Irena Poutchkova was a ballerina and former "recruiter" for Justin Whicker's sex trafficking ring, operating out of the National Ballet Theatre in Moscow, Russia.


Irena Poutchkova helped lure young women for Justin Whicker's sex trafficking ring through her association with the National Ballet Theatre by promising them scholarships to top ballet academies in Starling City.

In late 2012, Oliver Queen and John Diggle tracked Irena down whilst trying to stop Whicker. After her performance, The Hood cornered Irena outside of the theatre, demanding to know where Whicker was. Irena attacked the vigilante with a roundhouse kick and attempted to flee, but The Hood pinned her coat to the wall with an arrow. He interrogated Irena again and threatened to cut off one of her legs, which could ruin her ballet career, unless she told him Whicker's location. Irena complied and gave Whicker up. Following this, she was presumably arrested.[1]





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