Iron Heights Penitentiary, better known as Iron Heights, is a detention facility located in Central City.


Original timeline

In 1989, Freddy Meyers was wrongfully convicted as the serial killer at the prom of Central City High School and was later incarcerated.[1]

On June 4, 2004, Freddy was executed by the electric chair. His mother who died afterwards was resurrected by Astra Logue. Later, she killed the coroner who was driving with Freddy's body and stole the body herself.[1]

Current timeline

Mick Rory spent different stints here over the years.[2]

In 2013, John Byrne was here for human trafficking. In early 2020, Byrne was returned when the new Green Arrow refused to kill him after he abducted and attempted to kill William Clayton.[3]

In early 2020, Sterling Brooks was brought here after an attempted robbery of Jitters on its first day of reopening.[4]

Though she was arrested in National City, Joslyn Jackam was claimed by the Flash as one of his rogues [5] and imprisoned here.[citation needed]

At some point, four different people in a Godspeed suit were arrested.[6]

Allegra Garcia spent time here in her past before becoming a member of Team Flash.[7][8]

Around Valentine's Day, Goldface and Amunet Black ended their feud amicably and were arrested.[9]

Esperanza Garcia, at one point, was here but she escaped, seeking the Black Hole diamond.[10]

John Loring and his thugs were imprisoned for multiple charges by Joe West.[10]

Kid Flash, the Flash and Joe West apprehended Frida Novikov, resulting in her imprisonment.[11]

Millie Rawlins was placed in custody after she chased Barry Allen through CCPD, hoping to get the Prismatic refractor.[12]

By acting as a hitman-for-hire to kill Joe West for Black Hole, Peter Merkel was incarcerated. During one of his assassination attempts, Millie Rawlins escaped custody.[13]

Ramsey Rosso questioned how the reflections planned to release him from the MAC, commenting that the meta cells in Iron Heights were crude in comparison.[14]

A dead "Godspeed" by the Iron Heights insignia

The different Godspeed clones were all killed by the fifth unnamed Godspeed and the footage of the corpses was seen by Cisco Ramon. Ultimately, that person was arrested as well; during his interrogation, he revealed that he worked for another person.[6]

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