Ivo Laboratories, simply known as Ivo Labs, is a research and development facility located in Central City.


In 2020, Ivo Labs was invaded by Goldface and Amunet Black. They were searching for a rare flower that could grant telepathic abilities, which would be of great help for crimes.[1]

Mark Blaine was a scientist specializing in cryogenetics for Ivo Labs, but he was fired with his employers desiring for him to be locked up in Iron Heights. Mark returned one day in late 2020 and killed a driver for the company with his cryokinetic energy from one of his gauntlets, drawing the attention of CCPD and Kristen Kramer in particular because the crime was ice-related.[2]

A few days later, Mark escaped from prison and returned to Ivo Labs to get a briefcase. Frost tracked him there, debated and fought with him.[3]

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