"Invunche don't get a shout out in the Good Book, but they ripped a few throats back in Noah's day."
John Constantine about Zed Martin's drawing[src]

"Invunche" can refer to a specific monster summoned by the Brujeria, or a group, or perhaps a species of such monsters, which existed back in Noah's day.


Invunche, despite ravaging humanity back in the days of Noah weren't mentioned in the Bible, remaining known in the myths of other countries. One of such monsters has survived to present day and was summoned to Mexico City by the actions of the Brujeria, a cabal of warlocks who were behind the Rising Darkness. The Invunche was sensed by Zed Martin, who drew a picture of it, which led to John Constantine describing the creature. He, along with Anne Marie Flynn, encountered Invunche during their escape from Lamashtu's hideout. Anne Marie tried shooting the monster, but John warned her not to, saying that a shot would only alert the creature to their whereabouts. Making a hard choice, Anne Marie then decided to shoot John and escape with the babies, leaving him to bleed in the catacombs and stall Invunche by his presence. John, however, wouldn't give up and started dispelling his wards using the Icon of Pazuzu. Invunche was immediately attracted and tried to bite John, receiving a few punches into its head. John then welcomed the spirit of demon king Pazuzu into his body, going on a gamble with the dark magic of Satan. Pazuzu possessed John and sneered at Invunche, scaring Invunche away.[1][2]

Powers and abilities


Invunche (by Zed)

A drawing of Invunche by Zed Martin.

  • Invunche physiology: Invunche has a specific physiology that includes impossibly twisted arms, an eyeless, or nearly eyeless head, enhanced reflexes and agility.[1]
    • Superhuman reflexes: Invunche had greater-than-human reflexes.[2]
    • Superhuman agility: Invunche had great agility, allowing it to jump incredible distances.[2]


  • Animal hand-to-hand combatant: Invunche fights akin to an animal, using bites and slashes.[2]
    • Expert climbing ability: Invunche that attacked John was an incredible climber.[2]


  • Demonic hierarchy: Invunche ran away from Pazuzu, a greater demon king.[2]



Behind the scenes

Invunche (early design)

Invunche's early design as seen in "The Saint of Last Resorts"

  • In DC Comics continuity Invunche was an enemy of John Constantine. The elements of its story were mostly adapted in the TV Show, including it appearing on a sketchbook picture, being summoned by the Brujeria and attacking Anne Marie. Unlike the show, the comics' Invunche actually dealt a great blow to John Constantine, murdering his friends from Newcastle Crew, including Anne Marie, and dragged the man into Brujeria's dark covens.
  • Historically, Imbunche or Invunche is a legendary monster that protects the entrance to a warlock's cave from Chilote mythology of southern Chile.
  • Invunche's first appearance has it in an early design, depicted with a CGI model in faraway scenes and an uncredited actor in a suit in the close-up scene. Its second appearance is heavily altered and rendered digitally.


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