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"She put something in my tea and had me cross over to this other world where I saw another version of myself. It was a really intense trip, and trust me, I've had a few. My junior year was pretty wild—jam bands, mushrooms, Birkenstock Kevin—[...] But this was something else entirely. It was everything your sister said—a different dimension, a parallel universe—whatever you wanna call it, it's real."
Chrissy Beppo to Lois Lane[src]

The Inverse World,[1][2] also known as the Bizarro World,[2] is a "bizarre" alternate dimension to Earth-Prime. It differs from Earth-Prime in a number of ways, such as having a red sun,[3] and its Earth is a rounded cube instead of spherical.[4]


This dimension was the home universe of Kal-El and his family. This dimension has its own version of the Daily Planet, The Planet Weekly.[5]


El farm.

Kal-El was a superhero in this world, with his family being famous as well.[4] At some point, President Seinfeld called for investigation of the Star City riots,[5] likely caused by Ally Allston.[4]

Eventually, Ally Allston used her pendant to become the dictator of this world, with Lana, Jonathan-El, Tal-Rho, and Mitch Anderson as her followers. After she took over, Kal-El was no longer well regarded by the population of this world.[4]

A few months later, Kal-El defeated Ally's followers and stole her pendant. Then he went to Earth-Prime to destroy her pendant before both versions could merge together, but he got stuck in the Shuster Mines. He was later released but was confronted by his Earth-Prime counterpart[3] and was later killed by Lieutenant General Mitch Anderson, who gave the pendant to Earth-Prime's Ally.[6]

The Inverse Society tries to merge with their shadow selves.

Later, Ally, Anderson, and her followers tried to enter the Inverse World through a portal, but Ally was stopped by Superman and trapped in the DOD, and Anderson managed to enter.[1] Lucy Lane used her father Sam's DOD keycard to break Ally out of her cell. Ally then used Kal-El's armor to safely travel to the Inverse World. Superman then followed her through the portal. In the Inverse World, Anderson and Superman joined Kal-El's family against Ally, and she managed to merge with her Earth-Prime counterpart. Later, Jon-El went to Earth-Prime to merge with his Earth-Prime counterpart.[7][4]

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  • The Inverse World's Earth is cube-shaped like its comic counterpart, Htrae. Other objects that are spherical on Earth-Prime, including pool balls, also take on a cube shape in the Inverse World.[4]
  • In the Inverse World, everything down to the locations, television broadcasts and even the sentences of humans from Earth-Prime are all backwards.
  • The Inverse World's red sun appears to work slightly different from Earth-Prime's red suns, as Superman is still weakened by it, but does not immediately lose his powers like he has in other situations. This is also the same case with their Kryptonite, as he remained unaffected by the stockpile in the Shuster Mines.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Bizarro World, also known as Htrae, is a backwards world created by the deformed clone of Superman known as Bizarro. In the New 52, this universe is known as Earth 29.