An unnamed woman was a Naltorian, the mother of the late Isabel Nal, the mother-in-law of Paul Nal, and the maternal grandmother of Maeve and Nia Nal.


After receiving the powers of Dreamer, the woman became a hero of her home planet, Naltor.[1]

At some point, the woman passed away.

Powers and abilities


  • Naltorian physiology: Her alien powers are only accessible to some of the women on her planet of Naltor, affording her powerful abilities.
    • Oneiromancy: The woman had the ability to see the future through her dreams, though she is unable to control and know exactly what's happening and where it is happening.
    • Precognition: Her power allows her to see attacks yet to come and to prepare for it.


Former equipment

  • Dreamer suit: When battling the daily evils of Naltor, the woman wore the Dreamer suit, which was passed down through her lineage.



Season 4


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