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"I feel alive, I feel alive."
—Iris's last words to Barry Allen[src]

Iris West-Allen, nicknamed Mirror Iris by Allegra Garcia,[1] was an entity who is the mirrored doppelgänger and a cloned counterpart of Iris West-Allen. She was originally from the Mirrorverse and shared the same memories as the original Iris, but embodied a few traits in opposition to her Earth-Prime counterpart. Iris manipulated the real Iris's friends and family, secretly working with Eva McCulloch towards an ulterior motive.



This version of Iris was created as a duplicate of Iris by a mirror affected by dark matter. She pulled Iris into the Mirrorverse and took her place on Earth-Prime. She assumed the role of the original Iris West-Allen and filled in the blanks with Barry Allen on the real Iris's disappearance, all the while cooking for him.[2]

Stopping Amunet Black

Iris allied with Amunet Black.

Later, she took Barry out to dinner when both were attacked by Amunet Black. They were blackmailed into letting her get away with her theft. This led to Iris taking drastic measures in order to find Amunet and stop her, even teaming up with her in order to stop her. Barry felt it was too dangerous, but Iris argued she could accomplish this without him. However eventually, the two worked together in order to stop both Goldface and Amunet by getting them to make up. Later, Iris and Barry made up themselves on their issues back at their apartment, with Iris looking at the real Iris West-Allen through a mirror into the Mirrorverse.[2]

Secret plan

"Dad, Carver is mine! You just can't shut me out!"
—Iris loses her temper[src]

Though she was able to get the mirror gun from Joe West,[3] Iris had a harder time getting information from him that she could use against Joseph Carver, because Joe did not want Carver's lawyers to have any legal excuse against the R.I.C.O. case he was building. Since Iris used a disrespectful tone when arguing with him, she invited Joe to lunch to apologize. However, Iris purposefully told him an incorrect meeting time to get him away from his office long enough for her to access his computers. While she was in his office, Joe called her phone to tell her that she was late for lunch, so she finished her infiltration and went to meet him Later, Iris's arms were covered in burns: her arms duplicated the burns that Eva had suffered. Eva explained to her that she did it to keep her from being discovered.[4]

When Wally West returned, Iris pretended to be happy for his return. When Kamilla took a photo of them together in The Central City Citizen's office, Iris instructed her to delete the image by claiming that Black Hole could come after them. Eventually, Kamilla attempts to do so, but her camera made a special request for a prismatic filter, causing Kamilla to see Iris' true form. In retaliation, Iris sent Kamilla to the Mirrorverse;[5] and she was replaced by a mirror duplicate.

Iris and Kamilla talk with Eva.

Iris and Kamilla talked to their mother Eva McCulloch and are instructed to proceed toward her liberation from the Mirrorverse. While she is talking, Eva scratches as her neural dissonance shows; both mirror duplicates do the same.

Iris and Kamilla went to Mercury Labs using the excuse that they want an interview with Tina McGee. Their true desire was to follow Eva's will and procure the prismatic refractor that was there. Before they could get to the item, Sunshine attacked, causing Iris to call upon the Flash for assistance, but the refractor fell into police custody.

Iris talked Barry into using his brain instead of using his speed to stop Sunshine from retrieving the item, citing that meta-humans have limits when they are dependent on their powers.

Kamilla brought the refractor to Iris.[6]

Iris went with Barry, Cecile Horton and Mirror David Singh to the crash site where Joe West was. Someone cut his brakes and he discovered it while driving. Though she was pretending to be his daughter, she said very little and listened as the others talked. She did however report to Eva that Barry was losing his speed. Eva told her to do whatever is necessary to accelerate the process.

Iris was informed by Mirror David Singh that Joe had gone into witness protection. When Barry returned to their apartment, Iris began an argument with him about how insensitive it was for him to have Joe leave without her being able to say goodbye. Iris even purposefully hurt him by stating that they have now both lost their parents. Ultimately, Barry was told that he can no longer stay there. Iris then slammed the door.[7]

Visiting Ramsey Rosso

Visiting Ramsey Russo

"All that matters is Eva's will. Follow orders and assure her success; that's all I want."
—Iris West-Allen talking to her "siblings"[src]

After Barry was thrown out of his and Iris's loft, he realized Iris was impersonated. He attempted to expose her with a prismatic filter, but Eva had reprogrammed the device so that it would "reveal" Barry as the duplicate instead.

