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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, known simply as J.R.R. Tolkien, is a prolific author and a former soldier.


Fighting in World War I

John Tolkien wrote a paper titled The Burden of the Purest Heart. He soon enlisted in the army, serving on the front line at the Battle of the Somme. Tolkien later developed typhoid fever, and despite claims of feeling fine, began to faint, causing him to be taken back to the Legends' timeship, the Waverider. After curing him, the Legends put Tolkien to work helping find a way to destroy the Spear of Destiny, using the ship's vast library to locate the grave of Sir Gawain, whereupon they would find blood of Christ to destroy the Spear. They found their way to the Church of Amiens, where they found the skeleton of Gawain, along with his shield. The group was ambushed by the Legion of Doom, before Tolkien quickly took down the shield's design, fleeing with the Legends. They discovered the blood to be located in the middle of no man's land. Rip Hunter and Tolkien traveled to the British camp, approaching a superior. They requested that he engage in a ceasefire, but when he refused to do so, Rip knocked him out, asking the soldiers himself via speaker. The Legends soon found the blood of Christ in a vial, but they were forced to flee after the ceasefire was ruined, leaving Tolkien behind.[1]

When the Legends went back in time to try and stop the Legion from using the Spear, they tried to take it from themselves when they took Tolkien to the church. When the present Legends thought their future counterparts were the Legion in disguise, they attacked, to the horror and confusion of Tolkien.[2]

Becoming a prolific author

Tolkien eventually wrote two pieces of work, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and became famous because of them. His paper, The Burden of the Purest Heart, was also published.[1]

His books, The Lord of the Rings, were eventually adapted into movies, featuring John Noble as Denethor.[3]


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