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"I've been saving this for the right moment since day one."
"Really, Cisco?"
"The guy is running in and out of a black hole."
"Good point.
Cisco Ramon and Iris West-Allen while Queen's "Flash" is playing

"Into the Void" is the first episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fifteenth episode overall. It aired on October 8, 2019. This episode is also the first in a subset of the sixth season episodes the writers dubbed as "Blood and Truth."



The scene opens with S.T.A.R. Labs encountering a power surge. Barry and Iris track it to the Time Vault, where Nora's message is playing on a loop. After four months, Cisco and Kamilla are viewing the PCs, as Barry finds and catches Godspeed - or, well, another sham of the genuine Godspeed, August Heart.

In the interim, Joe and Iris plan for a nursery party. Joe salutes Iris on The Central City Citizen, which presently has a couple hundred thousand supporters. The remainder of Team Flash - outside of Ralph, who is venturing to the far corners of the planet - accumulates for the gathering. During the gathering, Barry and Cisco talk about the MAC, a gadget the last created to help Barry "speed think". Barry and Iris at that point talk about how they're holding up following Nora's passing. Barry gets an alert, Caitlin snucks out for an old friend and Iris also leaves.

Dr.Ramsey Rosso, Caitlin's old friend, addresses the assembly at his mom's entombment, as Caitlin sits in the crowd. Both of them reconnect after the memorial service, yet Caitlin's Killer Frost controls quickly come out. Ramsey welcomes her for some espresso.

Iris gets some information about a progression of boxes that were in the cellar, which Joe discarded. Iris finds the crates to a junkyard and finds the coat that will end up being Nora's XS coat inside. A wormhole abruptly opens, taking the coat with it. Barry, Cisco, and the CCPD show up to examine, and discover black hole energy dispersed all through the junkyard. Back at STAR Labs, Barry proposes that they decipher the information from the black hole. Ralph comes back to STAR Labs. He uncovers that he's been covert in Opal City for the mid year, researching the presence of Sue Dearbon, an affluent beneficiary. As Caitlin tries to decipher the data from Black Hole, Frost freezes the keyboard. Barry suggests she should take on Ramsey's offer. Iris, Joe, and Cecile attempt to discover information about the junkyard, however Iris is plainly still activated by tokens of Nora.

Caitlin joins Ramsey at CC Jitters. He discusses how his mother passed on from malignant growth, and how he wishes he'd had the option to spare her. He uncovers that he figured out how to possibly fix malignancy - by using dark matter. Caitlin instantly refuses, since it poses a risk of turning people into meta-humans against their will. She also realizes this is why he invited her; through her, she could gain access to dark matter housed in S.T.A.R. Labs. Ramsey leaves in anger. An extra black hole opens at Jitters, and The Flash can rapidly spare everybody inside. Iris discovers more data about the junkyard burglaries, some of which are connected to a disrespected researcher named Chester P. Runk. They watch a livestream of Chester's, in which he manufactures a gadget that incidentally creates black holes. Iris and Cecile visit Chester at the medical clinic, where he's been mental since the time the mishap initially occurred. Chester initially doesn't talk, however Iris in the long run understands that he's controlling the black holes remotely through touch.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco builds an explosive that can turn around the black hole. Iris shows up, and says that doing so would murder Chester all the while. Caitlin and Cisco see Chester's cerebrum waves, and makes sense of that the black hole is the other portion of his cognizance. Cisco recommends propelling the projectile into the black hole, however Barry wouldn't like to lose any other individual.

Caitlin converses with Ralph about her ongoing issues with Killer Frost, and thinks about whether she's anxious about passing on. Ralph in the long run assists Killer With icing come out, and contends that Frost laments not having the option to carry on with her best life. Caitlin and Frost later have a discussion about it, and Caitlin consents to let Frost steer for some time.

Barry and Iris talk about the misery they despite everything feel over Nora. Iris uncovers to him that she lost the purple coat that Nora in the long run wears as XS. They're at that point got back to into STAR Labs, where Chester's black hole is currently over the whole city. The group makes sense of what to do - and that the gauntlet Nora made against Cicada may be the way to helping save both the city and Chester.

