle. She is able to read the minds of other people and communicate with others mentally and projects her thoughts into others, as well as hear others people's conversation psychically.
      • Psionic blasts: Being a telepath, Imra can project a powerful "mental blast" that can hit the target mentally or leave them unconscious.
      • Psychic illusion: Being a telepath, Imra can project realistic illusions in other people's minds and make them experience things that not actually happen.
      • Mental detection: Being a telepath, Imra can feel and detect the mind of others, as well as their intentions, emotions and mental states.
      • Mental shield: Being a telepath, Imra can telepathically shield herself and others from mental intrusions with enough effort, such as preventing other telepaths from scanning her mind.
      • Psychic translation: As a telepath, Imra can psychically translate other languages.
    • Telekinesis:

      Imra utilizes her telekinesis to attack Reign.

      As seen during her fight with Reign, Imra has telekinetic abilities. She displayed being able to carry various weights against Reign. Imra is capable of levitating objects, propelling or manipulating them however she wishes. She can lift herself and others through the air to simulate flights, generate concussive telekinetic force as blasts or bursts, and create protective or containment shields.
      • Force fields: During Imra's fight with Reign, she is shown making a form of force-field from her ability of telekinesis. Her force fields are capable of containing others as well as protecting herself and others. Imra is capable of creating force-fields from the size of an average human to several yards in height.
      • Shock waves: Having telekinetic abilities, Imra is able to project waves of telekinetic force to hit, propel, crush or cut a target.
      • Tactile telekinesis: During Imra's training session with Mon-El, she was able to injure him with a punch, suggesting either super strength or a precise usage of her telekinesis to mimic it.
        • Superhuman strength: During Imra's training session with Mon-El, when she punched his abdomen, he felt it and was in pain for a few seconds, suggesting she has some sort of superhuman strength able to affect a Daxamite.[3]
  • Abilities via Legion ring: Each member of the Legion is granted a special ring that serves as a form of identification, along with granting each member several other capabilities;
    • Flight: The ring has been shown to enable Imra the ability to fly through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it. It appears that it allows Imra to fly in a more hover-like stance rather than the typical vertical form of flying found in Martian Manhunter or Supergirl.
    • Oxygen independence: Imra's ring grants her the power to breathe unaided in harsh environments such as the vacuum of space.
    • Telepathy immunity: The ring has been shown to give the wearer the ability to resist telepathic abilities; such as when M'yrnn J'onzz loses control in the D.E.O. and cause everyone to display violence towards each other.


"I'm the 31st century version of a kip."
"I think you mean 'cop'."
—Imra Ardeen and Winn Schott[src]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Imra is an expert hand-to-hand combatant; as seen when she sparring with Mon-El.[3] Her skills are further seen when they both fought Pestilence but were defeated.
  • Expert pilot: Imra is an extremely skilled pilot; being able to driving the Legion's cruiser to Fort Rozz and back.[5]
  • Multilingual: Imra is capable of fluently speaking English and Saturnian.[1]


  • Psychic dampener: As Imra's powers are psychic in nature, it is possible if she is wearing this device, she cannot use her powers.


Original multiverse

  • Legion ring:

    Legion rings.

    Imra's legion ring allows her to fly, communicate with other legion member who has a ring, to have oxygen independency, and, under specific circumstances, travel through time.[4]
  • Legion suit: Imra wears a protective suit during battle.[4]

New multiverse

  • Legion ring: Imra's legion ring allows her to fly, communicate with other legion member who has a ring, to have oxygen independency, and, under specific circumstances, travel through time.[11]
  • Legion suit: Imra wears a protective suit during battle.[11]



Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Imra Ardeen is a powerful telepath known as Saturn Girl and a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
    • While this version of Imra Ardeen is romantically involved with Mon-El, in the comics Imra is usually involved with fellow Legion founder Garth Ranzz.
    • In recent comic book history, Saturn Girl cannot speak due to lacking vocal cords (typical of her species post-DC Rebirth).
    • This version of Imra has abilities similar to [1]Rokk Krinn / Cosmic Boy rather than her telepathy from the comics, which was referenced in "Schott Through the Heart."