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"May I speak to you all? I am sorry for the pain I caused. I hurt you, all of you. I was so fearful of losing control of what's left of my life, I refused to accept what was happening. And it nearly cost me everything I hold dear."
M'yrnn J'onzz

"In Search of Lost Time" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-seventh episode overall. It aired on April 23, 2018.




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"In Search of Lost Time" begins with Lena at Sam's bedside we recently observed. We hear Lena tell the computer at her fortification that she's been analyzing Sam for three days. She chooses to bring Sam out of the restoratively initiated trance state she was set in.

Group Supergirl are having game night at Kara's condo. Kara goes to get more wine and J'onn goes with to discuss his feeble dad.

Alex's telephone begins going off with a ready, a major battle has broken out midtown. Kara shows up to a bar and separates a battle. The gathering comes back to the DEO with the woman who began the battle and J'onn uncovers she is a Kalanorian.

Mon-El and Winn are attempting to locate the third Worldkiller Pestilence.

Sam awakens from the trance like state and starts conversing with Lena. Lena uncovers that a large portion of Sam's tests returned ordinary other than one. The one test shows that Sam's cells are experiencing significant transformation and Lena advises her that her blackouts have all happened during time when Reign has assaulted the city.

Lena experiences news pictures with Sam and analyzes her hopes to Reign's trying to cause Sam to acknowledge what her identity is.

Mon-El and Kara are investigating multi-dimensional images Braniac 5 made of the latest battle among Reign and Supergirl. The two begin dissecting the visualization for battle designs when Winn goes into the space to state he has fixed Mon-El's old suit.

J'onn approaches his dad about how he is feeling. J'onn makes reference to that they carried a Kalanorian into the DEO and M'yrnn gets resentful that his child didn't reveal to him prior.

Lena returns to Sam's holding cell. Sam is as yet angry with what Lena has done. Lena gets a call and it's James, he's shown up to talk with her.

Mon-El appears in his new suit and starts preparing with Kara utilizing the data they got from breaking down the battle designs earlier.

J'onn and M'yrnn are at the DEO when M'yrnn ponders off and utilizes his powers to mind control one of Winn's subordinates.

Mon-El shows Kara that her cape can go about as an extra hand, ready to handle and grab hold of things.

Winn and the subordinate that is being control by M'yrnn begin battling and Winn winds up threatening to use his weapon to get his collaborator to quit attacking him.

Alex surges in to separate the battle and Winn begins battling her. J'onn surges in to set up a hindrance of sorts and advises the gathering it was a psyche control occasion. He accuses a Kalanorian.

Kara and Alex go to look at the Kalanorian, who they discover seizing in her cell. The Kalnorian is talking in an alien language.

Sam's despite everything attempting to persuade Lena to release her, however Lena keeps experiencing the rundown of individuals Reign has murdered. The two beginning contending when Lena brings Ruby up. Upset, Sam begins transforming into Reign and takes a stab at utilizing heat vision to escape the cell.

J'onn has pulled Kara and Alex aside to educate them that M'yrnn has been attempting to utilize old ceremonies trying to move his recollections from the rotting portions of his brain to the new parts that still work.

Sam awakens from dropping after her contention with Lena. She sees the TV is playing a camera recording of her utilizing her powers and bursts in tears.

Lena takes the power fields to her cell down and starts comforting her companion.

Kara and Mon-El are discussing their battle prior and they begin preparing once more.

J'onn takes his dad to a holding cell at the DEO. J'onn concedes that he's anxious about what his dad is doing trying to rest easy thinking about his condition. M'yrnn starts utilizing his mystic assault again and individuals around the DEO start misbehaving once more.

Kara interferes with her instructional meeting with Mon-El to talk about their past. Alex enters with a power dampening gadget that she can put on her head to stop the clairvoyant assault.

M'yrnn's assault gets so strong, it thumps J'onn of his feet and opens the holding cells containing the entirety of the outsiders at the DEO.

Turmoil is ruling around the DEO with specialists battling one another and attempting to contain the got away from outsiders. Winn takes a stab at getting the power dampening gadgets on all operators he can.

J'onn discovers his dad and tries advising him to stop the assault.

Kara's battling an outsider when she's at long last ready to use her cape to hook objects. She utilizes her newly discovered ability to take out two of the got escaped aliens.

Kara sees a got away from White Martian and she offers to remain close by as J'onn takes off the battle the Martian. J'onn returns after his battle to enable his father to stop the telekinetic assault.

Sam calls Ruby and illuminates her that she needs to invest some energy in the emergency clinic. She arranges Lena take care of Ruby until she has completely recovered.

M'yrnn assembles Team Supergirl and apologizes them for causing them torment.

James goes to Lena's office again and gets her dinner. Lena expresses gratitude toward him for being so insightful. She advises James to remain and the two offer supper. She discloses to James that she feels something between them yet she clarifies that in her profession, she needs to keep secrets. James concedes he's fine with her keeping secrets if she thinks it's important.

Kara converses with Mon-El about her activities during the telekinetic assault. She concedes that she feels a tremendous load off her shoulders after she conceded she despite everything has affections for her ex. The two present appropriate reparations and go to fly around National City.

During their flight, they notice dead birds tumbling from the sky and acknowledge that Pestilence is responsible.




  • The title is a reference to the volumed novel of the same name by Marcel Proust.
  • This is the first appearance of Mon-El's red and blue Legion suit from the comics.
  • J'onn having an imaginary friend from a parallel dimension named "Zook" is a reference to the DC comic book character of the same name who appeared in the 1960s. Zook was an extradimensional creature and the adopted pet/sidekick of J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter.
  • Winn attempts to act out the 1989 film The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover during charades, only for M'yrnn to read his mind.
  • When he's about to train Kara, Mon-El says, "It's time we made you a Legionnaire." In the comic books, both Supergirl and Superman (when he was a teenaged Superboy), were inducted as members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Kara quotes her uncle Jor-El, "The son becomes the father, and the father, the son", a line spoken by the character in the 1978 film Superman.
  • Upon seeing Kara successfully use cape tricks, Mon-El quotes Star Wars by saying, "The student becomes the master."
  • The electric batons Alex uses during the fight at the D.E.O. may be a nod to Nightwing's enhanced Escrima Sticks from the comics.


  • In the surveillance video of Samantha's transformation into Reign, which was triggered by Lena provoking her, their dialogue is slightly, but distinctly, different than it was a few minutes earlier.