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For the man he impersonated, see Hank Henshaw.

"I'm not a man of peace! And if that means I have to give up the Symbols, and Martian religion has to die, then so be it. At least I will know who I am!"
"And who are you?"
"I'm the Martian Manhunter!
—J'onn J'onzz and his father[src]

J'onn J'onzz (born between 1425 and 1640[1][2][3]), commonly referred to as the Martian Manhunter, is one of the last Green Martians. Born and raised on the planet Mars, J'onn was thought to be the sole survivor of a "Martian Holocaust" instigated by the White Martians that also killed his entire family. J'onn fled to Earth and stayed hidden for centuries until he was discovered by D.E.O. Director Hank Henshaw. After Jeremiah Danvers seemingly sacrificed himself to save J'onn from being killed by Henshaw, the Martian began posing as Director to reform the D.E.O. for its intended purpose, recruiting Jeremiah's daughter, Alex Danvers, and later Kara Danvers/Supergirl. Eventually, J'onn found himself forced to reveal his true identity and became a fugitive. However, after having helped to save the world from Non and Indigo assisting Supergirl in defeat them, J'onn received a full presidential pardon by Olivia Marsdin and was reinstated as director of the D.E.O., continuing to use Hank's appearance for the sake of convenience. It was later discovered that J'onn is not the last Green Martian, as his father, M'yrnn J'onzz, also survived and was held prisoner for about 300 years. After the advent of the Worldkillers that led to the death of his father, J'onn left the D.E.O. and promoted Alex to the position of Director. He later opened up an investigative practice and became a private detective operating under the anglicised form of his name: John Jones.

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, J'onn was revealed to be the Paragon of Honor. After the total destruction of the multiverse, he and the other Paragons managed to help the Spectre restore the multiverse; resulting in the restoration of many of the old Earths, also forming new ones; including Earth-Prime, where the Paragons found themselves after the multiverse was reborn. Following the defeat of the Anti-Monitor, J'onn became a member of The League.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

J'onn J'onzz was born sometime between 1425 and 1640[1][2] on the planet Mars, to high religious leader M'yrnn J'onzz.[4] He hailed from a peaceful race of psychic shapeshifters known as Green Martians and lived a life of harmony with his family. He and his wife, M'yri'ah, were married for 77 years and at some point had two daughters together, K'hym and T'ania. After he became a father, J'onn discovered his vocation for protecting others and joined the Martian police, becoming a manhunter.[5]

J'onn J'onzz on Mars

Losing his family.

In a lost memory, J'onn is playing with his younger brother Malefic J'onzz, but it becomes clear he is unable to connect to the hive-mind, after an outburst, M'yrnn decides he is a danger and locks him away. He grows older and resentful and eventually sides with the White Martians. M'yrnn is devastated and J'onn erases him from both their memories.[6]

J'onn worked with N'or Cott on Mars in putting criminals away.[7]

J'onn's idyllic life was cut short when the surface of their world was invaded by the White Martians, a subterranean race. They wiped out the Green Martians, including his wife and daughters, in the so-called "Martian Holocaust".[3]

However, J'onn was somehow able to escape and wound up on Earth. Believing all his people were killed, J'onn thought he was the last of his kind.

Arrival on Earth and discovery[]

After his arrival on Earth, J'onn spent centuries traveling the world and hiding from society, as his first attempts to make contact with humans created panic and hysteria.[8] However at the end of 1800s, J'onn met and befriended a Shaolin monk, from whom he learned meditation techniques.[9]

At some point (approximately 300 years after his arrival), J'onn had at least one encounter with Earth's Kryptonian hero Superman. Whether or not this encounter ended up in a fight is still unknown, but it was enough for Superman to regard J'onn as "the most powerful being on Earth".[10]

J'onn preparing to shake Jeremiah Danvers' hand

J'onn meets Jeremiah Danvers.

In 2005, after being discovered on Earth, J'onn was tracked down in a remote location in Peru by the D.E.O.. However, Jeremiah Danvers saved J'onn's life when D.E.O. Director Hank Henshaw tried to kill him, with J'onn promising to watch over his daughters, Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers, thereafter. Disguising himself as Hank Henshaw, J'onn took over as the head of the D.E.O. reshaping it into a force for good.[11]

Falling out with Superman[]

At some point afterward, J'onn met with Superman again, and the latter helped him and the D.E.O. uncover an alien asteroid, composed of an emerald-green Kryptonian xenomineral. J'onn nicknamed it "Kryptonite" and resolved to store it in the D.E.O. as a contingency, which enraged Superman, thus leading to the pair falling out.[12]

Meeting Kara[]

In 2007, J'onn had shape-shifted into Alura Zor-El in order to convince Kara to keep her powers a secret and to not use them. Bonding with her as well in the form of an F.B.I. agent, "Noel Niell". Even trying to pretend to not understand her when speaking Kryptonese. After making sure she doesn't use her powers, he leaves. Shapeshifting back into Hank Henshaw and driving off from Midvale.[13]

Head of the D.E.O.[]

Helping Supergirl[]
J'onn J'onzz disguised as Hank Henshaw introducing himself to Kara

J'onn J'onzz disguised as Hank Henshaw introducing himself to Kara.

The D.E.O. subdued Supergirl as she was mid-flight on her way to stop a fire. After she woke up at their base J'onn, as Hank Henshaw, introduced himself as the organization's director. After being released from kryptonite cuffs, J'onn explained to Kara how her ship brought Fort Rozz to Earth when it escaped the Phantom Zone, and released thousands of the galaxy's worst criminals. Afterwards, J'onn rejected her offer to capture them, telling her that if she wanted to help, she could go back to getting someone's coffee. Henshaw later sarcastically remarked on how Kara did in fact help, after she was defeated by Vartox and her wound opened up a possible way to ID his weapon, potentially giving the D.E.O. a way to defeat him. Later, Hank was convinced by Kara to let her intercept Vartox, after the satellites picked up on him heading towards National City, with him telling Kara, "Make sure you win." He was later questioned by Alex Danvers whether she was solely recruited based on Kara, with J'onn telling her that although that was the reason she was recruited, her own actions were the reason she got to stay.[14]

"Hank Henshaw's" glowing eyes

J'onn's red glowing eyes as "Hank".

A week later, J'onn along with the rest of the D.E.O. tested the limits of Kara's abilities, as he needed to know that she was in full control of her powers. The next day, J'onn questioned what Kara was doing at Plastino Chemicals during a D.E.O. investigation, though after the situation was explained to him by Alex, he told Kara not to touch anything. At the D.E.O. base, Kara told J'onn and Alex that the alien they were looking for was a Hellgrammite. J'onn was offered by Kara that the D.E.O. could track the Hellgrammite down, and Kara could defeat him, though J'onn came to the declined saying she could do so if she could prove to them that she could handle herself without being killed. The following day, J'onn along with Alex and Agent Hartmann came to the conclusion that the Hellgrammite was eating the DDT he had been stealing, as the government had been destroying remaining stockpiles, and his food source was shrinking.

Later, the DEO set a trap for the Hellgrammite with a truck driving with tanks of DDT in its back, and Alex and J'onn along with several other DEO agents followed behind it in another vehicle. Soon after Alex was abducted by the Hellgrammite, forcing J'onn to call Kara back the D.E.O. base. He was later berated by her for putting her through tests instead of trusting her, as the situation could have been prevented if she had been there. J'onn however reassured Kara that they had every satellite and a tactical drone searching for Alex. J'onn was later alerted to Alex's position after Kara discovered it through the use of her super hearing. Though he warned her to wait after she told him he that she was going to get Alex, he was ignored. J'onn later rescued both Alex and Kara from Astra, ordering the Kryptonian to halt. Though Astra grabbed J'onn by the neck, taunting that he had no weapon that could hurt her, he plunged a Kryptonite knife into her arm, prompting her to fly off. J'onn was later thanked by Alex for helping her setup the room in the D.E.O. base that Kara could talk with the AI that was found in her pod.[15]

When Supergirl was attacked by an unmarked drone she took it to the D.E.O. headquarters, Hank revealed it's not one of theirs. The drone was remarkably nimble, nearly evading Supergirl altogether before she managed to eye-beam it to an explosive demise. A drone with all the technologies of the company Lord Industries, a company founded by Maxwell Lord.[16] General Sam Lane came to Hank and the D.E.O. to request help from Supergirl to test their new weapon the Red Tornado.[17] In the aftermath of the battle, however, Supergirl had exhausted her solar energy through her heat vision and temporarily lost her abilities.

Revealing his secret to Alex and Kara[]
"Hank Henshaw" I am the sole survivor of my planet

"Hank" reveals his true identity to Alex.

Hank assured Kara that her powers would return in a few days, meanwhile Alex was more suspicious than ever about Hank. In a holding cell an alien conqueror known as Jemm is determined to escape, but Hank informs the psychic criminal that the neural shielding can withstand his powers. Jemm threatens Hank's family, but Hank tells him that he has none. The earthquake also causes damage at the D.E.O., causing a power outage and an opportunity for Jemm to escape his cell. Hank and Alex seek out Alura for advice and gather a team to go after Jemm with psychic disruptor helmets. Believing he can trust Alex, Hank asked her to stay behind. When Hank does meet up with Jemm, he has already taken out his security guards, before Hank vanishes altogether. He returns and tells Alex that Jemm is using his power to control the security and fellow guards, and plans to stop him with a neural inhibitor. He wants Alex to remain at her post as well, but Alex decides it time to find out what Hank is trying to do behind her back. Jemm used his powers on Alex's partner and kills him just as Alex is tackled into a room by Hank, only to discover that Jemm plans to free the prisoners. Alex makes Hank handcuff himself to a wall, revealing she knows about his connection to her father's death, and wants Jemm to come to the control room.

