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For the eponymous character, see Oliver Queen.
"All this time, I thought I had raw deal, like you did. But it makes sense now why there's a new Green Arrow out there. Because the old one is a coward."
Stanley Dover to Oliver Queen

"Inmate 4587" is the first episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-ninth episode overall. It aired on October 15, 2018.



The episode opens with William running through a forest with Felicity following, they are both frantic and running from Ricardo Diaz. Felicity calls for help and pushes William to run as Diaz advances on Felicity, ultimately shooting her. This turns out to be a nightmare which Oliver is having whilst in prison.

Oliver is seen in Slabside Maximum Security Prison exercising and keeping to himself, trying to stay out of trouble around people he put in the prison, such as; Derek Sampson and Ben Turner, both trying to intimidate Oliver and get a reaction from him. He is then seen sat in his cell looking at a photo of Felicity and William and marking off days on the wall in chalk. Each day he is awoken by prison guard Peter Yorke.

Continuing his exercise regime and attempts to stay out of people's way is interrupted by another inmate, Stanley Dover, who claims to be a big fan of the Green Arrow. Oliver claims that he has the wrong guy and says he is not that person anymore. Stanley asks Oliver to be his protection against another inmate which Oliver put in Slabside, Danny Brickwell. Oliver refuses and returns to keeping a low profile. Later in the mess hall, Oliver witnesses Stanley being tormented by the other inmates but chooses to ignore it and sit on his own again. Sampson is seen to initiate a fight which gets blamed on another inmate to cause a distraction so he, Turner, and Brickwell can target Oliver in revenge for being put in prison by The Green Arrow, but Oliver fights back and plants an illegal weapon on Turner to get him sent to 'the hole'.

Back in Star City, an unknown criminal is seen to be targeted on the streets by someone shooting green arrows. He is then deposited in the parking lot of the Star City Police Department, tied up, and is found by Curtis Holt's boyfriend, Nick Anastas.

Returning to Slabside, Oliver in his cell is approached by Yorke who reprimands Oliver for his behavior in the mess hall before informing him he has a visitor. Oliver is escorted to the visitation room where John Diggle is waiting for him. They joke about how Oliver looks before Oliver gets straight to business and asks about the wellbeing of his wife, Felicity, and his son, William. John reassures him that they are still in Witness Protection and are safe with A.R.G.U.S. protection 24/7. Oliver then asks if the FBI has made any progress on finding Diaz. John explains that there have been no new leads but he and Samanda Watson won't stop looking but puts out the idea that maybe Diaz died after his encounter with Black Siren. Oliver admits that he can't believe that Diaz is dead. John sympathizes with Oliver, adding that being out of control isn't his strong suit but Oliver explains he is just keeping his head down and hoping to shorten his sentence.

In Radu's Coffee shop in Hope Springs, seemingly relaxed, but physically different Felicity is helping a frustrated customer. Felicity has now got long hair with pink streaks in it. Her eyebrow is pierced as well as her septum and she is missing her signature glasses. She is wearing overalls and a company baseball cap on backward and is cleaning one of the coffee machines, indicating she now works there. The pair seem to be friendly enough to exchange pleasantries and when the customer, Joe, curses, Felicity is quick to step in and ask what is wrong. He explains that he can't get the code which he is working on to work correctly, she asks to take a look and instantly rectifies the issue, much to the delight of Joe. Felicity reveals that her new name is Erin.

Dinah Drake is seen to be interrogating the criminal who was left in the parking lot and names him as Jason Stent, a weapons dealer. He claims that the reason he was brought 'bound and gagged' to her doorstep was because of the Green Arrow. Dinah explains that Oliver Queen is in prison, to which he retorts there is 'another psycho in green leather assaulting people with a bow and arrow'. Dinah reveals that there have been no vigilantes in Star City for five months.

While SCPD Task Force and Drake go to arrest Jason Stent and other criminals, an mysterious new Green Arrow botches criminal operation and escapes. In the same time, Diaz finds Felicity and William, but they off-screen escape from him (with some help from A.R.G.U.S.). Being comprimised, Felicity visits Oliver and tells him of William being sent in the Cambridge, while Oliver tells her to go into Witness Program. Oliver later beats Brickwell and another inmate as a payback for what they did to him; the latter prisoner (known as "Grim Reaper" named after his tatoo) threatened to him stay low after telling him of his connection to Diaz when Oliver was beaten.

Rene Ramirez is seen teaching people how to box in a rundown gym in the Glades. He praises his daughter, Zoe, on her technique and then reminds them that self-defense isn't about being violent, but about protecting themselves and the loved ones. Zoe tells her dad that her bag is leaking, showing that despite them wanting to protect themselves, their gear isn't the best. During a talk with one of his students, it is revealed that The Glades is in a bad state and that people are being robbed. A few days later, Drake tells Ramirez that the stolen money used in arms deal from Glades was back, presumably by the new Green Arrow.

In the flashforward set twenty years in the future, an adult William Clayton goes to Lian Yu island to search for his father and encounters Roy Harper.


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  • At one point during the shower fight scene, the waistband of Oliver's boxers/shorts can be seen.
  • When Curtis sends Dinah a message regarding the weapons buy, he spells wharf as 'warf'.