Attacked by Bloodwork

Iris told her "siblings", Kamilla and David, about how she fooled Barry while they placed mirrors throughout the apartment. They then went to see Ramsey Rosso in order to get a blood sample from him. However, once Ramsey was freed by the sacrifice of Kamilla, Ramsey attacked Iris. She was forced by Ramsey to admit that she no longer wanted to be an extension of Eva, but to be her own person. For her admission, Ramsey stopped his attack, complimented Iris, and yielded the sample.[8]


"She...It...shattered into a million pieces right in front of me."
—Barry Allen[src]

Iris dies in Barry's arms as Eva watches.

Upon Barry's release by Cecile from the pipeline, he caught Iris telling Eva that success was assured, as she placed some of Ramsey's blood on a mirror. Iris fought against Barry by making her arms like spears and repeatedly wounded Barry with them by strategically using the many mirrors around him. After the real Iris mentioned to Eva that her relationship with Barry is different from Eva and Joseph Carver, Iris was weakened and chose to spare Barry, as he simultaneously explained to her that she could be her own person if she chose it. Iris was destroyed by Eva while encouraging Barry to rescue the real Iris.[8]


Barry goes to see Joe in witness protection and tells him about the existence and death of Mirror Iris. When Barry tells Team Flash about the mirror duplicates, Cisco and Barry argue about the possibility that their loved ones died to create the beings. Cecile Horton had to calm the men.[9]

Seeing Mirror Iris with Barry hurt Iris deeply. Though it was hard for her to discuss, Iris went to discussion meetings about what she felt.[10]

Barry feels guilty for not having realized before that it was not Iris.


"I choose me!"

Compared to Iris's counterpart, she was quicker to anger than Earth-Prime Iris. Ready to pounce on a story no matter what the cost. Going to the absolute extreme of it. She also held contempt for others when they have a mistrust of her.[8]

Iris was more ruthless than Earth-Prime Iris since she was not above disregarding orders altogether or using excessive brutality to get what she wants. She even used the mirror gun on Kamilla, sending her to the Mirrorverse, for finding out she was an impostor.[5]

However, Iris had some conscience. She developed doubts on whether she should carry over Eva's plans and expressed concern for Mirror Kamilla when she volunteered to destabilize the MAC at the cost of her life.[8]

Powers and abilities


  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: Since she was created by Eva, Iris is connected to her, as she gets hurt and scratches herself when Eva does the same.[4]

    Iris's arm reformed as a blade.

    • Shapeshifting: Iris can transform her arms into sharp, mirror-like blades to attack enemies.[8]
    • Mirror portals: Iris is capable of using any reflective surface as a portal to each other, which she used to stab her arm blades through to attack Barry Allen.


  • High-level intellect/Master of deception/Manipulator: Iris can form and execute plans, as demonstrated when she manipulated some guards to lead her to Amunet Black. Iris is excellent at deceiving people, able to work closely with Team Flash without them realizing her true intentions.[2]
  • Cooking: Iris is a vastly better cook than the Iris she is impersonating, successfully preparing delicious pancakes for Barry for breakfast.[2]
  • Bilingual: Iris is fluent in English and Italian.[2]


  • Prismatic filter: Iris's true form can be caught on camera when a "prismatic filter" is applied. This filter shows her as a human-sized mirror, which is why she avoids getting pictures of herself taken.[5]
  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: Eva's temper is one of her and Iris's weaknesses. If Eva is provoked emotionally, her mirror duplicates become unstable and disoriented, leaving them open for attack.[8]


  • Mirror gun: After arguing with Barry about her using the mirror gun, Barry later agrees and gives her the weapon only for to later shoot Kamilla Hwang with it thus sending her to the Mirrorverse and creating another duplicate. After that, the gun was not used by her again.


The Flash

Behind the scenes

  • The script for the show refers to her as "Mirror-Iris West-Allen".[11]