J'onn J'onzz revealing his identity to Alex

J'onn reveals his true form to Alex.

Jemm comes looking for Alex, who is ready with a gun and attacks him. However, he gains the upper hand and prepares to finish her off when he is suddenly attacked by Hank. Hank then turns on the lights and tells Alex that he's truly not the enemy. Alex still demands answers, and he tells her that he's is not actually Hank Henshaw, explaining how he had died alongside her father when they were tracking a lost alien in Peru who was seeking refuge. Henshaw had wanted to kill the alien, but Jeremiah objected to such a cruel plan and died stopping him. He tells her that Danvers died a hero, and Alex realizes that Henshaw is the alien that her father saved and he reveals himself as a shape-shifter who copied Henshaw's appearance in order to reform the D.E.O. He then reveals himself as J'onn J'onzz, who is the last surviving member of the Martian race. He also tells Alex that he promised her father that he would look after her, hence, why he recruited her into the organization in order to keep an eye on her.[11]

He tried to stop Kara from rushing in and facing Astra again, and Alex now knowing the truth about Hank, told her to trust him. When Astra was finally captured, Hank asked Alex about Kara revealing he is unable to read Astra's mind; Kryptonians are immune to his telepathy. However they figured out that Astra lost as a diversion, they confront Astra, just in time to inform them that Non and an army of Kryptonians are invading Lord Technologies. Hank using his powers to disable one of the Kryptonians' shields to weaken him after he found out Hank wasn't human. Kara suddenly arrives and is ready to battle Non.[18]

After Hank was taken his secret emergency protocols reveal that Alex is his designated successor which helped in his search and rescue. Non killed a mind reading alien who found Hank impervious to his abilities. They then trade Astra for Hank and Astra upheld their truce. At CatCo, Hank used his shapeshifting ability to impersonate Supergirl so that Cat can see her and Kara at the same time. Cat accepted that she must have been wrong, and offers Kara her job back on the condition that she not reveal Cat's embarrassing mistake. Hank offered Kara a full-time job at the D.E.O., but she tells him that her relationships at CatCo are what humanizes her.[19]

Supergirl and J'onn fly together

J'onn flying with Kara.

J'onn took Kara for a flying lesson to improve her aerial skills. Afterwards Alex convinced J'onn to use his powers to infiltrate Lord Technologies. Alex went on a date with Maxwell, giving J'onn time to sneak in and get the information. J'onn (posing as Maxwell) sneaks in and finds the mystery woman. When J'onn trips over the alarm a guard shows up but J'onn erases his memory and tells the woman he'll be back. When Maxwell returns, he discovers the guard has no memory of anything, including his own family.[8]

Senator Miranda Crane had a rally about an anti-alien propaganda. Hank and the D.E.O. were there to witness any alien activity. A fast-moving white alien appears and attacked Alex and Hank raced to stop him but suddenly Hank's vision of what happened on Mars starts to come back and Alex saves him before he is run over. Alex also questioned Hank about why he froze, and he explained to both Alex and Kara that he knows the attacker: it's a White Martian, part of a subterranean race that wiped out dozens of his people on Mars, including his entire family. Hank wants to handle the attacker personally, but fears that if he reveals himself to the world, General Lane will try to take over the D.E.O. However, Kara tells J'onn she will help him. At D.E.O., "Miranda" plays mind games with Hank about an alien mole within the D.E.O. and threatens to out the D.E.O. if he doesn't conduct an investigation. When she suddenly mentions that she was attacked by a White Martian, Hank becomes suspicious. Kara tells Alex that the White Martian is at the D.E.O., disguised as Miranda. Alex arrives with a gun pointed at "Miranda" just as Hank goes for his weapon, but the White Martian is too quick for them. She goes on a rampage through the building. J'onn suddenly starts having visions of White Martians taking a race of Green Martians (who are children). Just as Miranda is about to attack, Kara shows up to challenge her only to have the White Martian escape.[3]

Alex told J'onn that she felt bad for encouraging him for using his powers and shouldn't be at fault, but J'onn told Alex about how the White Martians killed his family before he escaped. He then noticed a tissue that came from "Miranda" and over Alex's concerns tracks "Miranda" down by hovering above the city using mind control, leading him to her lair located in a sewer. Posing as Hank, he bring Alex and the D.E.O. agents in to capture the White Martian, and stumble upon the real Miranda and rescue her, except for Alex, who becomes bait after the fake Crane captures her. J'onn then uses telepathy to negotiate with the White Martian while telling Kara to rescue Alex so he can kill her, which Kara objects to. The two arrive in the desert ready to come face to face with Miranda and pleads with her to let Alex go. J'onn is ready to surrender to the White Martian but Kara stops the alien and J'onn transforms into his Martian form and a battle ensues between all three. J'onn decided to take it further as he places Kryptonite cuffs on Kara so he can kill the White Martian, but Kara talks him out of it and he gives in. After they place the White Martian in the DEO cell, the alien vows there are millions like her ready to kill J'onn and won't rest until he's dead, but Kara tells her she's ready for them.[3]

Hank and the D.E.O. witness Supergirl causing destruction, and figure out this must be the woman in Maxwell Lord's lab Hank and Alex formulates a plan to subdue Bizarro with Kryptonite which failed. The D.E.O. arrested Maxwell Lord and he helped create Blue Kryptonite which they are able to take her down and taken to the D.E.O. Hank said they are going to put her under, and Kara comforted her saying she went to sleep.[20]

J'onn as Kara

Posing as Kara.

Kara is attacked by the Black Mercy putting her into a coma. Hank was annoyed that Alex also brought James and Winn to the D.E.O. They are unable to remove the plant and interrogate Maxwell Lord, but he knew nothing of its origin. They tried to rip off the plant with a titanium claw, but this sent Kara into violent convulsions. Alex was forced to stop the extraction when Kara briefly flat-lined. They realized they cannot remove it by force without killing her. Cat Grant threatened to fire Kara if she did not return to the office. Alex convinced J'onn to masquerade as Kara, but he had great difficulty fulfilling her difficulties. Astra informed Alex about the plant and wished to help Hank and Alex argue over whether to use virtual reality tech to free Kara. In the secret room at CatCo, J'onn brushed off inquiries of him shapeshifting into Kara, and was resistant to Alex's plan to enter Kara's mind due to its dangers. James and Winn were both concerned of what would happen to Kara after they pulled her out of her perfect fantasy. J'onn began to understand why Kara values them and allowed Alex to take them to D.E.O. while he dealt with Cat. At Cat's office, J'onn, once again in Kara's form, apologizes to Cat, and while he was unaware of Kara's fling with Adam, decided to roll with it. Cat didn't buy it one bit and acidly told "Kara" to take the day off. They sent Alex in to Kara's mind using VR technology and she was able to convince to leave the fantasy.[21]

Taking the blame for Astra's death[]
J’onn J’onzz

J'onn faces Astra.

Now free the D.E.O. went to stop the Kryptonians attack on their satellites. Alex killed Astra in battle using a Kryptonite sword. However Hank claimed that he stabbed Astra as he saw no other way. J'onn said that she never stopped hoping for Astra's redemption, and that's the difference between soldier and hero. Alex asked him why he lied about killing Astra, and he said it's because she's Kara's hero and he didn't want that to change.[21]

After the death of Astra, Kara told J'onn they have two weeks. Alex told J'onn she couldn't lie to Kara about Astra's death any longer, but the latter insisted Alex was what Kara needed. Hank briefed D.E.O. agents about a Fort Rozz escapee who went by Gabriel Phillips. When they found him, he's been chained up and begged them to help him. An armored individual took the escapee Alex and Hank discuss the mysterious personality when Kara came in, asking why they didn't call her. When Hank said he thought she needed some time off, she bluntly retorted that she would request it if she needed it. During the investigation they learn the kidnapper is Fort Rozz; Master Jailer. He had taken it upon himself to execute the escapees. Supergirl is taken prisoner during a battle, but is rescued by the D.E.O. After the rescue Kara and she walked out, saying she didn't know how to work with him any more.[22]

J'onn reveals true form while sparring

Training with Alex.

After Hank admitted to killing Astra, Kara refused to work with him. Alex and Hank spar and debate over whether Kara should know the truth, and Hank briefly reverted into his Martian form before changing back in an intense moment. He insisted that D.E.O. will continue to function without Kara and revealing the truth will only cause more pain, despite that he didn't want to lose her either. When Kara was attacked by Indigo at her apartment Hank and Alex arrived and drove her off. The D.E.O. and Kara and her friends work separately until she realized she needed Hanks help. Hank gave Kara the kill code to destroy a missile, shutting it off and allowing to plummet harmlessly into the ocean. Kara also returned to the D.E.O. and ready to work with Hank again. Alex came clean to Kara and admitted to killing Astra because she wanted to protect Hank, Kara forgave them both and reached out to hold Hank's hand.[23]

Identity revealed[]

Miranda Crane came to the D.E.O. to personally congratulate Hank, Alex and Kara for their efforts to fight alien threats. Unbeknownst to Hank Kara is exposed to Red Kryptonite on a mission altering her personality. He sent her on a mission to capture a K'hund who was robbing banks. However Kara let him escape, and when Hank discovered the truth they confronted her. She berated Hank for hiding his identity. They investigated her past missions and learned from Maxwell Lord about the Red Kryptonite. They now have a cure and Hank and a team went to stop Kara. However she was unstoppable and Hank was forced to take his true Martian form and engaged Kara, overpowering her and allowing Alex to fire the antidote. Hank is taken into custody. Hank told Senator Crane that he is J'onn J'onzz. Crane felt betrayed and walked out. Alex wondered why J'onn didn't run, but J'onn said he would do anything to keep Alex and Kara safe.[24]

J'onn eating Chocos

Alex brings an imprisoned J'onn some Chocos.

