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"Not gonna pretend there's not a difference between the three of us and the three of them. You know, the original three."
"But--spying on us? I mean, come on.
Dinah and Curtis regarding Oliver, John, and Felicity spying on them and Rene.

"Irreconcilable Differences" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-fourth episode overall. It aired on December 7, 2017.



"Irreconciliation Differences" starts with Oliver and Thea strolling with William at Oliver and Felicity's wedding gathering. Oliver is joined by Felicity and both of her parents.

Oliver and Felicity are conversing with the guests while Dinah, Rene, and Curtis are having drinks at the bar. They share their common aversion for weddings. Dinah gets a text from an obscure number and leaves the bar.

Arrow pulls Oliver aside and gives him a watch that his dad gave him on Lance's wedding day. Curtis tales the microphone gives a drunken speech about love before he's cut off by Rene. Rene gives his own speech praising Oliver and Felicity, then makes a toast. Oliver and Felicity then have their first dance.

After they're done, Lance incidentally chances upon Felicity's mother and an abnormal second guarantees. Arrow gets a call from Oliver's legal advisor and afterward races to discover Oliver — the arraignment has a star observer who will affirm that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Arrow feels that it's someone in the group.

Oliver and Felicity are talking about the conceivable mole when they're drawn closer by Diggle. Felicity shares that she's running reconnaissance on Dinah, Curtis, and Rene — a move that Diggle doesn't concur with.

Rene's helping an alcoholic Curtis into his condo. Subsequent to settling in, Curtis begins discussing his past with his ex and inquires as to whether he figures life would be any simpler without Team Arrow. Rene's amidst addressing Curtis' inquiry when Curtis drops.

Dinah's conversing with her ex Vince — a.k.a. Vigilante — in a back street. She instructs him to quit reaching her, saying he needs to skip town or she won't permit him to proceed as Vigilante.

Arrow is strolling Thea home after the wedding when the two are halted by Black Siren; she brings the message that Cayden James needs to see them. She takes them two out before leaving a cellphone with Thea and taking Lance.

Back at Arrow HQ, Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle get Dinah's corridor talk with Vigilante. Oliver believes she's the guilty party.

Thea strolls in with the cellphone, which immediately starts ringing. Cayden James is on the opposite end and he needs Team Arrow to recover something from ARGUS for him, else he'll slaughter Quentin.

At ARGUS, Diggle utilizes his relationship with Lyla to persuade the security watchman to permit him to get into her office. Diggle utilizes Lyla's PC to get an area on the enhancer, which the remainder of Team Arrow — who is marked out around ARGUS — utilizations to draw nearer to the intensifier.

Oliver's ready to sneak into the enhancer's room and take it without getting saw, and the group goes to their refuge.

There, they talk about that the speaker can grow the shoot range of Cayden's atomic bomb.

Dinah strolls in and understands the group just returned from the field and is vexed she wasn't called. Oliver reveals to her he presumes her as the guilty party that transformed Oliver into the specialists. In the resulting contention, Diggle neglects it that Oliver and Felicity have been surveilling Dinah, Curtis, and Rene.

Curtis agrees with Dinah's position and is supporting her up in the contention when Rene steps in and advises everybody to stop. At the point when Oliver inquires as to why, Rene uncovers he's the observer that will affirm against Oliver.

Rene says he was drawn closer by the FBI specialists saying they had confirmation that he was Wild Dog, and in return for his declaration against Oliver, they'd let him walk. An incensed Oliver orders Rene to leave the premises right away.

At Cayden's den, Black Siren is examining Lance concerning their deadlock on Lian Yu. The two offer a second where they discover that despite the fact that they're from discrete universes, they share fundamentally the same as securities.

Dinah and Curtis are talking with Rene, attempting to comfort him about his choice. Curtis and Dinah are as yet vexed that they were being kept an eye on.

Thea's conversing with Oliver, who's thinking again about dismissing Rene from the group — particularly since he'd do anything in his capacity to ensure William was protected. Thea's discussion persuades Oliver to arrange Diggle to bring in the entire group, including Rene, to assist spare With spearing from Black Siren and Cayden James.

The group gets ready and goes to the gathering point to make the trade with Cayden James. Felicity makes reference to that the gathering area is a computerized dark gap where she won't have the option to see or hear them.

Oliver teaches Rene, Curtis, and Dinah to go about as his eyes and ears while he makes the trade. Oliver hands over the enhancer, yet Cayden in a split second perceives that it's been undermined. Cayden orders Black Siren to slaughter Lance while his colleagues take a stab at bringing down Oliver.

Dinah goes to Oliver's guide while Rene and Curtis denounce any kind of authority and attempt to discover Lance without anyone else. Dark Siren takes Lance outside, and, rather than executing him, she cuts his zip tie binds and advises him to run.

The group rendezvous back at the nest, where Oliver asks Rene for what good reason him and Curtis left their post at the distribution center, and the two continue to contend. The contention finishes up with Oliver authoritatively expelling Rene from the group.

Dinah ventures up and specifies she no longer has faith in Oliver, and tells the gathering that she's leaving the group. Dinah's found in a parking structure getting together with Vince, revealing to him that she needs a companion.

Rene takes his little girl to his condo and guarantees that he's never going to let anybody split them up until the end of time.

Back at the refuge, Curtis approaches Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle and discloses to them that he can't confide in them any more, and leaves the group. Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity that they'll despite everything push ahead.

The scene closes with Cayden watching the heroes from a screen, with all of the villains from throughout the past year gathered together, including Vigilante and Ricardo Diaz, revealing they're been allied all along.


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Preparation ran from October 5 until October 16, 2017, with a break on October 9 for Thanksgiving. Shooting ran from October 17 until October 26, 2017.[1]


  • This episode is tied with "Collision Course" as the lowest rated episode of Season 6 with a rating of 7.2 on IMDb.
  • The topper on the wedding cake is an exact likeness to Oliver and Felicity rather than a generic couple.
  • In her dance with Rene Ramirez, Thea Queen references Roy Harper when wistfully mentioning how "a friend" couldn't come for the wedding and Chase when reflecting on a previous bad romantic experience with a DJ.
  • The splitting of Team Arrow mirrors the first split from "Schism" except this time, Diggle stays with Oliver and Felicity.
    • The title of this episode is a wedding term for when a couple gets divorced. Due to Oliver and Felicity being married, "irreconcilable differences" mostly refers to Team Arrow and New Team Arrow not resolving their differences.
  • This episode aired a week after Andrew Kreisberg's termination in November 2017 due to sexual harassment allegations. Because of this, he is no longer credited as an executive producer but is still credited in developing several Arrowverse shows, including Arrow.
  • This is the last episode of the series to feature Charlotte Ross and Tom Amandes, as they would not return for the duration of the series.


  • While having shots at the wedding with Dinah and Curtis, Rene raises his glass to his lips but does not drink anything and the full glass disappears off-camera. However, he reacts like he has downed the entire glass.
  • Rene's burger goes from toppled to righted to toppled between shots.