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==== Season 3 ====
==== Season 3 ====
* {{Ep|Wake Up}}
* {{Ep|Wake Up}}
* {{Ep|Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1|(mentioned)}}
* {{Ep|Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1|(indirectly mentioned)}}
* “[[Reign]]”
* {{Ep|Reign}}
== Behind the scenes ==
== Behind the scenes ==

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Imra Ardeen is the wife of Mon-El.


Imra was born in the 31st century. At some point, she met and married Mon-El.[1]

Traveling back in time

Imra and Mon-El, along with four unknown other people, traveled back in time to the year 2017 in a spaceship from the 31st century. The ship crashed, which caused it to go dormant, but an incident caused Supergirl, J'onn J'onzz, and Winn Schott to investigate the ship. Once inside, they discovered the chambers in which Imra and the other passengers were contained in. Kara recognized that they were in a hypersleep. However, Mon-El had awoken and reunited with Kara and the rest of Supergirl's team. After he escaped the D.E.O. with Winn, he returned to the ship to try and save the passengers. Once there, he noticed that the power was on in all of the chambers but one - Imra's. Frantic, he attempted to break the glass but it was too thick for him. Supergirl instead broke the glass and freed Imra, who flooded out and on to the ground. Mon-El found that she was still breathing, and the group traveled back to the D.E.O. to make sure Imra was okay. Once there, Mon-El revealed her identity. Later that night, Imra woke up and found Mon-El talking to Kara Danvers. Mon-El, elated that she was okay, kissed Imra in front of Kara and proclaimed that he was afraid that she was dead. Imra assured him of her survival, and he then introduced her to Kara, and told a confused Kara that Imra was his wife. Imra was surprised but happy to finally meet the Girl of Steel.[2]



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Imra Ardeen is a powerful telepath known as Saturn Girl, and a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


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