Colonel Jim Harper was brought in to deal with J'onn infiltration of the D.E.O.. Jim along with Lucy Lane were there to clean up the agency. The two take J'onn still in the form of Hank Henshaw to an interrogation room that is so alien proof that Supergirl could not listen in. During the interrogation J'onn told the two about what happened ten years earlier in Peru, when he befriended Jeremiah Danvers. However, Jim, who was close friends with Hank, doesn't believe him and is placed in custody was plans to take him to Project Cadmus. After a moment of clarity, Lucy agreed to help Kara. Later that night, as the vehicle is en route, they are surrounded by motorcycles that throw the truck off course. One of the cyclists is Supergirl, who disarms the guards, while the other cyclist, Lucy, help Alex and J'onn escape, but not before J'onn erases Harper's memory of having remembered meeting him, but discovers that Harper now remember that Danvers is alive at Cadmus.[10]

Alex and J'onn disfarced as mother and son

Alex and J'onn posing as mother and son.

Alex and J'onn, posing as mother and son so they can elude authorities, arrive at Eliza's home, where after a moment to calm her down (as J'onn transformed to prove he wasn't Hank), reveal the truth about Jeremiah being alive. Eliza then informs the two about National City under quarantine and turns on the television. After a conversation over what happened and looking at pictures of Jeremiah and his daughters, J'onn gains the trust of Eliza and promises to keep an eye on Kara and Alex. Alex then gets a call from Kara, who asks about Project Cadmus, but Alex wants to return to National City to help. Kara, on the other hand, hangs up on Alex, warning her not to come or she'll be under Myriad. J'onn, however, agrees with Kara, and since he is not affected by Myriad, tells Alex to stay behind while he goes back to National City because her father still needs her, but later on and without explaining this to Eliza, both Alex and J'onn return to National City. When they return, Indigo is ready and waiting for the twosome as they're lured into a battle, with J'onn almost gaining the upper hand. Indigo managed to come back and attack J'onn and grabbing Alex. Indigo then orders a weakened J'onn to stand down or she'll kill Alex, and he does that, only to collapse, as Indigo is convinced that J'onn, being the last surviving Green Martian, has died.[25]

J'onn kills Indigo

J'onn kills Indigo.

J'onn survived and managed to heal in time to fly to Fort Rozz with Supergirl to stop Indigo and Non from overusing Myriad to kill all humans. While Supergirl and Non faced off, J'onn took on Indigo once again, but this time, he came out victorious and used his super strength to rip Indigo in half, an attack the robotic alien could not recover from. After Supergirl got rid of Fort Rozz and saved the world, J'onn, as Hank, celebrated along with Kara's other friends and family in her apartment. The celebration was cut short by the arrival of a third Kryptonian pod, which Supergirl and J'onn, back in his true form, went to check out. J'onn stood by as Kara looked inside the pod, shocked at learning about the inhabitant.[26]

War with the Daxamites[]

Superman's arrival[]

When Superman flew to National City, Kara took him to the D.E.O. to show him the man they had found into the pod the last night. Clark and J'onn have a strained relationship since the latter choose to keep Kryptonite at the D.E.O. as a precautionary measure. Despite the martian trying to talk with Superman on the advice of Alex, he claims that they have nothing to say to each other, as he feels he can't trust him since, although he knew J'onn would not allow the Kryptonite in his possession to be used to kill him or Kara, Clark also knew that an order may come from above.[12]

Superman and Martian Manhunter vs Gilcrist

Superman and Martian Manhunter defeat Gilcrist together.

Once Metallo shows up in the city and almost killed Kara, as his body was composed partly of Kryptonite, Clark blames J'onn, who said that only D.E.O. have access to the Kryptonite, but a sample of their stock was stolen four months ago and they could not find it. Superman and J'onn went together to the Fortress of Solitude to find information about the metal that compose the cyborg's body so that Winn can make an Anti-Kryptonite Devices of said metal for Clark and Kara. After that, while Supergirl and Alex fought with Corben in National City, Superman and the Martian Manhunter dealt with a second Metallo in Metropolis and together were able to overcome him. In the evening of the same day, at the D.E.O., J'onn gave Clark the entire stock of Kryptonite in his possession sealed in lead. Clark said goodbye to everyone and flew back to Metropolis, taking the Kryptonite with him.[27]

Meeting with M'gann M'orzz[]
J'onn meets M'gann

J'onn meets M'gann.

After a while, Detective Maggie Sawyer showed Alex a bar frequented by aliens. J'onn got there in his Green Martian's guise and went to the bartender to ask for a drink, the woman was startled by his appearance and quickly left telling him her shift ended; J'onn however confronted her outside the bar where she took the form of a Green Martian claiming that her name is M'gann M'orzz, the last daughter of Mars.[28]

Later J'onn came again to the bar and asked M'gann how she managed to escape from Mars during the holocaust. She said that she was taken to a concentration camp along with other Green Martians, and one day a good willed female White Martian disobeyed the order to kill the prisoners, and then helped her escape. Thereafter J'onn proposed her to establish a mental link to share consciousness, but M'gann refused. He later told Kara and Alex about his meeting with M'gann and that he offered her a mental connection saying that, in his opinion, it was a mistake. Later that day, Kara and Alex told J'onn they have seen M'gann in an underground fight club hosted by Roulette, in which the aliens are forced to fight to the death for the money. J'onn went to confront her about it but she claim it was her own business, to which J'onn replied that they should preserve what they have lost, and M'gann says that she wants to forget about everything. Before J'onn left, M'gann reveals him Roulette's real name and asked not to come to her.[29]

The Martians fight in Roulette's ring

J'onn and M'gann fight.

The next day J'onn came to Al's Dive Bar to apologize ti M'gann, but they are kidnapped by Roulette's guards and forced to fight to the death for the title of "last Green Martian". Despite M'gann's attacks, J'onn refuses to defend himself and told her that she should not become a murderer just because she feels guilty for having survived all their people. After hearing this, M'gann stops the fight and says Roulette she will not kill him, so the ringmaster released Draaga to terminate them both but they are joined in the fight by Supergirl, who managed to defeat the enemy. Later J'onn comes to M'gann's home again and said that it was right they leave the past behind and that if she does not want to establish a connection, he will not insist. Before leaving he also adds that he'll always be there if she needs help.[29]

Discovering M'gann's secret[]
M'gann at J'onn's bedside

M'gann at J'onn's bedside.

After Winn and Alex showed him a video of the Thorul Arctic Research Station in Norway, in which one of the scientists asks for help, J'onn and Alex go there only to find all the scientists were dead except for Rudy Jones, whom they brought back to National City. Later, however, the D.E.O. found out that it was Dr. Jones the one who killed all the scientists because he became infected by an alien parasite so J'onn and Supergirl confront the creature, who defeat them simultaneously sucking the life forces of them both. Despite Kara quickly recovers thanks to solar radiators, to save J'onn's life, Alex decides to seek help from M'gann who was brought to the D.E.O. and informed that J'onn needs a blood transfusion. Although initially she did not want to do that, M'gann agrees and saves his life. When J'onn wakes up, he sees M'gann sitting next to him, and thanks her for saving his life, asking her to stay with him until he falls asleep again.[30]

The next day M'gann visits J'onn to assure his well-being and brings him a special martian recipe known as K'rkzar tonic, that he loved because his grandmother always gave it to him when he was a child whenever he was ill. Soon after, however, J'onn starts to experience hand tremors and vivid hallucinations of his dead family or White Martians, so he asks Alex to do some medical tests on him and. After seeing the result of his blood test, J'onn deduces M'gann is actually a White Martian and confronts her out of Al's Dive Bar. M'gann tries to explain she's not like the others of her kind but J'onn believes she is just a liar and begin fighting her, beating her up almost to death until she assumes her human appearance begging him not to be killed in her real form, which prompts him to decide instead to incarcerate her at the D.E.O. National City headquarters, where she revealed to him that her blood is slowly yet inexorably turning him into a White Martian.[9]

Medusa virus[]
J'onn J'onnz as a White Martian

J'onn transforms into a White Martian.

When Cadmus begins to release the Medusa virus to kill all the aliens in National City, as a precaution J'onn orders Kara to stay in the D.E.O. headquarters alongside him and Mon-El. After they realize that the virus is from Krypton and was created by Kara's father Zor-El, J'onn tries to comfort her as she reminiscing of her life on Krypton, admitting that her parents were not who they seemed. Suddenly, J'onn was struck by an immense wave of pain, showing his oncoming White Martian form and explained what had happened with M'gann's blood transfusion, believing there to be no cure. Later on, J'onn and Supergirl left to the National City port, where Cadmus planned to release Medusa via air; while Kara went after the rocket with the virus J'onn took on Cyborg Superman transforming completely into a white martian but keeping control of himself.

J'onn back to normal

J'onn is back to his normal Green Martian form.

