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Infernians are a species with control over fire.


Original multiverse[]

After President Olivia Marsdin was attacked by an assailant with heat vision, Detective Maggie Sawyer hypothesized that the attacker was either Kryptonian or Infernian, due to the two being the only documented species with heat vision.[1]

Raymond Jensen had the ability to emanate fire from his hands after absorbing the ability from an Infernian, killing him in the process.[2]

New multiverse[]

An Infernian, having lost his humanity, attacked Esme and her foster mom with his fire breath. However, Esme was able to repel the attack by generating her own fire breath.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Despite hailing from another world, Infernians are indistinguishable from humans.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Pyrogenesis: Infernians are capable of generating fire from their bodies, which can be formed into fireballs. They can also produce enough heat to cause solar-powered kryptonians mild pain.[1]
    • Heat vision: Infernians are able to shoot concentrated fiery beams out of their eyes, which could be strong enough to physically repel a Kryptonian.[1]
  • Pyrokinesis: Infernians are capable of manipulating fire.[1]
  • Super strength: Infernians possess sufficient strength to put up a fight against solar-powered kryptonians, however are not quite as strong as them.[1]
  • Super durability: Infernians are more durable than humans, able to withstand repetitive hits from several sources, though are not bulletproof and can be knocked down even by humans, if those activate enough force. They are also heat-proof and fire-proof.[1]


  • Multilingual: Infernians are capable of learning to speak other languages very quickly.

Known Infernians[]



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