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"I get it. Mommy died and now you're a "woman on fire", which means I'm responsible for spawning not one Batwoman... but two."
"You think this is funny?"
Alice and Batwoman

"It's Best You Stop Digging" is the seventh episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 14, 2021.



Alice and Ocean in Coryana

Alice and Ocean as lovers

The Bats in the Batcave flew as Ryan Wilder screamed; her Kryptonite wound was growing worse and the pain was excruciating. Radiation enters her brain and Ryan begins to hallucinate.

In the sewers underneath the city, Alice shows Tatiana the body of "Ocean" before knocking her unconscious and capturing her; Alice wants to know why she was ordered to kill him and her past at Coryana. Tatiana tells the tale as Alice listens.

Meanwhile, Jacob Kane updates Sophie Moore about his ordeal with Amygdala and they discuss that Ethan Rogers probably has the map, so they take a legion of Crows to raid Garnick Industries.

At Garnick Industries, Dr. Rogers is dead, killed by the Many Arms of Death and when Sophie and Jacob find the duffle bag for the painting, the only thing inside is a note saying "It's Best You Stop Digging" from Safiyah Sohail. Jacob becomes highly upset.

As Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton debate solutions to help Ryan, Ryan dons the Batsuit and takes the Batmobile to the apartment of Angelique Martin because Ryan wants the location of Ocean since he might know the location of Coryana. Batwoman, desperate for the Desert Rose, threatens Angelique for the information, causing Angelique to reject her and to make her fall onto a car below the fire escape. The police arrive via helicopter to capture the unconscious vigilante, but Mary and Luke arrive to remove Batwoman and the Batmobile.

The wound causes Ryan to dream of Cora Lewis, Alice and the Wonderland gang.

Since the clinic is gone, Mary sends Luke to get medical supplies as she gives Ryan a shot to slow her deterioration; the medicine heals Ryan long enough for her to find the hidden base of Ocean.

Ultimately, Tatiana reveals that Alice and Ocean were lovers who tried to escape Coryana with a Desert Rose only to be caught by the jealous and angry Safiyah who had Enigma warp their memories and separate them. When Alice, who developed feelings, tells Ocean, who was in hiding, of her findings, it does not change his disposition and he decides to leave the country.

Suddenly, Batwoman arrives and finds the heart-broken Alice; the hero reveals her secret identity so Alice will know why she plans to kill her to avenge Cora. However, during the battle, a hallucination of Cora stops Ryan from killing Alice and Alice escapes.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose blossom

Jacob feels that he understands Catherine Hamilton-Kane a little better as he tries to deduce her motives.

Alice and Tatiana take the body of "Ocean" to Coryana.

Luke berates Ryan for allowing Alice to escape. Ryan reveals that she planted a tracker on her enemy during the fight; they can now follow Alice, learn the location of the island, and everybody can get what they seek, a Desert Rose for Ryan and the return of Kate Kane.



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