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For The Flash episode, see "Subject 9".

"That'll teach you to mess with a country girl."
—Izzy Bowin[src]

Izzy Bowin (died February 2018), nicknamed The Fiddler by Clifford DeVoe and designated as Subject 9 by Marlize DeVoe, was a country musician and meta-human with the power to manipulate sound waves.


Early life

As a child, Izzy Bowin was abandoned by her father, and then her mother not long after, leaving her to take care of herself.[1]

Transformation to Meta-human

Izzy rode Central City Bus 405 on October 10, 2017, sitting opposite of Ralph Dibny. When Barry Allen was released from the Speed Force, she was exposed to dark matter, which let her amplify and control any sound in her presence.

After discovering her new powers, Izzy felt closer to her music than she ever had and pushed herself to work on her songs and upcoming album to catch her big break.

Encountering Team Flash

Playing a gig, Izzy sung "Somethin' Bad". Following her set, she was approached by Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny, who attempted to warn her of a very dangerous person who was after her. Izzy chose not to believe them, using her powers to escape.

Izzy Bowin talking to Ralph Dibny.

They later returned, this time in their superhero personas The Flash and Elongated Man, respectively, along with Vibe, to warn her. Their point was proven when Devoe, in the form of Becky Sharpe, showed up and tried to subdue Izzy to take as his next host body. Reacting on instinct, Izzy used her powers to save herself from DeVoe by knocking him to the ground. Barry and Ralph then took her back to S.T.A.R. Labs to keep her safe. They suggested training, as her powers seemed to actually effect DeVoe, but she didn't want training, believing she could take care of herself, and especially couldn't afford to take a step back from her career. After Ralph revealed that he was on the bus too and that the team would care for her the way it cared for him, she agreed to hone her powers to protect herself.

After being pushed too hard by Barry and the team, however, Izzy rushed off to challenge DeVoe, attacking Ralph when he tried to stop her. When Barry and Ralph showed up to save her, they were easily defeated by DeVoe. Izzy ended up as DeVoe's puppet while The Flash and Elongated Man were unable to intervene but forced to watch, DeVoe ultimately taking over her body, transporting back to his sanctuary.[1]


The Thinker in Izzy's body.

Izzy's death was avenged when Ralph Dibny regain full control of his body; forcing Clifford DeVoe's consciousness out of the latter's body, after transferring his consciousness into his hover chair, but perished once-and-for all when his wife Marlize removed the chair's power source; putting an end to DeVoe's madness.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Izzy was struck by the dark matter energy after the Flash was released from the Speed Force, her DNA was altered, enabling her to access her newfound powers.[1]
    • Sound manipulation:

      Izzy using her powers.

      Izzy can control and amplify any sound in her presence into powerful sound waves. She can either release a sound wave from her chest or her violin, which helps her focus her powers. She also has been shown to be able to use it as a sonic scream.
      • Sonic scream: Izzy's powers allow her to emit a sonic scream, similar to that of Dinah Drake and Laurel Lance.
      • Sound immunity: It appears that Izzy's powers also gave her immunity to sound-based effects and damage, as she displayed no pain or even discomfort while using her powers in more destructive ways.


  • Singing: Izzy was a promising country singer, having given many performances throughout the United States.[1]
  • Violist: Izzy was an accomplished violist and even felt a deeper connection to the instrument once gaining powers.[1]


  • Arrogance: Izzy became extremely arrogant because of her powers, as she believed that she could take on DeVoe better than the more experienced Team Flash. This ended up being a fatal mistake as she was unaware of the other powers DeVoe possessed.[1]


  • Fiddle: Team Flash gave her a special fiddle that helps channel her powers more precisely.[1]


The Flash

Season 4

The Chronicles of Cisco


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Isaac Bowin AKA the Fiddler and his female successor Virtuoso are villains equipped with powerful fiddles.
    • Isaac being a male in the comics may have been referenced when Ralph assumed the person wearing a cowboy hat across from him, referring to Izzy, was a man.
  • Unlike her comics counterparts, Izzy didn't show any interest in leading a life of crime.
  • Due to Janet Petty, another of DeVoe's victims, being listed as alive in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, Izzy's post-Crisis status is currently unknown.