When the virus is spread, J'onn stops fighting and prepare serenely to meet death and rejoin his family, however thanks to Lena Luthor's betrayal against her mother, the virus is made inert, with no risk to any alien, and the leader of Cadmus is finally arrested. Later, thanks to Eliza Danvers' reverse engineering of a living sample of the virus, J'onn's blood is drained from all the White Martian's blood cells, returning to his normal Green Martian form.[31]

After Kara and Mon-El were stranded on Maaldoria, J'onn, unable to take part in the rescue mission, oversaw the operation from Earth, greeting them both as they arrived back.[32]

J'onn forgives M'gann

J'onn forgives M'gann.

After M'gann suffered a telekinetic attack from the White Martians that left her in a catatonic state and started to slowly die, J'onn was hesitant about helping her because of his old hatred for her kind, however, he decided to save her life through the Martian Bond. J'onn went into her mind where he found M'gann in a memory of her time at the Galle Crater's internment camp. M'gann told him that she was ordered to kill a Green Martian boy but she refused turning on the guards instead and that she pretended to be a Green in order to help J'onn feel less alone to try to atone for what she did. J'onn assured her that she didn't have to feel so guilty anymore, he managed to pull her out of her coma but she told him that the White Martians will be coming for her now.[33]

Daxamite invasion[]

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During the Daxamite invasion, J'onn fought alongside M'gann and the White Martians against the Daxamite soldiers.[34]

War with the Worldkillers[]

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Later, M'gann contacts J'onn and asks him to return to Mars.[35] The reason is that she found his father M'yrnn arrested. So Kara and J'onn went to Mars and managed to free Myrnn and helped M'gann and the resistance to defeat the White Martians.[4]

After helping to defeat the Worldkillers and losing his father once again, J'onn decided to leave D.E.O. and become a detective.[36]

Against the Children of Liberty[]

Manchester and J'onn face a mind-controlled assailant

J'onn and Manchester face a mind-controlled assailant.

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After becoming a detective, J'onn befriended a woman named Fiona Byrne,[37] that was kidnapped and killed by a hate group called Children of Liberty. Fiona's fiance, Manchester Black then decided to take revenge without caring who he hurt on the way.[38] J'onn finally stopped Manchester by killing him using the Staff of H'ronmeer.[39]


The heroes are victorious against Deegan and A.M.A.Z

The heroes defeat A.M.A.Z.O.

J'onn and Brainy accompanied Lois Lane to Earth-1 to confront John Deegan and A.M.A.Z.O. J'onn took it upon himself to protect civilians. After Brainy deactivated A.M.A.Z.O and Oliver Queen defeated Deegan, J'onn, Kara, Brainy, Clark, and Lois returned to Earth-38.[40]

Lost brother[]

The Superfriends oppose Midnight

J'onn and the Superfriends confront Midnight.

After the defeat of Lex and the Children of Liberty, J'onn and the Superfriends were amused by the victory. J'onn discovered that a prisoner he locked in the Phantom Zone named Midnight managed to escape. He attended Kara's pulitzer prize with the others. When Midnight attacked, J'onn and the Super Friends confronted her to send her back to the Phantom Zone. J'onn was going to be sucked into the Phantom Zone portal, but was saved by Kara. By sending Midnight back to his prison, J'onn encountered someone who claimed to be his brother.[41]


J'onn and Malefic fight.

Nia Nal meets J'onn at his office to help find his missing memories. He makes her tea to help them mentally connect before going inside his mind. There everyone she sees as in human form, so her mind can understand what's happening. They see J'onn playing with his younger brother Malefic J'onzz, but it becomes clear he is unable to connect to the hive-mind. Their father deciding he is a danger locks him away. He grows older and resentful and eventually sides with the White Martians. His father, M'yrnn J'onzz is devastated and erases him from both their memories. Coming out of the dream-like memory J'onn condemns his father for doing something so horrible. Because death is not final for their kind, but erasing a memory is. Back at home, Nia is woken from a nightmare, having discovered the rest of the memory. She immediately finds J'onn, and he agrees to seeing the rest of his memory. It reveals it wasn't their father who erased their minds, but J'onn, after he saw how destroyed his father was. J'onn is absolutely devastated at what he did.[6]

Realizing his brother is a danger to everyone, and after multiple attempted murders, including Kelly, J'onn is determined to stop his brother. Brainiac and Lena are able to create the Phantom zone projector in order to send his brother back. After a final conflict, they sap him and he teleports away.[42]

After talking to his father's spirit, J'onn found Malefic and reconciled with him. Then J'onn lent his brother his spaceship (shape-shifting car) so he could go back to Mars. It was revealed to J'onn that Mar Novu had released Malefic as a test to prepare J'onn for the upcoming crisis.[43]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

Kara seeing that Argo is about to be destroyed

J'onn sees the destruction of Argo.

J'onn warned the team about the red skies in Argo City. J'onn sadly watched as the people of Argo died. He, Kara, and Alex met up with Lyla Michaels, who came with Oliver Queen, Mia Smoak, Clark, Lois, and Kate Kane. J'onn learned about the crisis and advised Alex to ask Lena for help. J'onn received the keys to the Legion ship and helped the inhabitants of Earth-38 escape to Earth-1.[44]

The Paragons in the Vanishing Point

The Paragons at Vanishing Point.

J'onn joined the Waverider with the rest of the heroes to save the Multiverse. There, J'onn discovered that he was the Paragon of Honor. When the Anti-Monitor destroyed Earth-1, J'onn went to help his allies, but was teleported by Pariah to Vanishing Point along with Barry Allen, Kara, Kate, Sara Lance, Ryan Choi, and Clark Kent from Earth-96 as they were the seven Paragons, but Lex switched places with Clark and the latter died.[45]

A month later, J'onn meditated on ways to revive the multiverse until they saw Oliver become the Specter, and he gave them a chance to fix everything. J'onn and the Paragons traveled in the Speed ​​Force with Barry to ask the Oliver of the past for advice. J'onn was sent to 2017 where Kara and Oliver met.

The Paragons fan the flame

The Paragons prepare to fight.

J'onn spoke to him about the coming crisis and received some emotional advice from Oliver, until Barry quickly collected everyone. The Paragons were transported to the dawn of time, where Oliver asked them to light the flame to defeat the Anti-Monitor. J'onn and the others understood his words, and the Paragons faced the shadow demons. During the fight, Ryan Choi asks if they did this every day, to which J'onn replied with a yes. J'onn and the Paragons witnessed Oliver's sacrifice and watched as a new universe was created.[46]

New multiverse[]

Final Battle against the Anti-Monitor[]

—J'onn snaps at the revived Nash for causing the Crisis.

The day after the new Earth was created, J'onn met all the Paragons (minus Lex) to inform them that their reality is no longer what they remember. J'onn went to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he restored Caitlin's memory of the Crisis and yelled at Nash Wells for nearly killing them; he restored Nash's memory.

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor.

With Dinah Drake tracking the Antimatter trail of the Shadow demons to Star City, J'onn joined the final battle alongside Wild Dog, the Dreamer, Spartan, the Flash, White Canary, Superman, Batwoman, Alex and Kara, to stop the resurfaced Anti-Monitor from destroying the universe once more.

While Wild Dog, Spartan, Superman, Batwoman, Alex and Kara attacked the Anti-Monitor's barrier, J'onn launched a psychic attack. However, the Anti-Monitor grew to giant size, forcing J'onn, Superman and Kara to distract him while Flash rushed the Atom to the battlefield with a shrink bomb to send the villain to the Microverse for eternity.[47]

Memorial for Oliver Queen[]

Heroes of Earth-Prime honor Oliver Queen

The Memorial for Oliver Queen.

Sometime later, J'onn, together with the Flash, Supergirl, White Canary, Batwoman, Superman and Black Lightning took part at a memorial for Oliver Queen at a S.T.A.R. Labs building, after which Barry proposed the others to officially create a pact between the seven of them in order to work side-by-side more often now that they live in the same universe, so that they would be able to prevent and face any future crisis.[47]

The seven heroes at the round table

The seven heroes at the round table.

War against Leviathan[]

A new Earth[]

J'onn's life appears to remain the same, after the creation of Earth-Prime. He is given the unexpected task of restoring everyone's memories from their previous universes, though he makes it clear he cannot apply this to the rest of the world without mass complications.[48] At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, J'onn was friends with M'gann M'orzz, but he was having trouble with the legacy left to him by his father.[49]

Winn makes an unexpected trip from the future, wanting to clear his name from a doppelgänger look-alike. Everyone gathers at J'onn's office who has added a secret entrance for their new headquarters. J'onn adopts Winn's brain to the previous timeline, when Lex was still a villain. Toyman - Winn from the alternate Earth appears on their screens, broadcasting himself all over the city, promising a firework display like they've never seen before once he reaches 1 million followers. John leaves to find more information.[50] After stopping the alternate version of Winn, twice, they say goodbye to their own Winn who returns to his timeline no longer a wanted felon.[51] Immediately after arriving with pizza, he and Alex are sent away by Mr. Mxyzptlk for an elaborate game of paintball.[52]

J'onn and Alex track down who might be attacking Andrea Rojas right before the launch of her Obsidian Platinum lenses. Branny thinks it might be xx’s aliens. And when the question one of the alien bartenders he disagrees, as they are not aggressive. Despite Brainy confirming no one was at an address outside the city, they decide to check it out but are attacked by the mind controlled aliens, and he is attacked with fire. Supergirl saves them and tracks down the emotionally distraught wife who lost her husband to suicide.[53] A week later, J'onn is contacted by Al Crane the alien bartender and refugee, who claims his closest friend, Trevor Crane is missing after attending the Obsidian North trial for their lenses. He hasn't been able to contact him in weeks, and J'onn brings Alex onto the case, with some help from Kelly. They eventually find Trevor trapped inside an alternate reality in a haunted mansion, and Alex is able to free him.[54] The next day, J'onn tries to mediate the anger between the two Danvers sisters, both furious at each other for how they choose to deal with the death of their father once again. He too attends his old friend's funeral, and Alex eventually does show up.[55]

A friend returns[]

Barry Allen wondered if his wife was replaced by a shape-shifting Martian, but the lead was a dead end because Barry realized that J'onn would have alerted him if there was an alien among them.[56]

J'onn was in the Tower when he was alerted that a sun-eater had escaped from the Fortress of Solitude and Kara was incapable of helping because it had absorbed her solar energy upon its exit. Suddenly, M'gann M'orzz appeared and said that she was sent from Mars by Malefic J'onzz to help with the problem; J'onn was delighted to see his friend and they hurried to pursue the animal.