Ralph and Killer Frost help spare regular citizens, while the group at STAR Labs puts Chester inside the MAC to save his cerebrum. Cisco at that point plays Queen's "Blaze's Theme" as Barry enters the black hole and safeguards the rest of the pieces of Chester's cerebrum. The black hole implodes, and Chester awakens such as himself once more, however with shining eyes. The group later confirms that Chester needs to remain inside the MAC for another four to about a month and a half for his cerebrum to return to typical.

Ramsey later purchases a weapon from someone. Ramsey infuses himself with the dim issue fix, which rapidly changes his body.

Barry uncovers to Iris that he saved the coat from the black hole, and has it in plain view in the Time Vault. Abruptly, the power goes out again - and The Monitor shows up. Barry remembers him from Elseworlds, and Iris realizes he destroyed the plinth along with Nora's message. Monitor says it was an unfortunate side effect, but he needed to discourage Barry from hoping. Iris says that Barry has five more years before he vanishes, but Monitor says that it is no longer. The date of the Crisis is now December 10th, 2019, and on that day Barry will make the ultimate sacrifice. Barry refuses to leave his family, but Monitor is adamant that no matter what Barry does, he can't stop the inevitable. He ends by saying in order for billions to survive the Crisis, the Flash must die.



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  • This is the first episode of The Flash:
  • After the first scene, which takes place ten seconds after "Legacy",[1] there is a 4-month time jump, meaning the events of this episode take place in about August or September 2019.
  • In a way, Iris losing the prototype XS jacket to the black hole was symbolic for saying to "let go".
  • Before Barry speeds into the black hole to save Chester, thereby also stabilizing it, Cisco plays Queen's "Flash", the theme song for the 1980 film Flash Gordon, mentioning that he's been waiting to use it since day one ("Pilot"). In reality, Cisco's line mirrors what showrunner Eric Wallace said about he's been wanting to use the song in the episode.
    • However, Cisco is likely exaggerating about this, since nobody came up with the name "Flash" for Barry's alter-ego until "The Flash is Born", having been referred to by the media as "The Streak" prior to that point.
    • Cisco mentions that it's the perfect time to use the song because Barry enters a black hole, which is the same thing Flash Gordon did in the film.
  • Ralph reunites with Team Flash with the line, "The name's Dibny, Ralph Dibny," while wearing a fancy suit, referencing the James Bond franchise.
  • The woman Ralph mentioned he was searching for is his wife in the comics where Barry also served as the Best Man at their wedding.
  • The Monitor gives the date of Barry's death as December 10, 2019, which is the date that part 3 of the 5-part Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover aired.
  • The title references Chester's meta-power that allows him to open voids.
  • Cisco says he and Kamilla are gonna have "shawarma Tuesday," a breaking the fourth wall joke as the show airs on Tuesday.
  • Cisco refers to the black hole as "Event Horizon", a reference to the popular 1997 film of the same. Coincidentally, it was also the episode title for the Season 5 premiere of Supergirl, "Event Horizon", which features the alien villain Midnight, who can also open black holes.
  • In this episode, Team Flash deals with the creation of a black hole, hence the name "Into the Void". Ironically, this season introduced the criminal organization Black Hole.
  • Cisco says, "Hasta lasagna, don't get any on you." This is a reference to the film Mission: Impossible where the character Jack says the same line when talking to Tom Cruise's character, Ethan Hunt, about explosive chewing gum.


  • Cecile would have checked the boxes she took to the dump for anything of sentimental value (including the jacket), which is common sense for people when they need to get rid of old possessions.
  • The jacket has the XS emblem (an addition from Nora's time) despite the fact Iris did not have it during her brief time as The Flash.
  • The black hole (controlled by Chester) seemed to be specifically targeting Iris/Nora's jacket as nothing else of the same mass was getting pulled in.