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Ivy Town Times is a regional newspaper of Ivy Town.


The newspaper was founded in 1916.

Aberrant timeline: An issue of Ivy Town Times, Vol. 122 - No. 139, November 2, 1988, reported Ray Palmer's death. The article "Body of Missing Boy Found" was written by D. Morris. This aberration was prevented by the Legends after they saved Ray's life.[1]

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  • The Vol. 122 - No. 139 issue published on November 2, 1988 costed 45 cents.[1]
  • The Ivy Town Times issue that appears on the Waverider's monitors several times is an easter egg, containing the real names of Ray Palmer's family and a story of Gus and Ty, his bullies, pretending to be Ray's friends to try and get his toys and video games.[1]


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