Kara deploys the Lexosuit's missiles

Helping to stop the sun-eater.

In space, the two tried to disable the sun-eater before it could reach the Sun but they had difficulty; Kara soon arrived, wearing a Lexosuit, and was able to shrink the animal to a carriable size. When he and Kara got back to Earth, they learned that Lex Luthor had saved a group of comatosed people from Margot Morrison, to Kara's disbelief. Upon returning to the Fortress, M'gann used her telepathy to discover that the Morae who released the sun-eater worked for Leviathan,[57] so J'onn scanned spots over a three hundred mile radius of where the clandestine organization gathered, to no avail.

Fighting Rama Khan

Battling Rama Khan.

J'onn and M'gann began talking about how things have progressed and changed in their lives; they slowly grew closer when a snore by Dreamer broke the mood. When she awakened, she told them that Rama Khan was in Portland; the three contacted Supergirl who led an attack against him. The ancient being caused an earthquake, so J'onn and M'gann phased underground to stabilize the tectonic plates. They did not return to battle as it was deemed better for them to help the people.

When Rama Khan escaped D.E.O. captivity, the two arrived. M'gann acted as a distraction as J'onn helped Supergirl, Dreamer, and Querl Dox who were covered with debris. J'onn screamed as M'gann was hurt, but all exited as Rama Khan destroyed the whole building. Later, J'onn presented his feelings to M'gann and they started a relationship.[49]

Drawing out Leviathan[]
Superfriends prepare to attack Lena

Superfriends prepare to attack Lena.

With M'gann, Alex Danvers, and Nia Nal, J'onn kicked in the door of Kara Danvers' apartment; Kara said that Lena Luthor was there and it was an emergency. They overreacted because Kara was only informing them that Lena had a lead on Leviathan and was linking the covert organization to Lex Luthor. The Superfriends discussed how Rama Khan had enough Kryptonite to kill Supergirl as well as the ability to track her if she used her powers; they also doubted their ability to protect her since they could not stop the destruction of D.E.O. National City headquarters. Lena proposed the idea that she can make a protective suit for Kara, but there needs to be a distraction as she and Kara traverse the city.

Dreamer and Martian Manhunter

J'onn and Nia.

M'gann suggested that the Martians shape-shift to appear as Supergirl; J'onn reluctantly agreed. The Martians separated, J'onn with Dreamer, to distract Rama Khan who fell for the ruse and attacked; what they did not anticipate was Tezumak, another Jarhanpurian member of Leviathan. J'onn was injured, defending Nia.

Later, after the Superfriends realized that Rama Khan was but a distraction himself for Leviathan's greater goal, the injured J'onn returned to stand with his teammates. He used his telepathy to send an insult to Rama Khan that made him leave his sanctuary to attack. The Superfriends battled the ancients but were losing badly as the fact that they were immortal demoralized them. Suddenly, J'onn's foes disappeared; Nia alerted them that Brainy was the one who truly saved them.[58]

After Leviathan's defeat, J'onn assists in the fight against Lex while joining M'gann to use a Martian ritual to destroy Lex's satellites. J'onn along with the team went to the fortress of solitude to stop Lex Luthor. They beat him, but he ended up sending Kara to the Phantom Zone. While Malefic is unable to help locate the part of the Phantom Zone that Lex sent Kara to, J'onn informs Alex that M'gann is enlisting someone who can help and tells the story of N'or Cott who operated as the Sentinel. He then advises Alex to take on the Sentinel alias.[7]

Absence of Kara[]

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J'onn and the team found Silas White and questioned him about how to get into the Phantom Zone to save Kara. The team later built a portal but several Phantoms escaped, but they managed to capture them again soon after.[59]

J'onn and M'gann were called by Silas to his apartment because Prime Phantom exited from his body and scratched him and his roommates. Upon bringing Silas to the Tower, J'onn was updated on the whereabout of Nia Nal and Alex by Brainy. Since Alex was severely emotional after the failed attempt to free Kara, M'gann suggested that J'onn should leave Alex alone, but J'onn insisted that she should be there, citing that he was following M'gann's advice that he should act as a soldier, not as a foster father. When M'gann wanted to chase Prime Phantom solo, J'onn ordered her, as leader of the Superfriends, not to go.

However, M'gann went nonetheless and by the time the other Superfriends arrived to assist her, M'gann had gotten scratched. Briefed earlier by Brainy's research into Phantoms and having seen Silas turn into a Phantom, J'onn was upset that M'gann might lose her soul. He cried to Alex about his love for M'gann, causing Alex to remember that[60] J'onn gained a piece of M'gann's soul in order to stop the "I Love Lexi" program,[7] so they devised a plan to give M'gann that piece when she lost her original to transform into a Phantom.

Superfriends about to save M'gann

J'onn discusses saving M'gann's soul.

During the process, Phantom Prime and his progeny attacked the Tower; since J'onn was busy in the soul transfer, Kelly Olsen defended the Martians. When Prime Phantom attacked Kelly directly, causing her hands to get freezer burns, J'onn took a moment and blasted it with a pulse of energy before Lena's Transmatter portal almost captured it.

Later, M'gann and J'onn hugged and apologized as M'gann thanked J'onn for literally saving her soul.[60]

Alex explained to J'onn that in Midvale, 2009, Kenny Li was alive as one of the changes caused by the Crisis; but neither J'onn or Alex could time travel because they could create a new timeline if they meet their past selves, leaving only Nia and Brainy eligible to go.[61]

During the three days the two were gone, J'onn and the other Superfriends prepared to enter the Phantom Zone; J'onn made sure that the Tower was ready for transformation and asked M'gann to be the defender of the city. When the couple returned with a DNA sample of Kara, J'onn had the Tower transfom into a spacecraft and the Superfriends, with new member Kelly Olsen, began thei voyage.

Humans in the Phantom Zone have nightmares and fall into a fugue state, so only J'onn was immuned totally to the effects of the dimension. He led the team to finding Kara who was with Zor-El.[62]

Reunion with Kara[]

J'onn and the Superfriends threw a surprise party for Kara for her return. J'onn saw how there was contamination in the old base of the D.E.O., so he accepted the idea of ​​cleaning with the help of Kellex. When Kellex went berserk by turning into a garbage monster, J'onn, the team, and Zor-El helped Kara defeat the monster.[63]

J'onn and Kara investigated a group of aliens who were setting up a bomb. He and Supergirl tried to stop the Intergang soldiers, but one of them, Orlando Davis, used his electromagnetic powers to take them down. Upon discovering that the soldiers were alien prisoners forced to work, J'onn and Kara managed to talk to them to reform them.[64]

J'onn and the Superfriends helped the homeless get the Ormfell Building to live in. J'onn quickly went to Kara to inform her that someone was attacking the Ormfell Building.[65]

The Seven AllStone Totems[]

Upon learning of Nyxlygsptlnz's existence, J'onn and the team were explained by Mxyzptlk in song form about Nyxly's past. J'onn and the others supported Kara in stopping Nyxly together. J'onn showed the plans to create an anti-magic bracelet to eliminate Nyxly's powers. While he and Alex were building they were interrupted by Mxy, who wanted to help, but J'onn and Alex refused their help, as it was only interrupting. When a giant cat created by Nyxly attacked the city, J'onn took it upon himself to protect the people while the others battled the cat.

Superfriends confront Nyxly

J'onn and the team confront Nyxly.

After seeing how Nyxly discovered the trick, J'onn, Alex and Brainy brought the Phantom Zone Projector to stop Nyxly, but they were defeated by her, and she called a giant dragon to kill them until J'onn and the team were saved by Mxy. J'onn and the others tried to save Mxy, but Nyxly used the orb to capture Mxy. Soon after, he and the team returned to the Tower, planning to find the seven totems before Nyxly does.[66]

J'onn and the team helped Kelly and John Diggle investigate the destruction of the Ormfell Building, but they were all focused on finding Nyxly and finding the Seven AllStone Totems. After apologizing to Kelly, J'onn and the Superfriends helped her become the new Guardian. The team faced off against Jean Rankin, who possessed magic due to Nyxly. J'onn took it upon himself to keep people safe and helped the others defeat Jean.[67]

In the Tower, The Superfriends were trying to find the Totem of Courage. Be that as it may, they are lucky with a game to a slingshot in the historic center. J'onn and the Superfriends located the first totem and Nyxly in the museum, so he, Kara, and Alex went to confront her. During the battle, the totem of courage was divided, and the team got the other half. The Superfriends learned that Kara must pass a totem test.

