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For the Season 8 episode, see "Into the Still Force".
"I'm gonna save Wally."
"How exactly are you going to do that?
"I'm going back into the Speed Force.
Barry Allen and Julian Albert

"Into the Speed Force" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of The Flash, and the sixty-second episode overall. It aired on March 14, 2017.



In the aftermath of losing Wally to Savitar, Barry advising Cisco to set up the Breach Room as he's going to return into the Speed Force to bring back Wally.

HR and Cisco ricochet thoughts off one another until they conclude that they're going to fabricate an interdimensional gadget that will have the option to pull Barry back to Earth-1 should he get in a difficult situation. Julian includes that he'll add a natural part to the outfit with the goal that they can screen Barry's vitals.

In the back corridor/foyer, Barry and Iris are talking when he sees that she is done wearing a wedding band. She's canceling the engagement.

In the Breach Room, Cisco vibes Barry into the Speed Force and he winds up in a rendition of the police division on another Earth, where Barry runs and discovers Eddie Thawne. Eddie clarifies that Wally is situated in a jail that the future variant of Barry made.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Jesse approaches Cisco about having the option to follow Savitar's area, since she needs to follow him. A difference follows in which Cisco concludes he won't help here — rather, he needs to hold up until Barry and Wally get away from the Speed Force.

In the "Paper Room," Iris admits to Joe that she figures she may have settled on an inappropriate decision severing the engagement with Barry. Joe discloses that she needs to investigate her heart to perceive what she needs.

Back in the Speed Force, Eddie says that he'll let Barry discover Wally and take him back in the event that he can beat a Time Wraith. Barry escapes down a lift and hears a child crying. He strolls to the commotion and sees Caitlin holding a crying an infant.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Julian and Cisco keep examining the metal Barry cut off of Savitar and regardless of Jesse's steady compelling, the remainder of the group despite everything concurs that they have to hold up until Barry has returned to seek after Savitar.

Back in the Speed Force, Barry reveals to Ronnie that he needs to forfeit himself to spare Wally and is knocked off his feet by Hunter Zolomon's Zoom. The two battle and with Zolomon sticking Barry on the ground, Ronnie tells the last that he can't free Wally except if he's liberated from his own torture. Barry then takes the gadget that Cisco made off his mind and sticks it into Zolomon, apparently deteriorating him.

Barry awakens back in somewhere else and sees Wally behind a lot of entryways. At the point when he goes to open the entryway, and an ice impact covers the door handle — Leonard Snart is in the Speed Force with Barry. He clarifies that Wally is stuck in a worldly circle and is seeing the most excruciating second in his life again and again — the demise of his mom.

Barry and Snart share a strained second which closes with Snart utilizing his virus firearm to freeze Barry to the divider. Snart is going to shoot him again when Jay Garrick speeds in and takes him off the beaten path.

Jesse Quick can be seen on Earth-1 prepared and she is holding the metal that Barry took from Savitar. She tells it to take it to Savitar and it takes off. She speeds through Central City following the metal and sure enough, it drives her directly to Savitar.

The two start battling and HR uncovers he's on the Team Flash interchanges framework. He reveals to Jesse she needs to search for a weakness in Savitar's defensive layer and when Savitar is stifling her, she wounds the metal through Savitar's neck and he hurries off.

Barry and Wally leave as Jay stays behind in the Speed Force

Barry and Wally leave as Jay stays behind in the Speed Force.

Jay uncovers to Barry that Cisco vibed to his earth to mention to him what was happening and that he expected to come spare Barry. The two go in the room where Wally is and they think they've safeguarded him. Barry and Wally start to leave the room when they think back and understand that Jay is having Wally's spot in the Speed Force. Barry attempts to convince Jay in any case, yet without any result. Jay gives Barry his winged protective cap and they cross the breach back to Earth-1.

Barry advises the gathering that Wally needs to take a break as a result of his horrendous involvement with the Speed Force. Wally and Jesse are seen talking and Jesse reveals to him that she's going to Earth-3 to have Jay's spot as The Flash. Jesse says her farewells to Team Flash and Cisco vibes her to another earth.

HR shares what they realized in Jesse's experience with Savitar — he isn't a divine being, he's a man and can feel torment.

At the Allen family, Barry and Iris are talking and Barry concedes that he proposed simply because he'd figured it'd spare her. Barry then reveals to her the two need space pushing ahead. He uncovers that he'll be staying with Cisco and Iris leaves.



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