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Issa Williams (2001–2019)[1] was a young Meta-human.


Issa Williams was a Green Light addicted young man who was killed by members of the Freeland Police Department. His death was caught on camera. When his body was collected by government agents, Issa somehow came back to life in front of a group of shocked onlookers, including his mother and sister Tiffany.[2]

Issa was taken into custody by the A.S.A. after his girlfriend reported him. He was placed in a holding cell with a bag over his head. Agent Odell assigned Lynn Stewart to question him. Although she was disgusted that they were holding a seventeen-year-old boy who had a family, Odell told her that this was part of the job that she went over his head to get.[1]

Lynn had Issa transferred to a hospital room where she began monitoring him, and brought his sister, Tiffany, in to see him. Issa was pleased at her visit, and described feeling like his blood for itching. However, Issa's power activated, causing Tiffany to tell him that she did not intend to care for a zombie and that she was scared of him. Tiffany left hurriedly after realizing what she had said, much to Issa's disappointment.[1]

Lynn took Issa home with her since she could not leave him at the A.S.A. alone when everyone else was heading home to spend time with their families. At dinner, Issa's powers caused arguments between the Jefferson family to flare up. Issa explained about his powers and dinner was abandoned, but Jennifer took him outside and talked to him. She made him realize that his powers only worked when he made eye contact. Not looking at someone ensured that his powers did not work even if they were activated.[1]

At the A.S.A., Issa's test results confirmed that he had the meta-gene due to his exposure to Green Light. However, the meta-gene for artificially created meta-humans was unstable and broke down. Issa realized that this would mean his death. Lynn confirmed it unless she could find a cure and offered him a choice. She could stabilize his condition by placing him in one of the stasis pods.[1]

Ultimately, Issa chose to remain out of the pods, and wanted to live whatever life was left to him. Lynn promised to keep working on a cure and told him not to miss any appointments. Issa was collected from the A.S.A. by his father and sister.[1]

It was later revealed that Issa was taken away by the Markovians because he was a Meta Human.[3]

But this was later debunked in the Season 2 finale where we see Issa in a pod, privately managed by Agent Odell. Odell later poisoned Issa after having Issa question Tobias Whale, now frail and elderly due to not using his anti-aging serum about what he found in Martin Proctor's briefcase.


"Well, ever since I came back alive, when I'm around people and when I look at them... it makes them tell the truth."
—Issa Williams[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: Through the use of Green Light, Issa's DNA was altered and his cells supercharged, turning him into a meta-human and thereby allowing him to access his powers.
    • Truth inducement: Issa has the ability to force the truth out of people. Issa can trigger this ability only when he's making eye contact with others. When his powers are active, whiteish/yellowish electricity can be seen coursing through his veins or nervous system.


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