Superfriends stop the lightning storm

The Superfriends face a lightning storm.

Because the people had been infested with the totem, J'onn, Kara, Brainy, and Alex went to stop the chaos. When Alex confronted Spike, J'onn encouraged her like a father as she fought her way to defeat Spike. J'onn and the team lost the totem due to Nyxly winning her test. Due to Beatrice Lahr's failed invention of the weather machine, J'onn and the team helped her try to destroy the machine before the city was destroyed. J'onn, Brainy, and Kara managed to make a cyclone to eliminate the machine, saving the city.[68]

To relax from everything, the Superfriends played jenga until Kara arrived, who was desperate to stop Nyxly. J'onn took William Dey to the Tower to explain the rules about what he should post about them and what he shouldn't. J'onn jokingly warned him that if he posts something inappropriate he will have to erase his mind. Because people started attacking each other for the Totem of Humanity, J'onn, Alex, and Kelly took it upon themselves to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Superfriends with the Totem of Humanity

J'onn and the Superfriends with the Totem of Humanity.

J'onn and the team discussed that Lena can help them reverse the totem's spell. J'onn was in charge of catching the thieves who took advantage of stealing things while the chaos occurred in the city until Lena managed to restore humanity to everyone and Kara managed to get the totem. The Superfriends celebrated getting the totem and decided to work harder to find the next one.[69]

Superfriends stop the nuclear missiles

J'onn, Kara, and Brainy stop nuclear missiles.

J'onn, Kara, Alex, and Kelly discovered that Esme had the power to mimic powers. J'onn and Kara confronted Nyxly to get the Totem of Hope. J'onn tried to avoid the war between Kasnia and Corto Maltese, but failed since due to the Totem, the politicians distrusted each other. The Superfriends teamed up to avoid the missile war and avoided a war, managing to get the totem. The team now also had that of courage and J'onn wanted to destroy all the totems to avoid chaos, but Kara decided to destroy the one of hope, since the team showed the world to continue having hope.[70]

The Superfriends were happy about Esme's drawings of them and J'onn was proud of his adopted granddaughter. The team found out about a nightmare monster attack created by Nyxly, so J'onn and the team went to confront him, but Lena accidentally made the monster invisible. Soon after, J'onn and the team managed to defeat the monster, but informed Kara that Nyxly obtained the Dream Totem.[71]

The Superfriends face Lex and Nyxly

The Superfriends face Nyxly and Lex.

J'onn and the Superfriends agreed with Kara leaving CatCo. The Superfriends confronted Nyxly to get the Love Totem, but failed due to Lex having returned from the future. J'onn decided to pass the test of the Courage Totem to use it against Nyxly and remembered when his family died at the hands of the White Martians, but this time he was able to fight, managing to pass the test. The team tried to get the totem, but they failed again.

Disguised Love Totem (fried)

J'onn holding the damaged Love Totem.

J'onn spoke to Kara about her experience with the Courage Totem, and they managed to overcome her fears. The Superfriends helped Kelly and Alex confront Lex and Nyxly. J'onn wondered if the Love Totem could be repaired since it was destroyed, but Alex had faith in love to repair the totem. J'onn and the team celebrated Alex and Kelly's marriage proposal.[72]

The Superfriends learned that Lex and Nyxly in the future got the seven totems and ruled the world until The Legion defeated them. J'onn and the team decided to get the Truth Totem and learned that they cannot destroy the totems by discovering that the Hope Totem is in Nyxly's hands. J'onn helped Kara get the totem, and J'onn beat Lex. The duo escaped from the villains' ship and returned to the Tower. J'onn and the team celebrated the victory until they found out that Esme possessed the Totem of Love and J'onn, Kara, Alex, and Kelly went looking for her, but they sadly watched as William died because of Lex.[73]

Final Battle against Lex and Nyxly[]

J'onn and the Superfriends started looking for Lex and Nyxly and in order to save Esme, they agreed to exchange the Totem of Destiny, to save the little girl. He helped Kara to receive more power from the sun, although, that caused a great chaos in the city. The Superfriends confronted the villainous duo, managing to save Esme, but Lex and Nyxly got all the totems, and started making people lose their emotions.[74]

Superfriends (Earth-Prime)

J'onn and all the Superfriends team up to defeat Lex and Nyxly once and for all.

J'onn and his friends set up a broadcast for Kara to get everyone back to their ways. Prepared for the final battle, Martian Manhunter and the team confronted Lex and Nyxly, who brought various villains from the past to fight. He was in charge of fighting a Dracokardosian and received the help of Winn Schott to destroy the dragon. All the Superfriends and their allies teamed up to defeat Lex and Nyxly and then send them into the Phantom Zone, celebrating their victory.

Alex and Kelly get married

J'onn watches with pride as Alex and Kelly get married.

After the epic battle, J'onn attended William's funeral, and then gave Alex and Kelly's wedding ceremony. J'onn celebrated at the party while talking to Winn about founding a new D.E.O., and Winn revealed that in the future, he and M'gann will have a son who runs the new organization, something that surprised him. J'onn and his friends gathered at Kara's apartment to have fun as they watched Kara reveal her identity to the world.[75]

Journey with Kara[]

For unknown reasons, J'onn and Kara left Earth to take a trip through space, and Alex gave this information to Team Flash.[76] They also couldn't be around to help Barry Allen with his problem of creating Armageddon.[77]

Potential future[]

At some point in the present future, J'onn founded a new D.E.O. At that time, he and M'gann would have a son, who would lead the new lineup of the D.E.O.[75]

Battle with Magog[]

Heroes united

J'onn and the other heroes against Magog.

In 2049, J'onn confronted the recently escaped Ramsey Rosso. A few hours later, J'onn was summoned by Oliver Queen to help Nora West-Allen and Bart West-Allen confront Magog and his gang. of villains. J'onn, Kara, Bart, Nora, Ryan Choi, Mia Queen, Ryan Wilder, Luke Fox, Ray Palmer, Kendra Saunders, Jefferson Jackson, Wally West, Scythian Torvil, Ray Terrill and other heroes joined together to defeat Magog.

In the fight, J'onn, Kara, Wally, and Jay Garrick held off an evil doppelganger of Kal-El from Earth-TUD22 until the West-Allen brothers defeated Magog. After the battle, J'onn told the heroes about their Kryptonite cuffs to contain Kal's powers.[78]

Alternate timeline[]

Superfriends in an alternate timeline

J'onn in an alternate timeline.

In an alternate timeline created by Mr. Mxyzptlk to show Kara how the world would have been if she and Lena had never became friends, National City was governed with the iron fist by an insane Lena, turned into a Metallo by Lillian, while J'onn was part of the resistance alongside Alex, Nia, Winn, Mon-El and Kelly. He took care of Lena's henchman Reign and Winn, Mon-El and Mxy infiltrated the D.E.O. to retrieve the Hat's Fifth Dimensional hat in order to allow the imp to retrieve his powers and bring himself and Supergirl back to the former reality.[52]


J'onn J'onzz as Hank Henshaw

J'onn as Hank Henshaw.

"You know, I was... I was forced to become Hank Henshaw out of desperation, but now I choose this face. I like it. And I wouldn't want to live in a world where I need to change the color of my skin to feel safe, to feel seen, to feel like I'm not a target. I'd rather change the world."
—J'onn J'onzz[src]
Under the disguise of Hank Henshaw, J'onn appeared cold and calculating, believing that Kara using her powers would only add to the public unrest caused by her cousin's heroics.

Martian Manhunter

J'onn as Martian Manhunter.

"The more time I spend as Hank Henshaw, the less I have to face what I've lost. But when I change my state, shapeshift into someone new, call upon new powers, I get one step closer to becoming the Martian Manhunter forever. And he creates panic and hysteria. I know, I have seen it. It's not only that I'm better off as human. Everyone is."
—J'onn J'onzz to Alex Danvers[src]

After J'onn revealed his true identity to Alex and Kara respectively, he is actually kind, caring, selfless, intelligent, has a sense of justice, honor and has good morals. He does also have a very sharp wit and has been; proven to care for Alex and Kara as if they were his own daughters to the point; when Clark Kent accused him of not caring for Kara's well-being, J'onn lashed out, telling Clark to watch his mouth as he deeply cares about Kara; but J'onn quickly back down; when Clark threatened him in an intimidating manner; proving that; he is terrified of the kryptonian superhero and is unwilling to get; into a confrontation; with him.

Normally, J'onn is very calm, level-headed and patient, as he rarely loses his temper, but he has no tolerance for those who disrespect his comrades. J'onn is also cold towards individuals that he dislikes for good reason; such as Sam Lane.

J'onn was initially very reluctant to use his powers, as he believes that; other individuals will get hurt if he does use them. But after his identity as the Martian Manhunter was revealed to the D.E.O., he gradually become more confident in his alien heritage and powers, as J'onn has starts to use his powers more frequently.

Despite these positive traits of J'onn's, there is a dark side to his personality; as he can be cold, cruel, ruthless and vengeful towards his enemies; who he has a personal grudge against; as evidenced by the fact that; when he comes face-to-face with a White Martian, he would have killed the latter, if Alex and Kara had not convinced him to spare it's life. J'onn hatred for the White Martians is; due to the fact that; they wiped out his entire race and killed his entire family for no clear reason at all; just to simply indulge their own warmongering desires. This made it hard for J'onn to accept that not all White Martians such as M'gann M'orzz are evil.

