"Instant," also known as "The Teleporter," is a meta-human bounty hunter.


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At a bar, Instant kills a large number of people before reporting in to his employer. He is given his next target, located in Freeland.

At the Freeland Police Department, Instant arrives and fights through the police to reach Dr. Jace. He intends to take her to the Markovians. Jace offers to double his fee to let her go, but Instant refuses to break a deal. He teleports them both out before Henderson can arrive.

Powers and Abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Instant's DNA was altered and his cells supercharged, turning him into a meta-human and thereby allowing him to access his powers.
    • Teleportation: Instant has the ability to teleport, which allows him to instantly travel anywhere within his range of vision.


  • Expert marksman: As a mercenary, Instant is an expert marksman and proficient user of guns.
  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Instant is a skilled combatant.


  • Guns: Instant is very proficient in using guns.


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