Iron Heights Penitentiary, commonly known as Iron Heights Prison, is a detention facility located near Keystone City. Visiting hours for the prison are between 1:30 pm and 3:45 pm on weekdays.[1]


Iron Heights Prison sign

A sign on a fence surrounding the prison.

Sometime after March 18, 2000, Henry Allen was incarcerated in Iron Heights after being wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife. He was regularly visited by his son Barry Allen and friend Joe West many times while serving out his sentence.[2][3]

Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance both went to Iron Heights for an eighth grade field trip.[4]

In late 2012, Peter Declan was held in the prison, though he was later set free when he was acquitted of the charges placed on him.[5]

Later that same year, Oliver was held in the penitentiary after being accused of being the vigilante, The Hood, and he subsequently took a polygraph test in an attempt to prove his innocence. He was later set free when John Diggle masqueraded as The Hood while Oliver held a party at the Queen Mansion.[4]

In early 2013, Cyrus Vanch was formally released from Iron Heights Prison and was picked up by his associate Vivian.[1]

Moira Queen was held here when she was charged with committing mass murder during "The Undertaking".[6]

Many inmates including The Dollmaker and The Count escaped when The Undertaking hit Iron Heights.[7][8]

After the singularity over Central City was closed by the Flash and Firestorm in mid-2015, Iron Heights opened a separate wing which could hold incarcerated meta-humans.[9]

In 2016, Damien Darhk was held in Iron Heights, until with the help of Malcolm Merlyn and Andy Diggle escaped along with many other inmates including Michael Amar, Danny Brickwell, Noah Kuttler, and Cooper Seldon, during the chaos Darhk ended up killing Laurel Lance, The Black Canary.[10][11][12]

Savitar attacking Edward Clariss

Savitar attacks Edward Clariss for his failure.

After Barry and Cisco beat the Rival, he was taken to Iron Heights and put in a cell in the meta-human wing. That night, Alchemy scolded him for his failure, and then Savitar entered the cell and killed him.[13][14]

In late 2017, Ramsey Deacon, Becky Sharpe, and Mina Chaytan were all incarcerated in the meta-human wing.[15][16][17]

In early 2018, a prison breakout was attempted by Barry Allen, Becky Sharpe, Ramsey Deacon, Mina Chaytan, and Sylbert Rundine. During the escape attempt Clifford DeVoe arrived and killed Warden Wolfe. He then stole the powers of the escaping bus metas and took over the body of Becky, DeVoe then escaped.[18]

In late 2018 Peter Merkel was sent to iron heights meta wing were he spoke with Weather Wizard about a break out.

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  1.   It's currently unknown how or when Vanessa Jansen gained her powers; for that reason, it's unclear whether or not she was held in the meta-human wing of Iron Heights. It's also unconfirmed whether she escaped or was released.



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  • Iron Heights Prison is designed to hold the most dangerous criminals from Star City, Central City and Keystone City.
  • According to Cisco Ramon, there is no prison that can hold Barry Allen, this implies that Iron Heights Prison's power-dampening tech has no effect on Barry's powers; due to him spending six months inside the Speed Force.
    • Although he stated this while Barry was in with the "regular population" until he unknowingly outed himself to the Warden who then place Barry with the rest of the meta-humans and was effected by the meta-dampeners in that section of the prison just like the rest of them.
  • An unspecified number of meta-human prisoners were sold to Amunet Black by Wolfe prior to the failed sale which led to his death; it appears that Wolfe only tried to sell Barry and the four bus metas who'd been incarcerated in the prison, rather than all the meta-humans held there, even though the official synopsis of "True Colors" indicated that he had intended to sell all of them.
    • Since the entire deal ended up getting called off by DeVoe absorbing the powers of the bus metas present and killing warden Wolfe, it's possible that Amunet did intend to buy all the meta-humans in the prison, but simply never got the chance due to the way things worked out.

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