J'onn is cautious but simultaneously short-sighted, as he resolved to store Kryptonite in the D.E.O. as a contingency to safeguard against potentially rogue Kryptonians, thus; leading to a falling out between him and Clark; who believed that the Kryptonite the D.E.O. had could fall in the wrong hands and would eventually be used against him or his cousin Kara, a fact J'onn did not consider. This fear of Clark's proved to be correct, although the situation was resolved; when all the D.E.O.'s Kryptonite was entrusted to him.

Despite J'onn being an alien himself and wanting the planet Earth to be a safe place where humans and aliens alike can live in peace, he is a hypocrite and has problems trusting other aliens; when the then-president, Olivia Marsdin was planning to initiate the Alien Amnesty Act, a decree on granting aliens the rights of U.S. citizens, he was unsure about it, claiming that; some aliens would take advantage of Olivia's goodwill; but the latter put J'onn in his place, reminding him that; the same thing was once said about him; when his identity as "Martian Manhunter" was revealed to the D.E.O., as J'onn was being hypocritical.

Powers and abilities[]


"You don't know me. I'm 317 years old, I can wear any face I choose, I speak languages your mouth can't even form, you know nothing about me."
—J'onn J'onzz to Alex Danvers[src]
  • Green Martian Physiology: Like all Green Martians, J'onn possesses extraordinary powers. Overall, J'onn is one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse; with; even Superman referring to him as the most powerful being on the face of Earth-38.
    • Accelerated healing factor: J'onn's martian physiology has moderate self-healing properties. This caused any wound inflicted on him to glow red and then vanish in minutes, which happened when he was shot with Hank Henshaw's special bullets. He was also able to heal himself soon after being stabbed by Indigo, though it took time for him to heal, suggesting that the greater the injury the longer he will take to regenerate from it.[11]
      • Extended Longevity J'onn's life span is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower. Just as Superman said that Kryptonians as well age slower than normal humans. Despite being over 300 years old, his health, performance, and natural appearance has remained unchanged. He is also revealed to still be alive and an active-ally to the Legion in the 31st century.
    • Camouflage: J'onn can extend his shape-shifting ability to blend within the environment by changing the appearance of his form to bend the light waves around him to match with his surroundings making him almost invisible. He could possibly, also like his brother, turn into a buzzing fly to become unnoticeable. He also used this ability to toy with Ben Lockwood in combat. As the Superfriends were trying to stop Silas, J'onn had achieved full invisibility to stop him from escaping.[79]
    • Density-shifting/Intangibility: As a Green Martian, J'onn is able to move through solid matter (such as walls and doors) or to increase his density to become near-invulnerable.[11] He is able to use this offensively, allowing him to phase through people to cause internal damage or even pull organs out of the body, as he did to Metallo to remove his green Kryptonite infused heart. He can also phase his allies through walls, as he phased Supergirl and Winn Schott to Legion's ship below rocks or Supergirl, Mon-El, and Saturn Girl to L-corp to stop Reign. Also, he can phase with power magic staff like H'ronmeer's staff. He also managed to phase with Reign through ground with ease.[27]
    • Invulnerability: J'onn's body is far denser than normal humans', impervious to almost all forms of damage, as well as, taking blows from Kryptonians, like Superman, while he is able to make himself more dense. While battling Manchester Black, J'onn was able to take multiple blasts from the latter's gun without any discomfort. He was also completely unaffected by the destructive void of a black hole from Midnight. When Mon El and Kara were fighting Reign, she blasted her heat vision at J'onn and he was able to withstand it. When Kara and J'onn were fighting against the dirty cops, one of them were shooting at him and bullets were bouncing off of him just like Kryptonians.
    • Flight: Like Kryptonians, J'onn can manipulate the gravitational field to move himself into the air, and simulate flight. When flying he is able to easily keep up with Supergirl, who can go over Mach 3.3 through intercontinental speed or 60% of light speed to speed of time travel + can keep up with the Flash (who was able to move at Mach 3.3 at the time then was much faster later and can casually tag Eobard Thawne who was even afraid of Overgirl) while teaching her proper flight tactics in battle, he can fly nearly as fast as Superman, Supergirl and the Flash respectively at their top speeds. However, his flight speed was more than enough to catch Supergirl from falling to the ground.
      • Levitation: J'onn can levitate using his flight abilities.
    • Shapeshifting:
      J'onn adjusts to having Kara's body

      J'onn in the form of Kara

      J'onn is able to change his form at will, even on a cellular level, completely altering his physical appearance, allowing him to transform or mimic other people or animals and other creatures as large as a Dinosaur or small as a Fly. His abilities allowed him to appear with clothing and other wearable items when transformed and retain what he was wearing when in a specific form, such as his Martian Manhunter uniform or the sidearm he uses as Hank Henshaw. However, due to the fact that he was retaining his powers, he couldn't pass the biometrics scan locking mechanism that required Maxwell Lord's fingerprints in order to access through. Also, when posing as Kara, he had trouble walking due the high heel shoes he had in that form.[11]
      • Malleability: J'onn can stretch and bend his body and limbs. (E.g. into large whips to grab things at great distance).
      • Contaminant Immunity: J'onn has an immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants on Earth.
    • Super Strength: J'onn is much stronger than normal humans, his strength is incredibly formidable to fight a fully-powered Kryptonian; such as Superman at the peak of his strength, though he can surpass most Kryptonians' strength using all of his powers, he was able to quickly subdue a Red Kryptonite-infected Supergirl with ease using all of his powers, making him one of the strongest beings in the entire multiverse.[11] When Supergirl and J'onn were fighting Non and Indigo, he was strong enough to punch Non into the air. During their final battle, J'onn was able to rip Indigo in half. Also, he could not overwhelm Reign in terms of pure brute strength like he did with Kara. Even while not in his martian form, J'onn's strength enabled him to send Reign flying with one strike and he was capable of holding a pillar for an extended period of time in order to keep a building from collapsing. Overtime, his strength has increased. With just four of his punches, J'onn could break Kryptonian tech as he demonstrated when battling an individual who used Kryptonian body armor while imposing Manchester Black. As J'onn was helping everyone in the hospital, he lifted the elevator over his head. Also, J'onn had the strength to throw Ben Lockwood into a tanker.
    • Superhuman Stamina: J'onn can run, fight or fly without getting tired seemingly endlessly.
    • Super Speed: J'onn is capable of moving at speeds that are similar to that of most Kryptonians. He can move at speeds that make him invisible to humans as he was able to instantly blitz multiple D.E.O. agents without any effort and save soldiers in China statuing 5th dimensional energy amplified by the Hat. As Kara and J'onn were fighting against the incarcerated aliens, he ran at incredible speeds just as fast as her.
    • Super Leaping: When J'onn, Kara and Alex were trying to fight the Morae, J'onn uses the strength in his legs to jump onto General Tan's car to protect him.
    • Telepathy:
      J'onn reads Amadei's mind

      J'onn reading Amadei's mind

      J'onn is able to read the minds of other people (except for Kryptonians) communicate with others mentally and projects his thoughts into others, as well as hear others people's conversation psychically.[11] His telepathic powers are shown to be very potent, as he is able to overwhelm the minds of other powerful telepaths like one of Rhea's Bounty Hunters.
      • Mental Detection: J'onn can feel and detect the mind of others, as well as their intentions, emotions and mental states. J'onn use this abilities multiple times, as when he sensed Alex Danvers' presence at the D.E.O, knowing Jemm was controlling the mind of the guard the and when he track and detect the location of the White Martian or Manchester Black. Also, combining with Nia Nal's astral projection, he could overwhelm telepathy disrupting 5th dimensional energy. He can use this to see with his mind like a mental view.[11]
      • Mental Shield: J'onn can telepathically shield himself and others from mental intrusions with enough effort, such as preventing other telepaths from scanning his mind. Doing this for Alex Danvers (shielding from Myriad) caused him some discomfort due to the effort and was unable to sustain it when he was wounded. But after a minute of resting could easily take Eliza Danvers from Midvale to National City shielding her also from Myriad.[11]
      • Sleep Inducement: While back at the DEO, as Supergirl almost regained conscious for a bit, J'onn uses his powers to render Supergirl back to sleep. [80]
      • Memory Manipulation: J'onn can also search memories to obtain specific information, as well as to erase or restore and alter the memory of others, reprogram other people's minds and put others to sleep or temporarily paralyze others.[81] He was able to induce amnesia to a Lord Technologies's guard.[8] It was later shown that he could also wipe the whole Green Martians minds of his brother He was also able to restore the memory of the original multiverse to all of his allies who replaced his memory of the new multiverse.
      • Mind Control: J'onn can control the thoughts and actions of others (except for Kryptonians), implant words in other's mind. He with touch mindhaxed general Jim Harper's thoughts and his daily activity.
      • Psionic Blasts: J'onn can project a powerful "mental blast" that can hit the target mentally or leave them unconscious.[11] Like in Jeremiah Danvers rescuing mission or potentially like M'gann oneshoting groupd of several days yellow sun amped Daxamites.
      • Illusion Manipulation : J'onn can project realistic illusions in other people's minds and make them experience things that does not actually happen.[11]
      • Psychic Translation: As a Green Martian, J'onn can psychically translate other languages.[11]
      • Empathy: J'onn is able to manipulate and sense the emotions of others.[82] Could also neutralise Fiona's physical lethal pain before her death. Could turn pain of all killed people by Manchester toward him even threatening he could kill him if he wanted to.
    • Telekinesis: J'onn can move and manipulate multiple objects with his mind. J'onn was able to shove, grapple and pull Jemm without touching him and while being several feet away, as well as seemingly make a metal grate fall from the ceiling into Jemm's path to separate him from Alex several feet away.[11]
      • Shockwave generation: J'onn can generate shockwaves by stomping hard from where he is presently positioned to hit, propel, crush or cut a target.
      • Telekinetic-Shields: J'onn is able to generate a shield of telekinetic force for different purposes (such as to block or deflect incoming attacks, or to contain a target).
    • Opti-Chroma Kinesis: When in his natural form (as a Green Martian) J'onn's eye color is a rather bright shade of red. Because of this, his eyes glow this sanguine color whenever he has a burst of adrenaline in a different form, however, he can control his eye color as earlier on (when he was an alien in secret even to Alex Danvers, who was one of the first people he disclosed his true identity to after assuming the form of Hank Henshaw,) he would intentionally make his eyes glow red - however, whether he had irrational bursts of energy at those times is unknown. Consequently, there is enough evidence to prove that J'onn has the ability to manipulate his eye color.
    • Extreme Thermal Resistance: With the exception of fire, as J'onn was flying to the Fortress of Solitude with Superman, the immense cold didn't effect him.
    • Self-Sustenance: Due to J'onn's martian physiology, he can adapt in the vacuum of space. This has been demonstrated when he, Kara and M'gann was trying to stop the Sun-Eater.
    • Surface Adhesion: J'onn is able to stick himself onto any surface. He demonstrates this ability when he was training with Supergirl.

