Izzy Williams is a young woman living in National City and a victim of a scheme by Roulette to kidnap humans and send them to Slaver's Moon to be sold onto the galactic slave market.


Izzy had a fight with her mother and slammed the door on her way out. She ended up falling for a trap by Roulette and wound up on Slaver's Moon. A few days later, her mother filed a missing persons report and contacted her friends, family, and the police but they told her there wasn't anything they could do. Growing desperate, her mother went to Snapper Carr and Kara Danvers at CatCo to look into her disappearance.[1]

Supergirl demands Roulette free Izzy and the other human captives

Kara and Mon-El investigated and wound up on Slaver's Moon. They met Jo Gunraf who told them that Izzy was being held captive in the Red Fortress. Kara and Mon-El surrendered themselves to get into the fortress and they were thrown into the same cell as Izzy and other kidnapped humans. However Supergirl inspired them all to riot and they overpowered Roulette and the Maaldorians. Kara later brought Izzy to CatCo and reunited her with her mother.[1]



Season 2


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