Isabel Nal, formerly known as Dreamer, was a Naltorian, the wife of Paul Nal and the mother of Maeve and Nia Nal.


Isabel was born to Naltor to the planet hero Dreamer and was raised by her. Some point before turning 18, Isabel came into her powers. After she turned 18, it was no longer safe to live on Naltor for her so Isabel fled to Earth she got a vision of Parthas and her future husband. So she plug in her coordinates for there and landed there. Her future in laws help her get on her feet while Isabel adjust to earth. After she and Paul developed a relationship and got married. During her pregnancy with her first daughter Isabel came to believe that daughter would be the next Dreamer although she never saw her face. Her next pregnancy was with Nia but due to Nia originally being born a boy, Isabel naturally dismissed the possibility of Nia becoming the next Dreamer even when she started transiting young with Isabel's love and support. Over the years she became well established in Parthas with her paintings.


Parthas annual Harvest Festival on the day of Isabel's sudden unexpected death was turned into an import memorial service, however, Children of Liberty attacked. Which exposed Nia to her taste of being a hero. Nia initially declined to take up the Dreamer mantel when she came back to National City, however, she quickly changed her mind after a dream of Kara in danger and the urge to honor her mother took over.


Isabel was a loving and devoted wife and mother, when she learned that Nia inherited the precognition power, she spoke to her husband in his dream and told him to hand over a box to Nia, containing her Dreamer suit.

Powers and abilities


  • Naltorian physiology: Isabel's alien powers are only accessible to the some of the women on her planet of Naltor, allowing her powerful abilities.
    • Oneiromancy: Isabel had the ability to see the future through her dreams, though she is unable to control and know exactly what's happening and where it is happening.
    • Precognition: Isabel's power allows her to see attacks yet to come and to prepare for it. She had a dream that one of her daughters would inherit the Naltorian power.[1]


  • Artistry: Isabel was a brilliant artist, able to vividly paint the dreams she envisioned.[1]


Former equipment

  • Dreamer suit: It was used by Isabel, when she was the Dreamer.



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Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • Isabel Nal has no DC comics counterpart, but shares a lot of similarities with the pre-zero hour character Kiwa Nal, who was the High Seer of Naltor. Kiwa is the mother of Nura Nal, the future descendant of Nia in the Arrowverse.


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