Former powers[]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As the former director of the D.E.O., J'onn is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and knows several Martian fighting techniques due to his time on Mars, although he was able to land a couple blows on Astra. He later battled and defeated Supergirl after she was infected by Red Kryptonite, using a combination of his skills and phasing abilities in just a matter of minutes. With little trouble, J'onn was able to easily defeat multiple Daxamite soldiers and subdue Ben Lockwood with ease.
    • Expert stick-fighter: J'onn is an accomplished stick fighter; as he was able to go head-on with Lar Gand, an expert stick fighter in his own right.
    • Expert marksman: As the former/disguised director of the D.E.O., J'onn is highly skilled in the use of firearms, as seen when he was able to shoot at the Hellgrammite while simultaneously driving a vehicle.[15]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician/Leader: Because of his extended Green Martian lifespan of over 300 years, J'onn is exceptionally intelligent, being a highly skilled tactician, and being able to synthesize a special new variety of Kryptonite just for Bizarro. He also ran the D.E.O. efficiently for over fifteen years. J'onn is very understanding of his Martian heritage and after doing half the reach with his father he has learned more of their Martian life from it.
    • Expert driver/Pilot: J'onn is a capable pilot and driver; being able to drive a vehicle while simultaneously shoot.[15]
    • Multilingualism: As a native Martian J'onn speaks that language fluently, in addition to English and Kryptonese.[27]


J'onn exposed at fire

J'onn partially transforms back to his original form due to fire exposure.

  • Fire: Like all Martians, J'onn is very sensitive to fire. While shape-shifting, any part of his body that comes close enough to touch fire partially transforms back into its true form, which could be used to expose him and even weaken him.
  • Hank Henshaw's bullets: The original Hank Henshaw designed bullets to be able to harm and weaken J'onn, causing glowing red wounds in his skin. Though, due to his regenerative healing abilities, they disappeared in minutes, which also undid the damage to his bio-armor. He would have been killed with these during his first encounter with Hank if Jeremiah Danvers had not saved him.
  • Maaldorian atmosphere: The air of Maaldoria contains a special silicate which makes it toxic to Martians.[32]
  • Stasis-field device: When interrogated by Jim Harper, a device created by Project Cadmus was used to keep him from shapeshifting or using his other powers, which was specifically used to keep him in the form of Hank Henshaw and render him effectively human. The device created a smell of burnt rubber, possibly working off his weakness towards fire and extreme heat.
  • White Martian blood: If a White Martian's blood is injected into J'onn's blood system, it will slowly cause his original form to become that of a White Martian, turning into a White Martian with green skin at first. Along with hand tremors, he will start partially transform into a White Martian even when in his human form and will lose control of his ability to shape-shift. The infection can also affect his mind, as he hallucinated his dead family and saw a co-worker as one of the White Martians; which he nearly attacked.
  • Power-dampening tech: Just like with any other alien, J'onn's powers can be dampened by technology specifically designed to weaken his powers.[84]
"Something's off—and I can't read Astra's mind to find out why—Kryptonians are impervious to my telepathy; which Superman finds hilarious."
—J'onn J'onzz[src]
  • Kryptonian minds: Kryptonians are immune to J'onn's mind reading abilities.[85]
  • Fa'ra'too'rik: As explained by J'onn, long ago on Mars, two brothers, Phobos and Deimos, had a hatred for one another that was the reason for the Green and White Martians' split. To keep this from ever happening again, a curse was placed upon the Green Martians, known among them as Fa'ra'too'rik. It's the punishment for brother attacking brother, and causes great pain to both parties involved, as seen when J'onn and Malefic fought each other.[86]
  • Magic: Like meta-humans, Kryptonians, and other aliens, Martian physiology is based on science and therefore J'onn can be negatively affected by magic, from Fifth Dimensional Imps and other forces involving magic.

Former weaknesses[]

  • Telepathic link: When interrogating Manchester Black, the human managed to turn J'onn's telepathic link against him, making it into a two-way channel, allowing Black to assault J'onn with painful visions.[83] Since Manchester has died, the link has been broken.
  • Pyrophobia: After seeing his people and family burn to death, J'onn has developed a severe fear of fire. However, after M'yrnn's death he apparently overcame this fear, as when aiding Kara, Clark, Team Arrow and Team Flash against John Deegan, and during a fight between Supergirl and Malefic he has not shown any particular fear of fire, suggesting that he's overcome it.


  • Martian Manhunter suit: This suit protects J'onn in his activities as the Martian Manhunter.[11]
  • Spaceship/Car: J'onn had a spaceship which serves as his mode of transportation in space. It also doubles as a car, allowing it to easily blend in and drive on Earth.[4]

Former equipment[]

  • H'ronmeer priesthood robes: These robes are used by J'onn in Martian religious ceremonies, taken after his father.[83] After returning the sacred text to Mars, J'onn gave up wearing the robe.
  • Staff of H'ronmeer: This artifact was recovered by J'onn from Manchester Black, allowing to channel the divine magic of H'ronmeer.[83] After returning the sacred text to Mars, J'onn gave the staff back to Mars.



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  • According to Superman, J'onn is "the most powerful being on Earth".[10]
    • However, J'onn has been beaten numerous times during major fights, particularly with the Worldkillers.
  • When transforming his body, phasing through objects, or even when being wounded, J'onn's body gives off a red aura.
  • J'onn stated that he was 317 years old in late January 2016.[3] According to Hank Henshaw, he has lived on Earth for over 50 years as of 2005.[10] However, J'onn himself has claimed to have been on Earth for centuries, at least since the end of 1800s.[9]
    • In "Wake Up", J'onn states that he has been on Earth for 300 years. This means that J'onn would have to be well over 377 years to have been married to M'yri'ah for 77 years before her death and his escape to Earth. This means J'onn arrived on Earth in the early 1700s.
  • J'onn's size in his true Martian form is much greater to that of a human (such as the man he impersonated) in his first appearance.[11]
  • J'onn is one of the most wanted beings to the eyes of the White Martians.[3]
  • He was the one who came up with the name "Kryptonite".[12]
  • J'onn's favorite food is Chocos, a DC Comics substitute for Oreos,[10] just like his original comics counterpart.
  • His favorite Christmas song is Hall & Oates' "Jingle Bell Rock".[87]
  • J'onn loves the Star Wars films, especially The Empire Strikes Back, declaring it to be "the best movie sequel of all time".[87]
  • Winn Schott's nickname for J'onn is "Papa Bear",[87][36] due to him being a father-figure to many of the Superfriends.
  • J’onn considers Esme to be his granddaughter, and J'onn also walked Alex down the isle at her wedding.[75]
  • J'onn's favorite book is Moby Dick.[88]
  • Mar Novu admitted he was impressed by J'onn on Elseworlds and released his brother, Malefic J'onzz, from the Phantom Zone as a test. After J'onn passed the test, the Monitor then recruited him to aid in stopping the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[43]
  • J'onn enjoys playing paintball with Alex.[52]

Behind the scenes[]

  • J'onn J'onzz debuted in Detective Comics #225 (November 1955) as the last survivor of Mars. Created by Joseph Samachson and Joe Certa, J'onzz became the superhero known as the Martian Manhunter.
  • The storyline of the Green Martian race being eradicated to the brink of extinction, leaving J'onn J'onzz the last survivor, is very popular through the character's lengthy publication history. In the DC comics though, not all versions of J'onn J'onzz are presented as such.
  • This is the third live action appearance of J'onn J'onzz. He previously appeared in Justice League of America TV-pilot, and the TV series, Smallville.
  • Initially in the comics, J'onn's human form was that of a Caucasian man (detective John Jones). Through the years however, the character started to be traditionally depicted as an African-American man while in his human form. In his latest incarnation, one of the several personalities of J'onn that are created by him include FBI agent, Daryl Wessel, an African-American man.
    • In Supergirl, David Harewood is the seventh actor who is a man of color to either physically portray or voice J'onn J'onzz.


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